group: org.glassfish.main.common

fresh name packaging artifact id
Public APIs of Glassfish glassfish-jar glassfish-api
Common Utilities glassfish-jar common-util
Private APIs of Glassfish glassfish-jar internal-api
Container Common glassfish-jar container-common
Simple Public APIs of Glassfish glassfish-jar simple-glassfish-api
Java EE dependent public APIs of Glassfish glassfish-jar glassfish-ee-api
Glassfish Naming glassfish-jar glassfish-naming
Scattered Archive APIs of Glassfish glassfish-jar scattered-archive-api
stats77 glassfish-jar stats77
AMX Core glassfish-jar amx-core
Glassfish MBeanServer support glassfish-jar glassfish-mbeanserver
GlassFish Java EE Annotation Framework glassfish-jar annotation-framework
AMX JavaEE glassfish-jar amx-javaee
Java EE Management JSR 77 MEJB ejb mejb
mejb distribution fragment distribution-fragment mejb-frag
AMX V3 Config hk2-jar amx-config
AMX V3 Core implementation hk2-jar amx-core-impl
glassfish-naming Localization hk2-jar glassfish-naming-l10n
Container Common Localization hk2-jar container-common-l10n
AMX V3 Java EE Management (JSR 77) API hk2-jar amx-j2ee
GlassFish Java EE Annotation Framework Localization hk2-jar annotation-framework-l10n
AMX Combining jar amx-all
AMX V3 Config implementation hk2-jar amx-config-impl
Common Utilities Localization hk2-jar common-util-l10n
Private APIs of Glassfish Localization hk2-jar internal-api-l10n
Public APIs of Glassfish Localization hk2-jar glassfish-api-l10n
AMX V3 Java EE Management (JSR 77) implemention hk2-jar amx-j2ee-impl
AMX V3 extensions implementation hk2-jar amx-ext-impl
GlassFish Common modules pom common
GlassFish Nucleus Common modules pom nucleus-common
btrace jar files distribution-fragment btrace-jars

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