group: org.elasticsearch.plugin

fresh name packaging artifact id
transport-netty4 jar transport-netty4-client
reindex jar reindex-client
percolator jar percolator-client
lang-mustache jar lang-mustache-client
parent-join jar parent-join-client
aggs-matrix-stats jar aggs-matrix-stats-client
transport-netty3 jar transport-netty3-client
Plugin: Delete By Query zip delete-by-query
X-Plugins: Shield jar shield
rank-eval jar rank-eval-client
x-pack jar x-pack-api
Plugin: Analysis: Japanese (kuromoji) zip analysis-kuromoji
Plugin: Analysis: ICU zip analysis-icu
Plugin: X-pack jar x-pack
Plugin: Language: JavaScript zip lang-javascript
mapper-extras jar mapper-extras
Plugin: JVM example zip jvm-example
Plugin: Language: Python zip lang-python
Plugin: Mapper: Attachments zip mapper-attachments
Plugin: Mapper: Murmur3 zip mapper-murmur3
Plugin: Mapper: Size zip mapper-size
Plugin: Parent POM pom plugins
Plugin: Repository-azure zip repository-azure
Plugin: Repository-gcs zip repository-gcs
Plugin: Repository-hdfs zip repository-hdfs
Plugin: Repository-s3 zip repository-s3
Plugin: Example site zip site-example
Plugin: Store-smb zip store-smb
X-Plugins: Parent POM pom x-plugins
Plugin: Analysis: Phonetic zip analysis-phonetic
Plugin: Analysis: Smart Chinese (smartcn) zip analysis-smartcn
Plugin: Analysis: Polish (stempel) zip analysis-stempel
Plugin: Cloud: AWS zip cloud-aws
Plugin: Cloud: Azure zip cloud-azure
Plugin: Cloud: Google Compute Engine zip cloud-gce
Plugin: Discovery-azure zip discovery-azure
Plugin: Discovery-azure-classic zip discovery-azure-classic
Plugin: Discovery-ec2 zip discovery-ec2
Plugin: Discovery-gce zip discovery-gce
Plugin: Discovery: Multicast zip discovery-multicast
spi jar elasticsearch-scripting-painless-spi
Plugin: Ingest-attachment zip ingest-attachment
Plugin: Ingest-geoip zip ingest-geoip
Plugin: Ingest-user-agent zip ingest-user-agent

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