group: org.glassfish.tyrus

fresh name packaging artifact id
Tyrus Client bundle tyrus-client
Tyrus Server bundle tyrus-server
Tyrus Grizzly Client Container bundle tyrus-container-grizzly-client
Tyrus Grizzly Container jar tyrus-container-grizzly
Tyrus Servlet Bundle bundle tyrus-container-servlet
Tyrus Core bundle tyrus-core
Tyrus Grizzly Server Container bundle tyrus-container-grizzly-server
Tyrus JDK Client Container bundle tyrus-container-jdk-client
Tyrus Container SPI bundle tyrus-spi
Tyrus WebSocket Core jar tyrus-websocket-core
Tyrus EJB Component Provider bundle tyrus-container-glassfish-ejb
Tyrus CDI Component Provider bundle tyrus-container-glassfish-cdi
WebSocket Implementation jar websocket-impl
WebSocket Grizzly SPI Provider jar websocket-provider-grizzly
WebSocket SPI jar websocket-spi
Tyrus InMemory Container bundle tyrus-container-inmemory
WebSocket Client jar websocket-client
Old Tyrus Servlet Module jar tyrus-container-oldservlet
Tyrus EJB Container jar tyrus-gf-ejb
Tyrus Documentation pdf tyrus-documentation
Tyrus Servlet OSGi Bundle bundle tyrus-servlet
WebSocket Tests pom websocket-tests
Tyrus Bundles pom tyrus-bundles
Tyrus Containers For Glassfish pom tyrus-containers-gf-project
Tyrus Containers For Glassfish pom tyrus-containers-glassfish-project
Tyrus Container Modules pom tyrus-containers-project
tyrus pom tyrus-project
Tyrus Protocol pom tyrus-protocol
WebSocket pom websocket
WebSocket Basic Test war websocket-basic-test
WebSocket Bundles pom websocket-bundles
WebSocket OSGi Bundle bundle websocket-osgi
WebSocket Auction war websocket-sample-auction
WebSocket Chat Sample war websocket-sample-chat
WebSocket Draw Sample war websocket-sample-draw
WebSocket Echo Sample war websocket-sample-echo
WebSocket Samples pom websocket-samples
WebSocket Simple Life Sample war websocket-sample-simplelife
WebSocket SPI Providers pom websocket-spi-providers
Tyrus BOM pom tyrus-bom

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