group: org.icefaces.ace-themes

fresh name packaging artifact id
ICEfaces ACE Blitzer Theme jar ace-blitzer
ICEfaces ACE Sunny Theme jar ace-sunny
ICEfaces ACE Cupertino Theme jar ace-cupertino
ICEfaces ACE Eggplant Theme jar ace-eggplant
ICEfaces ACE Excite Bike Theme jar ace-excite-bike
ICEfaces ACE Flick Theme jar ace-flick
ICEfaces ACE Hot Sneaks Theme jar ace-hot-sneaks
ICEfaces ACE Humanity Theme jar ace-humanity
ICEfaces ACE Le Frog Theme jar ace-le-frog
ICEfaces ACE Mint Choc Theme jar ace-mint-choc
ICEfaces ACE Overcast Theme jar ace-overcast
ICEfaces ACE Pepper Grinder Theme jar ace-pepper-grinder
ICEfaces ACE Redmond Theme jar ace-redmond
ICEfaces ACE Smoothness Theme jar ace-smoothness
ICEfaces ACE South Street Theme jar ace-south-street
ICEfaces ACE Start Theme jar ace-start
ICEfaces ACE Swanky Purse Theme jar ace-swanky-purse
ICEfaces ACE Vader Theme jar ace-vader
ICEfaces ACE Dark Hive Theme jar ace-dark-hive
ICEfaces ACE Dot Luv Theme jar ace-dot-luv
ICEfaces ACE Black Tie Theme jar ace-black-tie
ICEfaces ACE TRONtastic Theme jar ace-trontastic
ICEfaces ACE UI Darkness Theme jar ace-ui-darkness
ICEfaces ACE UI Lightness Theme jar ace-ui-lightness
ICEfaces: ACE Themes Parent pom ace-themes-parent

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