group: org.jboss.aerogear

fresh name packaging artifact id
AeroGear Java Client Library jar unifiedpush-java-client
aerogear-otp-java jar aerogear-otp-java
Aerogear-crypto jar aerogear-crypto
AeroGear Android Core aar aerogear-android-core
AeroGear Android Pipe aar aerogear-android-pipe
AeroGear SimplePush Server Protocol jar aerogear-simplepush-protocol
java-adm jar java-adm
AeroGear SimplePush Server API jar aerogear-simplepush-server-api
aerogear-security jar aerogear-security
AeroGear SimplePush Common jar aerogear-simplepush-common
AeroGear Android Push aar aerogear-android-push
AeroGear Android Library apklib aerogear-android
AeroGear Android Store aar aerogear-android-store
AeroGear SimplePush In-Memory Datastore jar aerogear-simplepush-datastore-in-memory
AeroGear SimplePush CouchDB Datastore jar aerogear-simplepush-datastore-couchdb
AeroGear Data Synchronization Core jar sync-core
AeroGear Android Security aar aerogear-android-security
aerogear-controller jar aerogear-controller
AeroGear SimplePush Redis Datastore jar aerogear-simplepush-datastore-redis
AeroGear SimplePush JPA Datastore jar aerogear-simplepush-datastore-jpa
AeroGear Data Synchronization API jar sync-api
AeroGear Android Authz aar aerogear-android-authz
AeroGear Netty SockJS Codec jar aerogear-netty-codec-sockjs
AeroGear SimplePush Server Core jar aerogear-simplepush-server-core
AeroGear Data Synchronization Server Engine jar sync-server-engine
AeroGear Data Synchronizer JSON Patch Core jar sync-json-patch-core
aerogear-security-picketlink jar aerogear-security-picketlink
AeroGear Data Synchronization Client Engine jar sync-client-engine
Jenkins API client for Java :: The Client. jar jenkins-client
AeroGear Data Synchronizer DiffMatchPatch Client jar sync-diffmatchpatch-client
AeroGear Data Synchronizer JSON Patch Client jar sync-json-patch-client
AeroGear Data Synchronizer DiffMatchPatch Server jar sync-diffmatchpatch-server
AeroGear Data Synchronization Client Netty jar sync-client-netty
AeroGear Android Auth aar aerogear-android-auth
AeroGear SimplePush Server Netty jar aerogear-simplepush-server-netty
AeroGear WebPush Server API jar aerogear-webpush-api
AeroGear Data Synchronizer JSON Patch Server jar sync-json-patch-server
Aerogear-simplepush-java-client jar aerogear-simplepush-java-client
AeroGear WebPush Common jar aerogear-webpush-common
AeroGear WebPush In-Memory Datastore jar aerogear-webpush-datastore-in-memory
AeroGear Data Synchronizer DiffMatchPatch Core jar sync-diffmatchpatch-core
AeroGear Data Synchronizer JSON Merge Patch Core jar sync-json-merge-patch-core
AeroGear Data Synchronizer JSON Merge Patch Server jar sync-json-merge-patch-server
AeroGear Data Synchronization Server XMPP jar sync-server-xmpp
AeroGear WebPush Server Core jar aerogear-webpush-server-core
Digger-java-client jar digger-java-client
AeroGear SimplePush Server WildFly jar aerogear-simplepush-server-wildfly
JBoss AeroGear Test Dependencies BOM pom aerogear-test-bom
JBoss AeroGear UnifiedPush BOM pom aerogear-unifiedpush-bom
AeroGear Android Store Test apk aerogear-android-store-test
AeroGear WebPush Parent pom webpush-parent
AeroGear Data Synchronizers Parent pom sync-synchronizers-parent
AeroGear WebPush Server Netty jar aerogear-webpush-server-netty
AeroGear Android Store Parent zip aerogear-android-store-parent
AeroGear Android Security Test apk aerogear-android-security-test
Jenkins API client for Java pom jenkins-client-parent
AeroGear SimplePush Datastores Parent pom simplepush-datastores-parent
AeroGear SimplePush Server Parent pom simplepush-server-parent
AeroGear Android Security Parent zip aerogear-android-security-parent
JBoss AeroGear Android SDK BOM pom aerogear-android-sdk-bom
AeroGear Android Push Test apk aerogear-android-push-test
AeroGear Data Synchronization Client Parent pom sync-client-parent
AeroGear Android Push Parent zip aerogear-android-push-parent
AeroGear Data Synchronizer DiffMatchPatch Parent pom sync-diffmatchpatch
AeroGear Android Pipe Test apk aerogear-android-pipe-test
AeroGear Android Authentication Parent zip aerogear-android-auth-parent
AeroGear Android Pipe Parent zip aerogear-android-pipe-parent
AeroGear Data Synchronization Integration/Functional Tests jar sync-itests
AeroGear Data Synchronizer JSON Merge Patch Parent pom sync-json-merge-patch
AeroGear Data Synchronizer JSON Merge Patch Client jar sync-json-merge-patch-client
AeroGear WebPush Console jar webpush-console
AeroGear WebPush Datastores pom webpush-datastores
AeroGear Data Synchronizer JSON Patch Parent pom sync-json-patch
JBoss AeroGear Android BOM pom aerogear-android-bom
AeroGear Android Authz Test apk aerogear-android-authz-test
AeroGear Android Authorization Parent zip aerogear-android-authz-parent
AeroGear Data Synchronization Parent pom sync-parent
AeroGear Android Authentication Test apk aerogear-android-auth-test
AeroGear Data Synchronization Server Netty jar sync-server-netty
AeroGear Data Synchronization Server Parent pom sync-server-parent
aerogear-security-shiro jar aerogear-security-shiro
aerogear-security-picketbox jar aerogear-security-picketbox
aerogear-security-hawk jar aerogear-security-hawk
AeroGear Data Synchronization Server Wildfly war sync-server-wildfly
JBoss AeroGear pom aerogear-parent
Aerogear-misc jar aerogear-misc
AeroGear Android Sync aar aerogear-android-sync
JBoss AeroGear BOM pom aerogear-bom
AeroGear SimplePush Server Vert.x jar aerogear-simplepush-server-vertx

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