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fresh name packaging artifact id
Hibernate ORM - hibernate-core jar hibernate-core
Hibernate Validator Engine - Relocation Artifact jar hibernate-validator
Hibernate ORM - hibernate-entitymanager jar hibernate-entitymanager
Hibernate ORM - hibernate-hikaricp pom hibernate-hikaricp
Hibernate ORM - hibernate-ehcache jar hibernate-ehcache
Hibernate Annotations jar hibernate-annotations
Hibernate ORM - hibernate-envers jar hibernate-envers
Hibernate ORM - hibernate-c3p0 jar hibernate-c3p0
Hibernate ORM - hibernate-jpamodelgen pom hibernate-jpamodelgen
Hibernate Core Aggregator pom hibernate
Hibernate ORM - hibernate-jcache pom hibernate-jcache
Hibernate Commons Annotations jar hibernate-commons-annotations
Hibernate Search ORM jar hibernate-search-orm
Hibernate Search Engine jar hibernate-search-engine
Hibernate ORM - hibernate-java8 pom hibernate-java8
JTidy jar jtidy
Hibernate ORM - hibernate-testing jar hibernate-testing
Hibernate Validator Annotation Processor - Relocation Artifact jar hibernate-validator-annotation-processor
Hibernate Validator CDI Portable Extension - Relocation Artifact jar hibernate-validator-cdi
Hibernate Search [Deprecated Module] pom hibernate-search
Hibernate ORM - hibernate-infinispan pom hibernate-infinispan
Hibernate Tools jar hibernate-tools
Hibernate ORM - hibernate-spatial jar hibernate-spatial
Hibernate ORM - hibernate-osgi pom hibernate-osgi
Java Persistence API pom ejb3-persistence
Hibernate Search Avro Serialization jar hibernate-search-serialization-avro
Hibernate Search Elasticsearch jar hibernate-search-elasticsearch
Hibernate ORM - hibernate-proxool jar hibernate-proxool
Hibernate Search Infinispan Directory Provider jar hibernate-search-infinispan
Hibernate Search Analyzer Framework jar hibernate-search-analyzers
Hibernate JMX Module jar hibernate-jmx
Hibernate CGLIB Repackaging jar hibernate-cglib-repack
Hibernate Search JMS Backend jar hibernate-search-backend-jms
Hibernate ORM - hibernate-agroal pom hibernate-agroal
Hibernate ORM - hibernate-gradle-plugin pom hibernate-gradle-plugin
Com.springsource.org.hibernate jar com.springsource.org.hibernate
Hibernate Search JBoss Modules Engine pom hibernate-search-jbossmodules-engine
Com.springsource.org.hibernate.annotations jar com.springsource.org.hibernate.annotations
Hibernate Search JGroups Backend jar hibernate-search-backend-jgroups
Com.springsource.org.hibernate.ejb jar com.springsource.org.hibernate.ejb
Hibernate Search Wildfly Module zip hibernate-search-modules
Hibernate Search JBoss Modules Elasticsearch pom hibernate-search-jbossmodules-elasticsearch
Com.springsource.org.hibernate.validator jar com.springsource.org.hibernate.validator
Local-only Hibernate Cache for Quarkus jar quarkus-local-cache
Hibernate Validator Test Utils jar hibernate-validator-test-utils
Hibernate Search JSR-352 Core jar hibernate-search-jsr352-core
Hibernate OSCache Integration jar hibernate-oscache
Hibernate Validator Legacy jar hibernate-validator-legacy
Antlr jar antlr
Hibernate ORM - hibernate-graalvm pom hibernate-graalvm
Com.springsource.org.hibernate.annotations.common jar com.springsource.org.hibernate.annotations.common
Hibernate Search Testing jar hibernate-search-testing
Hibernate Search Elasticsearch AWS integration jar hibernate-search-elasticsearch-aws
Hibernate JBossCache Integration jar hibernate-jbosscache
Hibernate SwarmCache Integration jar hibernate-swarmcache
Hibernate Search JSR-352 JBeret jar hibernate-search-jsr352-jberet
Hibernate ORM - hibernate-orm-modules zip hibernate-orm-jbossmodules
Com.springsource.org.hibernate.cache jar com.springsource.org.hibernate.cache
TCK Test Coverage Utils Implementation jar tck-utils-api
Hibernate JBossCache2.x Integration jar hibernate-jbosscache2
A Hibernate O/RM module jar hibernate-maven-plugin
Hibernate Search JBoss Modules - Temporary Hibernate ORM Repackaging pom hibernate-search-jbossmodules-hibernate-orm
Com.springsource.org.hibernate.core jar com.springsource.org.hibernate.core
Hibernate Validator Aggregator pom hibernate-validator-parent
Hibernate Search Elasticsearch Backend jar hibernate-search-backend-elasticsearch
Hibernate Search Karaf Features Definition pom hibernate-search-integrationtest-osgi-features
Hibernate ORM modules for WildFly 10 zip hibernate-orm-modules
Hibernate Distribution pom hibernate-distribution
Hibernate Core Parent POM pom hibernate-parent
(deprecated - use hibernate-core instead) Hibernate JPA Support jar hibernate-entityManager
Hibernate Tools Maven Plugin maven-plugin hibernate-tools-maven-plugin
TCK Test Coverage Utils API jar tck-utils-impl
TCK Test Coverage Utils pom tck-utils
hibernate-search-quickstart maven-archetype hibernate-search-quickstart
Hibernate Search Aggregator pom hibernate-search-parent
Hibernate Core Documentation pom hibernate-documentation
A Hibernate O/RM Module jar enhance-maven-plugin
Hibernate ORM - hibernate-vibur pom hibernate-vibur
Hibernate Validator TCK Runner jar hibernate-validator-tck-runner
Hibernate Release Notes jdocbook hibernate-releasenotes
Hibernate Core Manual Parent pom hibernate-manual-parent
Hibernate Manual jdocbook hibernate-manual
Hibernate ORM - hibernate-jipijapa pom hibernate-jipijapa
Hibernate jDocBook Style Bundle jdocbook-style hibernate-jdocbook-style
Hibernate Search OSGi Karaf Integration Tests jar hibernate-search-integrationtest-osgi
Hibernate Search JBoss Modules JGroups Backend pom hibernate-search-jbossmodules-backend-jgroups
Hibernate JDBC4-JdbcSupport Testing jar hibernate-jdbc4-testing
Hibernate Search JBoss Modules Elasticsearch AWS pom hibernate-search-jbossmodules-elasticsearch-aws
Hibernate JDBC3-JdbcSupport Testing jar hibernate-jdbc3-testing
Hibernate Search JBoss Modules ORM pom hibernate-search-jbossmodules-orm
Hibernate Search JBoss Modules Aggregator pom hibernate-search-jbossmodules-parent
Hibernate Search JBoss Modules Testing pom hibernate-search-jbossmodules-testing
Hibernate Search JSR-352 Aggregator pom hibernate-search-jsr352-parent
Hibernate Envers Manual jdocbook hibernate-envers-manual
Hibernate Search Java Default Serialization jar hibernate-search-serialization-java
hibernate-enhance-maven-plugin - relocation pom hibernate-enhance-maven-plugin
Hibernate Testsuite jar hibernate-testsuite
Hibernate Tools Parent Project pom hibernate-tools-parent
Hibernate Example jar hibernate-tutorial-eg
Hibernate Tutorials pom hibernate-tutorials
Hibernate Web Tutorial war hibernate-tutorial-web
Hibernate Core Project jar hibernate-docbook-xslt
Hibernate Core Parent pom hibernate-core-parent
Hibernate Validator WildFly Module 1.0.Final-patch.zip hibernate-validator-modules
Hibernate Validator OSGi Modules pom hibernate-validator-osgi
Hibernate Validator Karaf Features - Relocation Artifacts jar hibernate-validator-osgi-karaf-features
hibernate-validator-quickstart-archetype maven-archetype hibernate-validator-quickstart-archetype

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