group: org.hudsonci.plugins

fresh name packaging artifact id
Legacy Maven 2 job type Plugin hpi maven-plugin
JFreeChart Plugin hpi jfreechart-plugin
Token Macro Plugin hpi token-macro
Static Analysis Utilities hpi analysis-core
Dashboard View hpi dashboard-view
Hudson Maven3 Model jar maven3-model
Hudson Parameterized Trigger plugin hpi parameterized-trigger
Groovy Support Plugin hpi groovy-support-plugin
Hudson Subversion Plug-in hpi subversion
Hudson :: Maven 3 :: Event Spy Common jar maven3-eventspy-common
JNA Native Support Plugin hpi jna-native-support-plugin
Static Analysis Test Utilities jar analysis-test
Hudson GIT plugin hpi git
Hudson Maven3 Plugin hpi maven3-plugin
Hudson CVS Plug-in hpi cvs
Hudson Maven3 Slave Bundle pom maven3-slavebundle
Hudson Rest Plugin API jar rest-plugin-api
Hudson Maven3 Event Spy 3.0 jar maven3-eventspy-3.0
Hudson instant-messaging plugin hpi instant-messaging
Legacy Maven plugin M3 Interceptor jar maven3-interceptor
Legacy Maven Plugin M2 Interceptor jar maven-interceptor
Hudson Rest Plugin hpi rest-plugin
Violations plugin hpi violations
FindBugs Plug-in hpi findbugs
Downstream-Ext hpi downstream-ext
FindBugs Plug-in shaded libraries jar findbugs-library
Hudson Maven3 Event Spy 3.1 jar maven3-eventspy-3.1
PMD Plug-in hpi pmd
Warnings Plug-in hpi warnings
Checkstyle Plug-in hpi checkstyle
Duplicate Code Scanner Plug-in hpi dry
Hudson Rest Plugin Common jar rest-plugin-common
Legacy maven plugin M2 Agent jar maven-agent
Google APIs Client Library for Hudson hpi google-api-client-plugin
Hudson Rest Plugin Server jar rest-plugin-server
Hudson JDOM shaded library jar jdom-shaded-library
Hudson Rest Plugin Model jar rest-plugin-model
Task Scanner Plug-in hpi tasks
Legacy Maven Plugin M3 Agent jar maven3-agent
Copy Artifact Plugin hpi copyartifact
Promoted builds plugin hpi promoted-builds
Ivy Plugin hpi ivy
Claim Plugin hpi claim
Run Condition Plugin hpi run-condition
Hudson BIRT Charts Plugin hpi birt-charts
Hudson Mercurial plugin hpi mercurial
Gerrit Events jar gerrit-events
Rebuilder hpi rebuild
Hudson Dry Run Library jar dry-run-lib
Hudson disk-usage plugin hpi disk-usage
Windows Slaves Plugin hpi windows-slaves-plugin
broadcast-message-plugin hpi broadcast-message-plugin
Hudson Xvnc plugin hpi xvnc
Build Pipeline Plugin hpi build-pipeline-plugin
ThinBackup hpi thinBackup
Description Column Plugin hpi description-column-plugin
Subversion Tagging Plugin hpi svn-tag
Measurement Plots hpi measurement-plots
Hudson Workspace Cleanup Plugin hpi ws-cleanup
Create Job Advanced hpi createjobadvanced
Join plugin hpi join
Buckminster hpi buckminster
NAnt Plugin hpi nant
Slave squatter plugin hpi slave-squatter
Hudson Email Extension Plugin hpi email-ext
Job Import Plugin hpi job-import-plugin
JMX Monitoring Plugin hpi jmx-monitoring
Delete Team CLI Plugin hpi delete-team-cli
Build Config jar gerrit-build-config
Zabbix Integration Plugin hpi zabbix-integration
Hudson Jabber notifier plugin hpi jabber
Hudson SSH plugin hpi ssh
Gitlab Merge Request Builder hpi gitlab-merge-request-builder-plugin
Backup plugin hpi backup
eXtreme Feedback Panel hpi xfpanel
Static Analysis Collector Plug-in hpi analysis-collector
Hudson Rest Plugin Parent pom rest-plugin-parent
Hudson Seleniumhq plugin hpi seleniumhq
Git Parameter Plug-In hpi git-parameter
Extra Columns Plugin hpi extra-columns
Grails plugin hpi grails
Hudson Clone Workspace SCM Plug-in hpi clone-workspace-scm
Hudson Maven Repository Server Plugin hpi maven-repository-server
SCM Sync Configuration Plugin hpi scm-sync-configuration
Hudson Artifactory Plugin hpi artifactory
Parent project for all instant-messaging plugins pom instant-messaging-parent
Coverity plugin hpi coverity
Copy Team CLI Plugin hpi copy-team-cli
AnsiColor hpi ansicolor
Console Column Plugin hpi console-column-plugin
xUnit plugin hpi xunit
Hudson Dependency Viewer Plugin hpi dependency-viewer
Hudson Maven3 Plugin Parent pom maven3-plugin-parent
Team Aware UI Extentions hpi team-ui-ext
Green Balls hpi greenballs
Groovy Support Plugin hpi goovy-support-plugin
Hudson Translation Assistance plugin hpi translation
Publish Over SSH hpi publish-over-ssh
SVN 1.3 Compatibility Plugin hpi svncompat13
Active Directory plugin hpi active-directory
Release Plugin hpi release
build-name-setter hpi build-name-setter
SVN 1.4 Compatibility Plugin hpi svncompat14
Hudson CVS Tagging Plug-in hpi cvs-tag
Hudson IRC Plugin hpi ircbot
Perforce Plugin hpi perforce
Hudson Multiple SCMs plugin hpi multiple-scms
Hudson NUnit plugin hpi nunit
Hudson build timeout plugin hpi build-timeout
Hudson Grinder plugin hpi grinder
Copy To Slave Plugin hpi copy-to-slave
FindBugs Parent pom findbugs-parent
Hudson :: Maven 3 pom hudson-maven3
Display Name hpi displayname
Hudson Downstream build view hpi downstream-buildview
Compact Columns hpi compact-columns
Gradle plugin hpi gradle
Hudson Support Subscription Notification Plugin hpi scis-ad
Hudson SSH Slaves plugin hpi ssh-slaves
Gerrit Trigger Pom pom gerrit-trigger-parent
Robot Framework plugin hpi robot
Selenium HTML report hpi seleniumhtmlreport
Google Login Plugin for Hudson hpi google-login-plugin
Performance plugin hpi performance
Ruby metrics plugin hpi rubyMetrics
Security Realm by custom script hpi script-realm
Clover plugin hpi clover
Hudson Blame Subversion Plugin hpi BlameSubversion
Deploy to container Plugin hpi deploy
Just Exit Lifecycle Plugin hpi just-exit-lifecycle
JumbleHudsonPlugin hpi JumbleHudsonPlugin
Hudson Maven3 SNAPSHOT Monitor hpi maven3-snapshots
Hudson Environment File Plugin hpi envfile
Bugzilla Plugin hpi bugzilla
Hudson Groovy builder hpi groovy
Audit Trail hpi audit-trail
Conditional Buildstep Plugin hpi conditional-buildstep
Hudson Artifact Deployer Plug-in hpi artifactdeployer
Hudson Maven Release Plugin hpi m2release
Crowd 2 Integration hpi crowd2
FTP publisher plugin hpi ftppublisher
Hudson Throttle Concurrent Builds Plug-in hpi throttle-concurrents
Job Node Stalker hpi job-node-stalker
Hudson JaCoCo plugin hpi jacoco
PTC Integrity - Hudson Plugin hpi integrity-plugin
Groovy Postbuild hpi groovy-postbuild
Cobertura Plugin hpi cobertura
JUnit Attachments Plugin hpi junit-attachments
Project statistics Plugin hpi project-stats-plugin
Cppcheck Plug-in hpi cppcheck
Subversion Release Manager plugin hpi svn-release-mgr
Reviewboard Publisher hpi reviewboard
Hudson description setter plugin hpi description-setter
Plot plugin hpi plot
TestNG Results Plugin hpi testng-plugin
XCode integration hpi xcode-plugin
Hudson MySQL Plugin hpi mysql-auth
Hudson MSBuild Plugin hpi msbuild
Role-based Authorization Strategy hpi role-strategy
Hudson Multijob plugin hpi jenkins-multijob-plugin
Node and Label parameter plugin hpi nodelabelparameter
JCaptcha Plugin hpi jcaptcha-plugin
Hudson Emma plugin hpi emma
Sectioned View Plugin hpi sectioned-view
Legacy Maven plugin parent pom hudson-maven-legacy
NodeJS Plugin hpi nodejs
SFEE Plugin hpi sfee
Static Analysis Plug-ins Parent POM pom analysis-pom
Favorite hpi favorite
Mantis plugin hpi mantis
batch task plugin hpi batch-task
Hudson Global Build Stats Plugin hpi global-build-stats
Gerrit Trigger hpi gerrit-trigger
URL Change Trigger Plugin hpi url-change-trigger
Template Project plugin hpi template-project
HTML Publisher plugin hpi htmlpublisher
Hudson JIRA plugin hpi jira
Xvfb plugin hpi xvfb-plugin
Hudson JDepend Plugin hpi jdepend

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