group: org.grouplens.lenskit

fresh name packaging artifact id
LensKit Core jar lenskit-core
LensKit Test Utils jar lenskit-test
LensKit k-NN CF jar lenskit-knn
LensKit Evaluator jar lenskit-eval
LensKit SVD CF jar lenskit-svd
LensKit Data Structures jar lenskit-data-structures
LensKit Build Tools jar build-tools
LensKit Slope-One CF jar lenskit-slopeone
LensKit Metapackage jar lenskit-all
LensKit Groovy support jar lenskit-groovy
LensKit Core API jar lenskit-api
LensKit Rating Predictors jar lenskit-predict
LensKit Object Specification Beans jar lenskit-specs
LensKit Eval Ant plugin jar lenskit-eval-ant-plugin
LensKit CLI jar lenskit-cli
null jar lenskit-gradle
LensKit Evaluation Maven Plugin maven-plugin lenskit-eval-maven-plugin
LensKit pom lenskit
Simple Experiment Archetype maven-archetype lenskit-archetype-simple-analysis
Fancy Experiment Archetype maven-archetype lenskit-archetype-fancy-analysis
LensKit Evaluation Demo pom lenskit-eval-demo
LensKit Integration Tests jar lenskit-integration-tests
LensKit Maven support pom lenskit-maven
LensKit Packaging jar lenskit-package

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