group: org.igniterealtime.smack

fresh name packaging artifact id
Smack jar smack-core
smack jar smack
Smack jar smack-extensions
smack-ext jar smackx
Smack jar smack-tcp
Smack jar smack-java7
Smack jar smack-im
Smack jar smack-resolver-javax
Smack jar smack-sasl-provided
Smack jar smack-resolver-minidns
Smack jar smack-experimental
Smack jar smack-sasl-javax
Smack jar smack-debug
Smack jar smack-android
Smack jar smack-bosh
Smack jar smack-legacy
Smack jar smack-integration-test
Smack jar smack-omemo
smack-debug jar smackx-debug
Smack jar smack-resolver-dnsjava
smackx-jingle jar smackx-jingle
Smack jar smack-android-extensions
Smack jar smack-omemo-signal
Smack jar smack-compression-jzlib
Smack jar smack-jingle
Smack jar smack-debug-slf4j
Smack jar smack-jingle-old
Smack jar smack-repl
Smack jar smack-omemo-signal-integration-test

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