group: org.glassfish.metro

fresh name packaging artifact id
Metro Web Services Runtime non-OSGi Bundle jar webservices-rt
Metro Web Services API non-OSGi Bundle jar webservices-api
WS-SX API jar wssx-api
Metro Runtime API jar metro-runtime-api
Metro Common Utilities and Classes jar metro-commons
Metro Web Services API OSGi Bundle jar webservices-api-osgi
WS-ReliableMessaging API jar wsrm-api
WS-MakeConnection API jar wsmc-api
Metro Web Services Runtime OSGi Bundle jar webservices-osgi
SOAP over TCP Transport API jar soaptcp-api
Metro Configuration API jar metro-config-api
Metro Web Services Extra Runtime non-OSGi Bundle jar webservices-extra
WS-RX Common Utilities and Classes jar wsrx-commons
Metro Configuration Implementation jar metro-config-impl
Metro Web Services Tools non-OSGi Bundle jar webservices-tools
Extra JDK 6 packages required by Metro Web Services OSGi bundle jar webservices-extra-jdk-packages
WS-TX API jar wstx-api
WSIT XML Document Filtering Project jar xmlfilter
Metro Configuration Management API jar metro-cm-api
WS-TX Protocol Web Services war wstx-services
Glassfish v2 Deplyoment Classes For Metro SOAP/TCP Implementation jar gfv2-deployment
Metro Web Services Extra API non-OSGi Bundle jar webservices-extra-api
SOAP over TCP Transport Implementation jar soaptcp-impl
WS-ReliableMessaging Implementation jar wsrm-impl
WS-MetadataExchange Service Implementation jar ws-mex
Metro Web Services Interoperability Technology API Bundle jar wsit-api
WS-TX Core jar wstx-core
Metro Web Services Runtime OSGi Bundle for AIX jar webservices-osgi-aix
WS-ConfigurationManagement API jar wscm-api
WS Test Harness Bootstrap jar harness-bootstrap
WS-TX Implementation jar wstx-impl
Metro Runtime Implementation jar metro-runtime-impl
Metro Runtime Project pom metro-runtime
Metro Web Services Stack Project pom metro-project
Metro Configuration Project pom metro-config
Metro Configuration Management Project pom metro-cm-project
Metro Configuration Management Implementation jar metro-cm-impl
Metro Bundles pom bundles
WS-ConfigurationManagement Implementation jar wscm-impl
WS-ConfigurationManagement Project pom wscm-project
Metro Web Services Stack Dependency POM for Glassfish pom metro-bom-gf
Metro Web Services Interoperability Technology Implementation Bundle jar wsit-impl
Metro Web Services Stack Tests pom wsit-tests
Metro Web Services Stack Dependency POM for Metro-CS pom metro-bom-ext
WS-MakeConnection Implementation jar wsmc-impl
Metro Web Services Stack Dependency POM pom metro-bom
Metro Web Services Base Dependencies pom metro-base-dependencies
WS Test Harness Maven Plugin maven-plugin harness-maven-plugin
WS Test Harness Library jar harness-lib
WS-RX Project pom wsrx-project
WS-RX Testing Support jar wsrx-testing
WS Test Harness Documentation pom harness-docs
WS-SX Implementation jar wssx-impl
WS-Security Project pom wssx-project
WS Test Harness pom ws-test-harness
Metro User Guide zip guide
WS-TX Project pom wstx-project
Metro Getting Started zip getting-started
SOAP over TCP Transport Project pom soaptcp
Metro Documentation pom docs
Metro Web Services Standalone Zipped Bundle pom metro-standalone

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