group: org.graniteds

fresh name packaging artifact id
GraniteDS Core jar granite-core
null jar granite-generator
null jar granite-generator-share
GraniteDS Optional AS3 Library swc granite-swc
null jar granite-server
GraniteDS Tide jar granite-tide
null jar granite-client-java
GraniteDS Essentials AS3 Library swc granite-essentials-swc
null jar granite-server-spring
null jar granite-client-javafx
GraniteDS Seam jar granite-seam
GraniteDS Seam AS3 swc granite-seam-swc
GraniteDS Core AS3 swc granite-core-swc
GraniteDS Hibernate jar granite-hibernate
null jar granite-client-java-advanced
null jar granite-server-cdi
null swc granite-client-flex45-advanced
null swc granite-client-flex
null jar granite-server-ejb
GraniteDS OpenJPA jar granite-openjpa
null jar granite-client-javafx-advanced
GraniteDS Java client core lib jar granite-client
GraniteDS Gravity jar granite-gravity
GraniteDS Tide for Hibernate jar granite-tide-hibernate
null jar granite-server-core
GraniteDS Spring jar granite-spring
GraniteDS AS3 Root POM pom granite-root-swc
GraniteDS Seam 2.1 jar granite-seam21
null jar granite-server-activemq
null jar granite-server-appengine
null jar granite-server-beanvalidation
null jar granite-server-datanucleus
null jar granite-server-eclipselink
null jar granite-server-glassfishv2
null jar granite-server-glassfishv3
null jar granite-server-hazelcast
null jar granite-server-hibernate
null jar granite-server-hibernate4
null jar granite-server-jboss
null jar granite-server-jetty6
null jar granite-server-jetty8
null jar granite-server-jetty9
null jar granite-server-openjpa
null jar granite-server-seam
null jar granite-server-servlet3
null jar granite-server-spring2
null jar granite-server-tomcat6
null jar granite-server-tomcat7
null jar granite-server-toplink
null jar granite-server-udp
null jar granite-server-weblogic
null jar granite-server-wildfly
GraniteDS Tide for Eclipselink jar granite-tide-eclipselink
GraniteDS Tide for Eclipselink AS3 swc granite-tide-eclipselink-swc
GraniteDS Tide for EJB jar granite-tide-ejb
GraniteDS Tide for EJB AS3 swc granite-tide-ejb-swc
GraniteDS Tide for Hibernate AS3 swc granite-tide-hibernate-swc
GraniteDS Tide for Seam jar granite-tide-seam
GraniteDS Tide for Seam AS3 swc granite-tide-seam-swc
GraniteDS Tide for Spring jar granite-tide-spring
GraniteDS Tide for Spring AS3 swc granite-tide-spring-swc
GraniteDS Tide AS3 swc granite-tide-swc
GraniteDS Tide for Toplink jar granite-tide-toplink
GraniteDS Tide for Toplink AS3 swc granite-tide-toplink-swc
GraniteDS Toplink jar granite-toplink
GraniteDS Toplink AS3 swc granite-toplink-swc
Flex websocket client swc flex-websocket-client
GraniteDS Websocket Channel swc granite-websocket
GraniteDS Bean Validation jar granite-beanvalidation
null jar granite-binding
null jar granite-binding-android
GraniteDS CDI/JSR-299 jar granite-cdi
null jar granite-client-android
null jar granite-client-android-advanced
null swc granite-client-flex-advanced
null swc granite-client-flex-udp
null jar granite-client-java-udp
GraniteDS DataNucleus jar granite-datanucleus DocBook XSLT jar graniteds-docbook-xslt
GraniteDS Documentation Styles jdocbook-style graniteds-jdocbook-style
GraniteDS Eclipselink jar granite-eclipselink
GraniteDS Eclipselink AS3 swc granite-eclipselink-swc
GraniteDS Optional AS3 Library swc granite-flex45-swc
GraniteDS GAS jar granite-gas
GraniteDS Generator Root POM pom granite-gen-root
GraniteDS Gravity AS3 swc granite-gravity-swc
GraniteDS Guice jar granite-guice
GraniteDS Hibernate 4 jar granite-hibernate4
GraniteDS Hibernate AS3 swc granite-hibernate-swc
GraniteDS Java Client jar granite-java-client
GraniteDS JavaFX Client jar granite-javafx-client
null jar granite-jmf-java8
GraniteDS Java Root POM pom granite-root

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