group: org.gatein.portal

fresh name packaging artifact id
GateIn Portal Component Core Test jar exo.portal.component.test.core
GateIn Portal Component Common jar exo.portal.component.common
GateIn Portal Component Portal Data jar exo.portal.component.portal
GateIn Portal Component Web Controller jar exo.portal.component.web.controller
GateIn Portal Component JBoss IDM integration jar exo.portal.component.identity
GateIn Portal Component Core Test JCR jar exo.portal.component.test.jcr
GateIn Portal Component Resources jar exo.portal.component.resources
GateIn Portal Component PC integration jar exo.portal.component.pc
GateIn Portal WebUI Portal jar exo.portal.webui.portal
GateIn Portal Component Web API jar exo.portal.component.web.api
GateIn Portal Component Web Security jar
GateIn Portal WebUI Framework jar exo.portal.webui.framework
GateIn Portal Component Application Registry jar exo.portal.component.application-registry
GateIn Portal WebUI Core jar exo.portal.webui.core
GateIn Portal WebUI eXo jar exo.portal.webui.eXo
GateIn Portal Component Web Resources jar exo.portal.component.web.resources
GateIn Portal WebUI Portlet jar exo.portal.webui.portlet
GateIn Portal Component Web OAuth Common jar exo.portal.component.web.oauth-common
GateIn Portal Component Scripting jar exo.portal.component.scripting
GateIn Portal eXo Gadgets Core jar exo.portal.gadgets-core
GateIn Portal Component Web Server jar exo.portal.component.web.server
Common files used for packaging jar exo.portal.packaging.common
GateIn Portal Component Management jar
GateIn Portal WebUI Dashboard jar exo.portal.webui.dashboard
GateIn - Portlet Container (JBoss AS7 Extension) jar jboss-as7-integration-extension
GateIn Portal Component API Implementation jar exo.portal.component.api
GateIn Portal Sample Extension Java Classes jar exo.portal.sample.extension.jar
GateIn Portal Component Web Test jar exo.portal.component.test.web
GateIn Portal Sample Extension Configuration jar exo.portal.sample.extension.config
GateIn Portal Sample Portal Configuration jar exo.portal.sample.portal.config
GateIn Portal Sample Portal Java Classes jar exo.portal.sample.portal.jar
GateIn Portal Component Web OAuth Web jar exo.portal.component.web.oauth-web
GateIn - Portlet Container (JBoss AS7 Extension Modules) jar jboss-as7-integration-modules
GateIn Portal Component Web Security JBoss jar
GateIn - Portlet Container (JBoss AS-based Extension) jar jboss-integration-extension
GateIn - Portlet Container (JBoss AS-based Extension Modules) jar jboss-integration-modules
GateIn Portal Responsive Portlets pom responsive-portlets
HTMLUnit Tests for GateIn jar portal-testsuite-htmlunit-tests
GateIn Portal Component pom exo.portal.component
GateIn Portal Sample Extension pom exo.portal.sample.extension.root
Selenium UI Tests for GateIn jar portal-testsuite-selenium-ui-tests
GateIn Portal Sample Portal pom exo.portal.sample.portal.root
Selenium Sniff Test for GateIn jar exo.portal.selenium.snifftests
GateIn Portal Starter pom exo.portal.starter.root
TestSuite for GateIn pom exo.portal.testsuite
GateIn Portal Web pom exo.portal.web
GateIn Portal WebUI pom exo.portal.webui
GateIn JBoss AS-based packaging (Wildfly / EAP) pom exo.portal.packaging.jboss
GateIn Portal Packaging pom exo.portal.packaging
GateIn Portal eXo Gadgets pom exo.portal.gadgets
GateIn Portal Component Web pom exo.portal.component.web
GateIn Portal: Build Configuration jar gatein-portal-build-config
GateIn Portal Test Component pom exo.portal.component.test
GateIn Portal Mobile Integration pom mobile-integration
GateIn JBoss AS 7.x.x packaging pom exo.portal.packaging.jboss7
GateIn for JBoss AS 7.x.x packaging pom exo.portal.packaging.jboss7.pkg
GateIn Tomcat package pom exo.portal.packaging.tomcat
GateIn package for JBoss AS-based (Wildfly / EAP) pom exo.portal.packaging.jboss.pkg
GateIn for Tomcat packaging pom exo.portal.packaging.tomcat.pkg
GateIn for Tomcat 7 packaging jar exo.portal.packaging.tomcat.tomcat7
GateIn - Portal pom exo.portal.parent
GateIn Portal Portlet pom exo.portal.portlet
GateIn Portal Sample pom exo.portal.sample

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