group: org.hornetq

fresh name packaging artifact id
HornetQ JMS Client jar hornetq-jms-client
HornetQ Core Client jar hornetq-core-client
HornetQ jar hornetq-core
HornetQ Server jar hornetq-server
HornetQ JMS Server jar hornetq-jms-server
HornetQ Commons jar hornetq-commons
HornetQ Journal jar hornetq-journal
HornetQ jar hornetq-jms
HornetQ jar hornetq-logging
HornetQ Bootstrap jar hornetq-bootstrap
HornetQ RAR POM jar hornetq-ra
HornetQ Native POM ${native-package-type} hornetq-native
HornetQ JBoss AS Integration jar hornetq-jboss-as-integration
HornetQ Tools jar hornetq-tools
Hornetq-transports jar hornetq-transports
HornetQ Spring Integration jar hornetq-spring-integration
Hornetq-stomp-protocol jar hornetq-stomp-protocol
Hornetq-amqp-protocol jar hornetq-amqp-protocol
HornetQ jar hornetq-resources
Hornetq-proton-plug jar hornetq-proton-plug
HornetQ Maven Plugin maven-plugin hornetq-maven-plugin
HornetQ Selector Implementation jar hornetq-selector
HornetQ DTO jar hornetq-dto
HornetQ Vert.x Integration jar hornetq-vertx-integration
HornetQ Custom Checkstyle Checks jar hornetq-checkstyle-checks
Hornetq-jboss-as-security jar hornetq-jboss-as-security
JBoss Application Server JOPR plugin jar hornetq-jopr-plugin
HornetQ Maven Plugin pom hornetq-maven-plugin-pom
Hornetq-openwire-protocol jar hornetq-openwire-protocol
HornetQ Parent pom hornetq-pom
Hornetq-protocols pom hornetq-protocols
HornetQ JBoss AS4 Integration jar hornetq-service-sar
HornetQ Twitter Integration jar hornetq-twitter-integration
HornetQ Aerogear Integration jar hornetq-aerogear-integration

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