group: org.everit.osgi

fresh name packaging artifact id
Everit - ECM Component API bundle org.everit.osgi.ecm.component.api
Everit - ECM Extender API bundle org.everit.osgi.ecm.extender.api
Everit - Component Annotations bundle org.everit.osgi.ecm.annotation
Everit - OSGi Capability Collector bundle org.everit.osgi.capabilitycollector
Everit - Authentication Context API bundle org.everit.osgi.authentication.context.api
Everit - Authenticator API bundle org.everit.osgi.authenticator.api
Everit - Transaction Helper bundle org.everit.osgi.transaction.helper
Everit - ECM Component RI bundle org.everit.osgi.ecm.component.ri
Everit - QueryDSL Support bundle
Everit - Component Annotations Metadata Builder bundle org.everit.osgi.ecm.annotation.metadatabuilder
Everit - Resource API bundle org.everit.osgi.resource.api
Everit - Resource Resolver API bundle org.everit.osgi.resource.resolver.api
Everit OSGi Liquibase Bundle bundle org.everit.osgi.liquibase.bundle
Everit - Cache API bundle org.everit.osgi.cache.api
Everit - Property Manager API bundle org.everit.osgi.props.api
Everit - Authorization API bundle org.everit.osgi.authorization.api
Everit - ECM Metadata bundle org.everit.osgi.ecm.metadata
Everit - ECM Util Method bundle org.everit.osgi.ecm.util.method
Everit - OSGi Linkage API bundle org.everit.osgi.linkage.api
Everit - Resource RI Schema bundle org.everit.osgi.resource.ri.schema.qdsl
Everit - Authorization RI Querydsl Schema bundle org.everit.osgi.authorization.ri.schema.qdsl
Everit - Credential Encryptor API bundle org.everit.osgi.credential.encryptor.api
Everit - Authenticated Authorization Permission Checker API bundle org.everit.osgi.authnr.permissionchecker.api
Everit - Authorization Querydsl Util API bundle org.everit.osgi.authorization.qdsl.util.api
Everit - Authentication Simple Schema QDSL bundle org.everit.osgi.authentication.simple.schema.qdsl
Everit - Jetty Server API bundle org.everit.osgi.jetty.server.api
Everit - HTTP Session based authentication bundle org.everit.osgi.authentication.http.session
Everit - Resource bundle org.everit.osgi.resource
Everit - Liquibase OSGi Component bundle org.everit.osgi.liquibase.component
Everit - OSGi LogListener implementation for SLF4J bundle org.everit.osgi.loglistener.slf4j
Everit - Audit RI API bundle org.everit.osgi.audit.ri.api
Org.everit.osgi.audit.ri.schema bundle org.everit.osgi.audit.ri.schema
Everit - Authenticated Authorization Querydsl Util API bundle org.everit.osgi.authnr.qdsl.util.api
Everit - Authorization RI Querydsl Schema Util API bundle org.everit.osgi.authorization.ri.schema.qdsl.util.api
Org.everit.osgi.balance.api bundle org.everit.osgi.balance.api
Org.everit.osgi.balance.ri.schema bundle org.everit.osgi.balance.ri.schema
Everit - ECM Extender RI bundle org.everit.osgi.ecm.extender.ri
Everit - HTTP Context Simple bundle org.everit.osgi.http.context.simple
Everit - Audit API bundle org.everit.osgi.audit.api
Everit - Cache LRU bundle org.everit.osgi.cache.lru
Everit - OSGi Webconsole Blueprint plugin bundle org.everit.osgi.webconsole.blueprint
Everit - Infinispan Cache bundle org.everit.osgi.cache.infinispan
Org.everit.osgi.balance.ri bundle org.everit.osgi.balance.ri
Everit - Threadviewer bundle org.everit.osgi.webconsole.threadviewer
Everit - Commons DBCP Components bundle org.everit.osgi.jdbc.commons.dbcp
Everit - DataSourceFactory Component bundle org.everit.osgi.jdbc.dsf
Everit - Jetty OSGi Boot bundle org.everit.osgi.jetty.boot
Everit - Authorization RI bundle org.everit.osgi.authorization.ri
Everit - Jetty Server Component bundle org.everit.osgi.jetty.server.component
Everit - jTDS Component bundle org.everit.osgi.jtds.component
Everit - Authorization GOD bundle org.everit.osgi.authorization.god
Everit - Authenticated Authorization QDSL Util RI bundle org.everit.osgi.authnr.qdsl.util.ri
Everit - Authenticated Authorization Permission Cheker RI bundle org.everit.osgi.authnr.permissionchecker.ri
Everit - Liquibase DataSource Component bundle org.everit.osgi.liquibase.datasource
Everit - WebResource bundle org.everit.osgi.webresource
Everit - Password Encryptor PBKDF2 bundle org.everit.osgi.password.encryptor.pbkdf2
Everit - LDAP Authenticator bundle org.everit.osgi.authenticator.ldap
Everit - Property Manager RI bundle org.everit.osgi.props.ri
Everit - QueryDSL Configuration bundle org.everit.osgi.querydsl.configuration
Everit - Authentication Simple bundle org.everit.osgi.authentication.simple
Everit - SQL Template Component bundle org.everit.osgi.querydsl.templates
Everit - Jersey Extender bundle org.everit.osgi.remote.jersey.extender
Everit - HTML form-based authentication bundle org.everit.osgi.authentication.http.form
Everit - HTTP Basic Authentication bundle org.everit.osgi.authentication.http.basic
Everit - Authentication Context RI bundle org.everit.osgi.authentication.context.ri
Everit - Resource RI bundle org.everit.osgi.resource.ri
Everit - CAS authentication bundle org.everit.osgi.authentication.cas
Org.everit.osgi.audit.ri bundle org.everit.osgi.audit.ri
Everit - ECM Bnd Plugin bundle org.everit.osgi.ecm.annotation.bnd
Everit - Cache NoOp bundle org.everit.osgi.cache.noop
Everit - ECM Component Webconsole bundle org.everit.osgi.ecm.component.webconsole

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