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The Infinispan Spring Integration project provides Spring integration for Infinispan, a high performance distributed cache. Its primary features are * An implementation of org.springframework.cache.CacheManager, Spring's central caching abstraction, backed by Infinispan's EmbeddedCacheManager. To be used if your Spring-powered application and Infinispan are colocated, i.e. running within the same VM. * An implementation of org.springframework.cache.CacheManager backed by Infinispan's RemoteCacheManager. To bes used if your Spring-powered application accesses Infinispan remotely, i.e. over the network. * An implementation of org.springframework.cache.CacheManager backed by a CacheContainer reference. To be used if your Spring- powered application needs access to a CacheContainer defined outside the application (e.g. retrieved from JNDI) * Spring namespace support allowing shortcut definitions for all the components above In addition, Infinispan Spring Integration offers various FactoryBeans for facilitating creation of Infinispan core classes - Cache, CacheManager, ... - within a Spring context.

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