group: org.gephi

fresh name packaging artifact id
GraphAPI nbm graph-api
ProjectAPI nbm project-api
CoreLibraryWrapper nbm core-library-wrapper
LongTaskAPI nbm utils-longtask
UILibraryWrapper nbm ui-library-wrapper
UIUtils nbm ui-utils
Utils nbm utils
ValidationAPI nbm lib.validation
UIComponents nbm ui-components
ImportAPI nbm io-importer-api
gephi-toolkit jar gephi-toolkit
ExportAPI nbm io-exporter-api
DesktopProject nbm desktop-project
FiltersAPI nbm filters-api
AppearanceAPI nbm appearance-api
DataLaboratoryAPI nbm datalab-api
PreviewAPI nbm preview-api
VisualizationAPI nbm visualization-api
ToolsAPI nbm tools-api
StatisticsAPI nbm statistics-api
VisualizationImpl nbm visualization
MostRecentFilesAPI nbm mostrecentfiles-api
DBDrivers nbm db-drivers
GeneratorAPI nbm io-generator-api
FiltersPlugin nbm filters-plugin
LayoutAPI nbm layout-api
ProcessorPlugin nbm io-processor-plugin
ExportPlugin nbm io-exporter-plugin
StatisticsPlugin nbm statistics-plugin
PreviewExport nbm io-exporter-preview
LayoutPlugin nbm layout-plugin
AlgorithmsPlugin nbm algorithms-plugin
GeneratorPlugin nbm io-generator-plugin
DesktopBanner nbm desktop-banner
AppearancePlugin nbm appearance-plugin
ImportPlugin nbm io-importer-plugin
PreviewPlugin nbm preview-plugin
FiltersImpl nbm filters-impl
DesktopExport nbm desktop-io-export
TimelineAPI nbm timeline-api
PerspectiveAPI nbm perspective-api
GraphStore jar graphstore
DesktopProgress nbm desktop-progress
UIPropertyEditor nbm ui-propertyeditor
AppearancePluginUI nbm appearance-plugin-ui
Gleem nbm gleem
BatikWrapper nbm batik-wrapper
gephi-app nbm-application gephi
WelcomeScreen nbm welcome-screen
DataLaboratoryPlugin nbm datalab-plugin
DesktopAppearance nbm desktop-appearance
DesktopBranding nbm desktop-branding
DesktopContext nbm desktop-context
DesktopDataLaboratory nbm desktop-datalab
DesktopFilters nbm desktop-filters
DesktopGenerate nbm desktop-generate
DesktopImport nbm desktop-import
DesktopLayout nbm desktop-layout
DesktopPreview nbm desktop-preview
DesktopRecentFiles nbm desktop-recent-files
DesktopStatistics nbm desktop-statistics
DesktopTimeline nbm desktop-timeline
DesktopTools nbm desktop-tools
DirectoryChooser nbm directory-chooser
ExportPluginUI nbm export-plugin-ui
FiltersPluginUI nbm filters-plugin-ui
GeneratorPluginUI nbm generator-plugin-ui
Branding nbm gephi-branding
ImportPluginUI nbm import-plugin-ui
PreviewExportUI nbm preview-export-ui
ProcessorPluginUI nbm processor-plugin-ui
ProjectUI nbm project-ui
SettingsUpgrader nbm settings-upgrader
StatisticsPluginUI nbm statistics-plugin-ui
ToolsPlugin nbm tools-plugin
gephi-plugins-parent pom gephi-plugin-parent
gephi pom gephi-parent
Gephi Maven Plugin maven-plugin gephi-maven-plugin

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