group: org.glassfish

fresh name packaging artifact id
JSR 374 (JSON Processing) Default Provider bundle javax.json
Expression Language 3.0 jar javax.el
javax.servlet API v.3.0 jar javax.servlet
Oracle's implementation of the JSF 2.3 specification. jar javax.faces
javax.ejb API v.3.1 jar javax.ejb
javax.annotation API v.1.1 jar javax.annotation
javax.transaction API v.1.1 jar javax.transaction
javax.resource API v.1.6 jar javax.resource
javax.enterprise.deploy API v.1.2 jar javax.enterprise.deploy
javax.servlet.jsp API v.2.1.2 jar javax.servlet.jsp API v.1.0 jar API v.1.4 jar
javax.jms API v.1.1 jar javax.jms API v.1.1 jar
javax.servlet.jsp.jstl API v.1.2 jar javax.servlet.jsp.jstl
Base module for providing support for OSGi in Java EE applications hk2-jar osgi-javaee-base API v.1.0 jar
Hibernate validator library and Validation API (JSR 303) repackaged as OSGi and HK2 bundle jar bean-validator
Mq-distribution zip mq-distribution
Simple Public APIs of Glassfish V3 hk2-jar simple-glassfish-api
Expression Language 3.0 IMPL javax.el-impl
javax.xml.rpc API v.1.1 jar javax.xml.rpc
javax.xml.soap API v.1.3 jar javax.xml.soap
Verifier implementation module hk2-jar verifier
javax.mail API v.1.4 jar javax.mail
org.glassfish.javax.enterprise.concurrent jar javax.enterprise.concurrent
Verifier scripts distribution-fragment verifier-scripts
GlassFish Verifier Extension Bundle jar verifier-jdk-extension-bundle
GlassFish Web Container (rfc #66) for OSGi Enabled Web Applications hk2-jar osgi-web-container API v.2.1 jar
JSR 374 (JSON Processing) Media for JAX-RS bundle jsonp-jaxrs
OSGi HTTP Service Implementation for GlassFish Web Container hk2-jar osgi-http
javax.activation API v.1.1 jar javax.activation
Ant tasks jar ant-tasks
javax.persistence API v.1.0 jar javax.persistence
Sun Java EE Engine hk2-jar sun-javaee-engine
Mojarra 2.3.9 jar jakarta.faces
Expression Language 3.0 jar jakarta.el
javax.xml.bind API v.2.1 jar javax.xml.bind
javax.jws API v.1.1 jar javax.jws
GlassFish JDBC Support (rfc #122) for OSGi Bundles hk2-jar osgi-jdbc
Public API of GlassFish OSGi/CDI Extension - This is typically used for compilation purpose only jar osgi-cdi-api
JSR 374 (JSON Processing) Default Provider bundle jakarta.json
GlassFish EJB Container for OSGi Enabled EJB Applications hk2-jar osgi-ejb-container
GlassFish JPA Support (rfc #143) for OSGi Bundles hk2-jar osgi-jpa
GlassFish CDI Support for OSGi Bundles jar osgi-cdi
GlassFish Resources support for OSGi Bundles hk2-jar osgi-ee-resources
OSGi/JTA implementation in GlassFish hk2-jar osgi-jta
Support for JPA in Java SE mode usage from OSGi Bundles hk2-jar osgi-jpa-extension
Shoal jar shoal
org.glassfish.jakarta.enterprise.concurrent jar jakarta.enterprise.concurrent
Maven Embedded GlassFish Plugin maven-plugin maven-embedded-glassfish-plugin
JSR 374 (JSON Processing) RI pom json
GlassFish appclient scripts distribution-fragment appclient-scripts
JSR 353 (JSON Processing) Media for JAX-RS 1.1 bundle jsonp-jaxrs-1x
Javaee jar javaee
GlassFish Parent Project pom glassfish-parent
Expression Language 3.0 API javax.el-api
GlassFish Master POM pom pom
Java(TM) EE Specification APIs Repackaged as HK2 module and OSGi bundle jar javax.javaee
Legal License for glassfish code jar legal
Maven plugin for GlassFish maven-plugin maven-glassfish-plugin
Mojarra 2.3.9 - Project pom mojarra-parent
App Client Modules pom appclient
Java EE API modules repackaged as OSGi bundles in GlassFish pom javaee-api
Javaee-frag distribution-fragment javaee-frag
Build aggregator for various OSGi/JavaEE modules pom osgi-javaee
GlassFish JavaEE Manifest pom pom javaee-pom
Super POM for Java EE API modules pom api-pom
Genericra zip genericra
GlassFish FindBugs resources jar findbugs

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