group: org.geomajas

fresh name packaging artifact id
Geomajas server: Main - test data jar geomajas-testdata
Geomajas server: Main - api jar geomajas-api
Geomajas server: Main - Implementation jar geomajas-impl
Geomajas GWT client: Main - Implementation jar geomajas-gwt-client
Geomajas server: Main - commands jar geomajas-command
Geomajas server: Main - common servlets jar geomajas-common-servlet
Geomajas GWT2 client: Main - Implementation jar geomajas-client-gwt2-impl
Geomajas GWT client: Main - Example base jar geomajas-gwt-example-base
Geomajas GWT2 client: Main - Showcase API jar geomajas-client-gwt2-example-base
Geomajas GWT2 client: Main - Server Extension jar geomajas-client-gwt2-server-extension
Geomajas GWT2 client: Commons - Implementation jar geomajas-client-common-gwt
common-gwt jar geomajas-face-common-gwt
Geomajas GWT2 client: Main - Examples jar geomajas-client-gwt2-example-jar
Geomajas server: Main - experimental api jar geomajas-api-experimental
Geomajas GWT2 client: Main - API jar geomajas-client-gwt2-api
Geomajas server: REST - Implementation jar geomajas-face-rest
Geomajas PureGWT face: Client implementation jar geomajas-puregwt-client-impl
Geomajas PureGWT face: Client API jar geomajas-puregwt-client
Geomajas GWT2 client: Commons - Command Service jar geomajas-client-common-gwt-command
Geomajas Jetty runner jar geomajas-jetty-runner
Geomajas GWT client: Main - Example jar jar geomajas-gwt-face-example-jar
Geomajas GWT client: Commons - Library jar geomajas-client-common-gwt-smartgwt
Geomajas GWT client: Implementation jar geomajas-gwt-client-impl
Geomajas Deskmanager Project - GWT jar geomajas-project-deskmanager-gwt
Geomajas GWT client: Library containing showcase samples jar geomajas-gwt-example-jar
Geomajas dojo face, server side jar geomajas-dojo-server
Geomajas Deskmanager Project - Implementation jar geomajas-project-deskmanager
Geomajas dojo face, client side jar geomajas-dojo-client
Geomajas PureGWT face: Base library for showcases jar geomajas-puregwt-example-base
Geomajas PureGWT face: Library containing showcase samples jar geomajas-puregwt-example-jar
Geomajas dojo application example modules (shrinksafe) jar geomajas-dojo-example-modules-shrinksafe
Geomajas dojo application example client code jar geomajas-dojo-example-client
Geomajas dojo face, client side (custom build) jar geomajas-dojo-client-shrinksafe
Geomajas dojo application example war war geomajas-dojo-example-war
Geomajas simple dojo application demo war geomajas-dojo-simple
Geomajas GWT2 quickstart application war geomajas-gwt2-quickstart-application
Geomajas back-end pom geomajas-backend
Geomajas checkstyle configuration jar geomajas-checkstyle
Geomajas GWT2 client: Commons - Documentation jar geomajas-client-common-gwt-documentation
Geomajas GWT2 client: Commons - Parent pom geomajas-client-common-gwt-parent
Geomajas GWT2 client: Parent POM pom geomajas-client-gwt2-all
Geomajas GWT2 client: Main - Documentation jar geomajas-client-gwt2-documentation
Geomajas GWT2 client: Main - Showcase Application war geomajas-client-gwt2-example
Geomajas GWT client: Plugin parent pom geomajas-client-gwt-plugin-parent
Geomajas dependencies pom geomajas-dep
Geomajas distribution war geomajas-dist
Geomajas documentation parent pom geomajas-doc-parent
Geomajas dojo application example pom geomajas-dojo-example
Geomajas dojo application example modules jar geomajas-dojo-example-modules
common-gwt plug-in parent pom geomajas-face-common-gwt-all
Geomajas dojo face pom geomajas-face-dojo
Geomajas GWT client: Parent POM pom geomajas-face-gwt
Geomajas GWT client: Main - Documentation jar geomajas-face-gwt-documentation
Geomajas PureGWT face pom geomajas-face-puregwt
geomajas-face-rest plug-in parent pom geomajas-face-rest-all
geomajas-face-rest documentation jar geomajas-face-rest-documentation
Geomajas server: REST - Example war geomajas-face-rest-example
Geomajas parent module for Apache licensed projects pom geomajas-al-parent
Geomajas GWT application archetype maven-archetype geomajas-gwt-archetype
Geomajas GWT client: Example showcase war geomajas-gwt-example
Geomajas GWT client: Main - Example war geomajas-gwt-face-example
Geomajas GWT quickstart application war geomajas-gwt-quickstart-application
Geomajas simple gwt application demo war geomajas-gwt-simple
Geomajas maven plugin maven-plugin geomajas-maven-plugin
Geomajas parent module pom geomajas-parent
Geomajas plugin archetype maven-archetype geomajas-plugin-archetype
Geomajas Editing plugin - Documentation jar geomajas-plugin-editing-documentation
Geomajas Deskmanager Project - Widget Editors jar geomajas-project-deskmanager-widget-editors
Geomajas PureGWT face: Example showcase war geomajas-puregwt-example
Geomajas server: Plugin parent pom geomajas-server-plugin-parent

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