group: org.hudsonci.plugins

fresh name packaging artifact id
Legacy Maven 2 job type Plugin hpi maven-plugin
JFreeChart Plugin hpi jfreechart-plugin
Token Macro Plugin hpi token-macro
Static Analysis Utilities hpi analysis-core
Dashboard View hpi dashboard-view
Hudson Maven3 Model jar maven3-model
Hudson Parameterized Trigger plugin hpi parameterized-trigger
Groovy Support Plugin hpi groovy-support-plugin
Hudson Subversion Plug-in hpi subversion
Hudson :: Maven 3 :: Event Spy Common jar maven3-eventspy-common
JNA Native Support Plugin hpi jna-native-support-plugin
Static Analysis Test Utilities jar analysis-test
Hudson GIT plugin hpi git
Hudson Maven3 Plugin hpi maven3-plugin
Hudson CVS Plug-in hpi cvs
Hudson Maven3 Event Spy 3.0 jar maven3-eventspy-3.0
Hudson Rest Plugin API jar rest-plugin-api
Hudson Maven3 Slave Bundle pom maven3-slavebundle
Duplicate Code Scanner Plug-in hpi dry
Hudson Rest Plugin hpi rest-plugin
Legacy Maven Plugin M2 Interceptor jar maven-interceptor
Hudson instant-messaging plugin hpi instant-messaging
Legacy Maven plugin M3 Interceptor jar maven3-interceptor
Violations plugin hpi violations
FindBugs Plug-in hpi findbugs
Hudson Maven3 Event Spy 3.1 jar maven3-eventspy-3.1
FindBugs Plug-in shaded libraries jar findbugs-library
Downstream-Ext hpi downstream-ext
Legacy Maven Plugin M3 Agent jar maven3-agent
PMD Plug-in hpi pmd
Hudson Rest Plugin Server jar rest-plugin-server
Legacy maven plugin M2 Agent jar maven-agent
Task Scanner Plug-in hpi tasks
Hudson Rest Plugin Model jar rest-plugin-model
Hudson Rest Plugin Common jar rest-plugin-common
Google APIs Client Library for Hudson hpi google-api-client-plugin
Warnings Plug-in hpi warnings
Hudson JDOM shaded library jar jdom-shaded-library
Checkstyle Plug-in hpi checkstyle
Hudson BIRT Charts Plugin hpi birt-charts
Copy Artifact Plugin hpi copyartifact
Hudson Mercurial plugin hpi mercurial
Ivy Plugin hpi ivy
Promoted builds plugin hpi promoted-builds
Run Condition Plugin hpi run-condition
Gerrit Events jar gerrit-events
Claim Plugin hpi claim
Rebuilder hpi rebuild
Hudson disk-usage plugin hpi disk-usage
Hudson Dry Run Library jar dry-run-lib
Windows Slaves Plugin hpi windows-slaves-plugin
Gradle plugin hpi gradle
Grails plugin hpi grails
Green Balls hpi greenballs
Hudson Grinder plugin hpi grinder
Hudson Groovy builder hpi groovy
Groovy Postbuild hpi groovy-postbuild
HTML Publisher plugin hpi htmlpublisher
Hudson :: Maven 3 pom hudson-maven3
Legacy Maven plugin parent pom hudson-maven-legacy
Parent project for all instant-messaging plugins pom instant-messaging-parent
PTC Integrity - Hudson Plugin hpi integrity-plugin
Hudson IRC Plugin hpi ircbot
Hudson Jabber notifier plugin hpi jabber
Hudson JaCoCo plugin hpi jacoco
JCaptcha Plugin hpi jcaptcha-plugin
Hudson JDepend Plugin hpi jdepend
Hudson Multijob plugin hpi jenkins-multijob-plugin
Hudson JIRA plugin hpi jira
JMX Monitoring Plugin hpi jmx-monitoring
Job Import Plugin hpi job-import-plugin
Job Node Stalker hpi job-node-stalker
Join plugin hpi join
JumbleHudsonPlugin hpi JumbleHudsonPlugin
JUnit Attachments Plugin hpi junit-attachments
Just Exit Lifecycle Plugin hpi just-exit-lifecycle
Hudson Maven Release Plugin hpi m2release
Mantis plugin hpi mantis
Hudson Maven3 Plugin Parent pom maven3-plugin-parent
Hudson Maven3 SNAPSHOT Monitor hpi maven3-snapshots
Hudson Maven Repository Server Plugin hpi maven-repository-server
Measurement Plots hpi measurement-plots
Hudson MSBuild Plugin hpi msbuild
Hudson Multiple SCMs plugin hpi multiple-scms
Hudson MySQL Plugin hpi mysql-auth
NAnt Plugin hpi nant
NodeJS Plugin hpi nodejs
Node and Label parameter plugin hpi nodelabelparameter
Hudson NUnit plugin hpi nunit
Perforce Plugin hpi perforce
Performance plugin hpi performance
Plot plugin hpi plot
Project statistics Plugin hpi project-stats-plugin
Publish Over SSH hpi publish-over-ssh
Release Plugin hpi release
Hudson Rest Plugin Parent pom rest-plugin-parent
Reviewboard Publisher hpi reviewboard
Robot Framework plugin hpi robot
Role-based Authorization Strategy hpi role-strategy
Ruby metrics plugin hpi rubyMetrics
Hudson Support Subscription Notification Plugin hpi scis-ad
SCM Sync Configuration Plugin hpi scm-sync-configuration
Security Realm by custom script hpi script-realm
Sectioned View Plugin hpi sectioned-view
Hudson Seleniumhq plugin hpi seleniumhq
Selenium HTML report hpi seleniumhtmlreport
SFEE Plugin hpi sfee
Slave squatter plugin hpi slave-squatter
Hudson SSH plugin hpi ssh
Hudson SSH Slaves plugin hpi ssh-slaves
SVN 1.3 Compatibility Plugin hpi svncompat13
SVN 1.4 Compatibility Plugin hpi svncompat14
Subversion Release Manager plugin hpi svn-release-mgr
Subversion Tagging Plugin hpi svn-tag
Team Aware UI Extentions hpi team-ui-ext
Template Project plugin hpi template-project
TestNG Results Plugin hpi testng-plugin
ThinBackup hpi thinBackup
Hudson Throttle Concurrent Builds Plug-in hpi throttle-concurrents
Hudson Translation Assistance plugin hpi translation
URL Change Trigger Plugin hpi url-change-trigger
Hudson Workspace Cleanup Plugin hpi ws-cleanup
XCode integration hpi xcode-plugin
eXtreme Feedback Panel hpi xfpanel
xUnit plugin hpi xunit
Xvfb plugin hpi xvfb-plugin
Hudson Xvnc plugin hpi xvnc
Active Directory plugin hpi active-directory
Zabbix Integration Plugin hpi zabbix-integration
Static Analysis Collector Plug-in hpi analysis-collector
Static Analysis Plug-ins Parent POM pom analysis-pom
AnsiColor hpi ansicolor
Hudson Artifact Deployer Plug-in hpi artifactdeployer
Hudson Artifactory Plugin hpi artifactory
Audit Trail hpi audit-trail
Backup plugin hpi backup
batch task plugin hpi batch-task
Hudson Blame Subversion Plugin hpi BlameSubversion
broadcast-message-plugin hpi broadcast-message-plugin
Buckminster hpi buckminster
Bugzilla Plugin hpi bugzilla
build-name-setter hpi build-name-setter
Build Pipeline Plugin hpi build-pipeline-plugin
Hudson build timeout plugin hpi build-timeout
Hudson Clone Workspace SCM Plug-in hpi clone-workspace-scm
Clover plugin hpi clover
Cobertura Plugin hpi cobertura
Compact Columns hpi compact-columns
Conditional Buildstep Plugin hpi conditional-buildstep
Console Column Plugin hpi console-column-plugin
Copy Team CLI Plugin hpi copy-team-cli
Copy To Slave Plugin hpi copy-to-slave
Coverity plugin hpi coverity
Cppcheck Plug-in hpi cppcheck
Create Job Advanced hpi createjobadvanced
Crowd 2 Integration hpi crowd2
Hudson CVS Tagging Plug-in hpi cvs-tag
Delete Team CLI Plugin hpi delete-team-cli
Hudson Dependency Viewer Plugin hpi dependency-viewer
Deploy to container Plugin hpi deploy
Description Column Plugin hpi description-column-plugin
Hudson description setter plugin hpi description-setter
Display Name hpi displayname
Hudson Downstream build view hpi downstream-buildview
Hudson Email Extension Plugin hpi email-ext
Hudson Emma plugin hpi emma
Hudson Environment File Plugin hpi envfile
Extra Columns Plugin hpi extra-columns
Favorite hpi favorite
FindBugs Parent pom findbugs-parent
FTP publisher plugin hpi ftppublisher
Build Config jar gerrit-build-config
Gerrit Trigger hpi gerrit-trigger
Gerrit Trigger Pom pom gerrit-trigger-parent
Gitlab Merge Request Builder hpi gitlab-merge-request-builder-plugin
Git Parameter Plug-In hpi git-parameter
Hudson Global Build Stats Plugin hpi global-build-stats
Google Login Plugin for Hudson hpi google-login-plugin
Groovy Support Plugin hpi goovy-support-plugin

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