group: org.glassfish.hk2

fresh name packaging artifact id
HK2 API module jar hk2-api
ServiceLocator Default Implementation jar hk2-locator
HK2 Implementation Utilities jar hk2-utils
HK2 Junit Runner jar hk2-junitrunner
HK2 core module jar core
HK2 configuration module jar hk2-config
HK2 core module jar hk2-core
HK2 module of HK2 itself jar hk2
Class Model for Hk2 jar class-model
OSGi resource locator jar osgi-resource-locator
Security Lockdown System jar security-lockdown-example-system
HK2 Configuration Hub jar hk2-configuration-hub
HK2 Guice Bridge jar guice-bridge
Run Level Service jar hk2-runlevel
Security Lockdown System Alice jar security-lockdown-example-alice
HK2 config types jar config-types
HK2 extras module jar hk2-extras
Holds test contracts jar contract-bundle
HK2 Metadata Generator jar hk2-metadata-generator
HK2 OSGi Adapter jar osgi-adapter
HK2 Configuration Integration jar hk2-configuration-integration
HK2 XML Reader using JAXB jar hk2-xml
HK2 TestNG runner jar hk2-testng
Security Lockdown Mallory jar security-lockdown-example-mallory
a test module startup jar test-module-startup
Deprecated HK2 API jar hk2-deprecated
Inhabitants' index generator jar auto-depends-plugin
Manages the faux sdp management bundle jar sdp-management-bundle
Inversion of Control / Autodependency mechanism jar auto-depends
HK2 Spring Bridge jar spring-bridge
HK2 configuration module jar config
A bundle with no hk2 dependencies jar no-hk2-bundle
Caching AOP Example System jar caching-aop-example-system
HK2 Configuration Property File Reader jar hk2-property-file
HK2 configuration reader generator module maven-plugin config-generator
Module system maven support jar hk2-maven
Static Analyser for verifying module dependency jar hk2-dependency-verifier
HK2 ProtoBuffer beans jar hk2-pbuf
HK2 JSON beans jar hk2-json
HK2 test harness jar test-harness
HK2 Jersey Guice Tests pom hk2-testing-jersey-guice
org.objectweb.asm.all version 3.3 repackaged as a module jar asm-all-repackaged
Utilities for testing with HK2 pom hk2-testing
HK2 Locator unit tests jar hk2-locator-extras
HK2 Mockito jar hk2-mockito
HK2 Bom Pom pom hk2-bom
Validation API (JSR 303) version 1.0, Hibernate Validator version 4.2.0.Final and its dependencies repackaged as OSGi bundle jar bean-validator
Security Lockdown Runner jar security-lockdown-example-runner
Threaded Event Example jar threading-event-example
Tiger Types as OSGi bundle jar tiger-types-osgi
A fake WebServer configured by a property file jar webserver-configuration-example
Xml Application Configuration Example jar xml-configuration-example
Inhabitants' index generator testing hk2-jar auto-depends-plugin-test
AOP Caching Example pom caching-aop-example
Caching AOP Example Runner jar caching-aop-example-runner
Examples of configuration use cases pom configuration-examples
consolidated bundle Maven plugin maven-plugin consolidatedbundle-maven-plugin
CTM example jar ctm-example
Custom Resolver Example jar custom-resolver-example
Event Examples pom event-examples
Examples of various use cases pom examples
OSGi repackaging of HK2 dependencies pom external
Simulates a bundle jar faux-sdp-bundle
HK2 Ant Inhabitant Generator Test jar hk2-ant-test
hk2-build pom hk2-build
Collections Tests jar hk2-collections-tests
hk2-config Hub integration jar hk2-config-hub-integration
HK2 Configuration Subsystem pom hk2-configuration
HK2 Configuration Persistence Modules pom hk2-configuration-persistence
hk2-dependency-visualizer jar hk2-dependency-visualizer
Inhabitant Generator maven-plugin hk2-inhabitant-generator
HK2 JMX module jar hk2-jmx
JSR-330 support in Hk2 hk2-jar hk2-jsr330
Kernel Subsystem pom hk2-kernel-parent
HK2 Locator No Proxy Unit tests jar hk2-locator-no-proxies
HK2 Locator No Proxy Unit tests (2) jar hk2-locator-no-proxies2
Maven Plugin for hk2 maven-plugin hk2-maven-plugin
HK2 Metadata Generator Subsystem pom hk2-metadata-generator-parent
HK2 Metadata Generator Test One jar hk2-metadata-generator-test1
HK2 pom hk2-parent
public-api pom hk2-public
HK2 RunLevel unit tests jar hk2-runlevel-extras
HK2 Jersey Tests pom hk2-testing-jersey
Jersey Guice FormParam Test jar hk2-testing-jersey-guice-form-param
HK2 Dom Based XML Parser pom hk2-xml-dom
HK2 XML Integration Test jar hk2-xml-integration-test
HK2 XML Parser using JAXB pom hk2-xml-parent
HK2 XML Schema Utilities jar hk2-xml-schema
HK2 XML Reader Test jar hk2-xml-test
HK2 XML Reader Test Two jar hk2-xml-test2
Interceptor/Eventing Test Suite jar interceptor-events
Maven-plugins pom maven-plugins
Operations Example jar operations-example
OSGi code pom osgi
HK2 OSGi Adapter Test jar osgi-adapter-test
Osgi-adapter-tests-parent pom osgi-adapter-tests-parent
OSGiVersion Maven Plugin maven-plugin osgiversion-maven-plugin
Security Lockdown Example pom security-lockdown-example

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