group: org.fusesource.fabric

fresh name packaging artifact id
fabric-linkedin-zookeeper bundle fabric-linkedin-zookeeper
fabric-zookeeper bundle fabric-zookeeper
fabric-core bundle fabric-core
Fabric-utils jar fabric-utils
fabric-groups bundle fabric-groups
fabric-zookeeper-spring bundle fabric-zookeeper-spring
fabric-commands bundle fabric-commands
fabric-boot-commands bundle fabric-boot-commands
fabric-monitor bundle fabric-monitor
fabric-configadmin bundle fabric-configadmin
common-util bundle common-util
process-launcher tar.gz process-launcher
fabric-agent bundle fabric-agent
Fuse Fabric :: Karaf :: Branding Support bundle org.fusesource.fabric.karaf.branding
fabric-core-agent-ssh bundle fabric-core-agent-ssh
Fuse Fabric :: Binary Distribution zip fuse-fabric
fabric-cxf bundle fabric-cxf
fabric-core-agent-jclouds bundle fabric-core-agent-jclouds
fabric-camel-facade bundle fabric-camel-facade
fabric-activemq-facade bundle fabric-activemq-facade
fabric-jaas bundle fabric-jaas
fabric-maven-proxy bundle fabric-maven-proxy
fabric-features-service bundle fabric-features-service
process-manager bundle process-manager
tooling-jclouds-all bundle tooling-jclouds-all
fabric-zookeeper-commands bundle fabric-zookeeper-commands
tooling-fabric-all bundle tooling-fabric-all
fabric-distro pom fabric-distro
fabric-hadoop bundle fabric-hadoop
fabric-camel-dslio bundle fabric-camel-dslio
fabric-jolokia bundle fabric-jolokia
fabric-launcher war fabric-launcher
Fabric-ldap bundle fabric-ldap
fabric-camel-c24io jar fabric-camel-c24io
fabric-camel bundle fabric-camel
fabric-activemq bundle fabric-activemq
Fuse Fabric :: Project pom fabric-project
fabric-rest war fabric-rest
fabric-scala pom fabric-scala
fabric-servicemix-facade bundle fabric-servicemix-facade
FuseSource :: Fabric :: Virt :: Pom pom fabrc-virt
fabric-virt pom fabric-virt
fabric-webui war fabric-webui
fabric-zeroconf bundle fabric-zeroconf
cartridge jar cartridge
archetype-builder jar archetype-builder
camel-tooling-util bundle camel-tooling-util
Fuse :: Archetypes :: Camel Drools maven-archetype camel-drools-archetype
openshift pom openshift
Fuse :: Archetypes :: Camel CXF Contract First maven-archetype camel-cxf-contract-first-archetype
Fuse :: Archetypes :: Camel CXF Code First maven-archetype camel-cxf-code-first-archetype
FuseSource :: Tooling :: Archetypes pom archetypes
process-packaging jar process-packaging
process-project pom process-project
FuseSource :: Tooling :: Testing pom testing
Fuse Fabric :: Examples pom fabric-examples
fabric-dosgi bundle fabric-dosgi

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