group: org.glassfish.web

fresh name packaging artifact id
Expression Language Implementation jar el-impl
Expression Language Implementation jar javax.el
JavaServer Pages (TM) TagLib Implementation jar jstl-impl
JavaServer Pages (TM) TagLib Implementation jar javax.servlet.jsp.jstl
Web Container glue code hk2-jar web-glue
Core Servlet Container hk2-jar web-core
Web Container Common Utilities hk2-jar war-util
Web Container Naming Utilities hk2-jar web-naming
Web container and GUI plug-in common classes hk2-jar web-gui-plugin-common
JSP implementation jar jsp-impl
GlassFish Web container Embedded APIs hk2-jar web-embed-api
Web module command line interface hk2-jar web-cli
JSP implementation jar javax.servlet.jsp
Web Related Implementations for GlassFish pom webtier-all
JSF implementation connector module hk2-jar jsf-connector
Connector for GlassFish Web Container hk2-jar gf-web-connector
JSTL implementation connector module hk2-jar jstl-connector
web-ajp hk2-jar web-ajp
JSP caching taglib connector module hk2-jar jspcaching-connector
GlassFish Web container Embedded Implementation hk2-jar web-embed-impl
Weld integration for glassfish hk2-jar weld-integration
Web Container HA code hk2-jar web-ha
Fragment bundle for exporting additional Weld packages for Weld generated proxies jar weld-integration-fragment
Web Beans integration for glassfish hk2-jar webbeans-integration
GlassFish Web Container (rfc #66) for OSGi Enabled Web Applications hk2-jar osgi-web-container
OSGi HTTP Service Implementation for GlassFish Web Container hk2-jar osgi-http
Expression Language related modules pom el
JavaServer Pages modules pom jsp
GlassFish JSTL related modules pom jstl
GlassFish Web container embedded related modules pom web-embed
GlassFish Web container related modules pom web
Web Container connector for Glassfish hk2-jar tomcat-connector
Web container and GUI plug-in common classes hk2-jar gui-plugin-common
Fragment bundle for Weld related testing jar weld-integration-test-fragment

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