group: org.elasticsearch

fresh name packaging artifact id
server jar elasticsearch
Elastic JNA Distribution jar jna
Elasticsearch Spark (for Spark 2.0) jar elasticsearch-spark-20_2.11
Elasticsearch Securemock jar securemock
Elasticsearch Hadoop zip elasticsearch-hadoop
Elasticsearch SecureSM jar securesm
core jar elasticsearch-core
cli jar elasticsearch-cli
Elasticsearch Hadoop Map/Reduce jar elasticsearch-hadoop-mr
metrics-elasticsearch-reporter jar metrics-elasticsearch-reporter
Elasticsearch Spark (Spark 1.3+) jar elasticsearch-spark_2.11
Elasticsearch Spark (Spark 1.3+) jar elasticsearch-spark_2.10
Elasticsearch MockSocket jar mocksocket
x-content jar elasticsearch-x-content
secure-sm jar elasticsearch-secure-sm
Elasticsearch AWS cloud plugin jar elasticsearch-cloud-aws
Elasticsearch Mapper Attachment plugin zip elasticsearch-mapper-attachments
elasticsearch-analysis-ik jar elasticsearch-analysis-ik
Elasticsearch Spark (for Spark 1.3-1.6) jar elasticsearch-spark-13_2.10
Elasticsearch Groovy Client zip elasticsearch-groovy
Elasticsearch ICU Analysis plugin jar elasticsearch-analysis-icu
Elasticsearch Japanese (kuromoji) Analysis plugin jar elasticsearch-analysis-kuromoji
Elasticsearch Groovy language plugin jar elasticsearch-lang-groovy
Elasticsearch-shield jar elasticsearch-shield
Elasticsearch geolite2 databases jar geolite2-databases
Elasticsearch Spark (for Spark 2.0) jar elasticsearch-spark-20_2.10
Elasticsearch-license-plugin jar elasticsearch-license-plugin
Elasticsearch Hadoop Hive jar elasticsearch-hadoop-hive
nio jar elasticsearch-nio
Elasticsearch Servlet Transport plugin jar elasticsearch-transport-wares
Elasticsearch Hadoop Cascading jar elasticsearch-hadoop-cascading
Elasticsearch Storm jar elasticsearch-storm
elasticsearch-analysis-pinyin jar elasticsearch-analysis-pinyin
elasticsearch-plugins-client--groovy jar elasticsearch-client-groovy
Elasticsearch Twitter River plugin jar elasticsearch-river-twitter
elasticsearch-geo jar elasticsearch-geo
Elasticsearch Thrift transport plugin jar elasticsearch-transport-thrift
Elasticsearch Phonetic Analysis plugin jar elasticsearch-analysis-phonetic
Elasticsearch HDFS Repository zip elasticsearch-repository-hdfs
Elasticsearch Spark (Spark 1.0-1.2) jar elasticsearch-spark-1.2_2.10
elasticsearch-analysis-mmseg jar elasticsearch-analysis-mmseg
rest-api-spec jar rest-api-spec
elasticsearch-plugins-attachments jar elasticsearch-attachments
Elasticsearch MVEL language plugin jar elasticsearch-lang-mvel
Elasticsearch Wikipedia River plugin jar elasticsearch-river-wikipedia
workroom jar workroom
Build Tools and Resources jar dev-tools
Elasticsearch Smart Chinese Analysis plugin jar elasticsearch-analysis-smartcn
elasticsearch-analysis-stconvert jar elasticsearch-analysis-stconvert
Elasticsearch Stempel (Polish) Analysis plugin jar elasticsearch-analysis-stempel
Elasticsearch-benchmarks: 5.0.0-alpha5 zip elasticsearch-benchmarks
elasticsearch-plugins-cloud jar elasticsearch-cloud
Elasticsearch Azure cloud plugin jar elasticsearch-cloud-azure
Elasticsearch Google Compute Engine cloud plugin zip elasticsearch-cloud-gce
elasticsearch-plugins-disocvery-jgroups jar elasticsearch-discovery-jgroups
Elasticsearch Hadoop Pig jar elasticsearch-hadoop-pig
Elasticsearch JavaScript language plugin jar elasticsearch-lang-javascript
Elasticsearch Python language plugin jar elasticsearch-lang-python
Elasticsearch-license pom elasticsearch-license
Elasticsearch Parent POM pom elasticsearch-parent
Elasticsearch CouchDB River plugin jar elasticsearch-river-couchdb
Elasticsearch RabbitMQ River plugin jar elasticsearch-river-rabbitmq
Elasticsearch-spark-1.2 jar elasticsearch-spark-1.2
Elasticsearch Spark (Spark 1.0-1.2) jar elasticsearch-spark-1.2_2.11
Elasticsearch Spark (for Spark 1.3-1.6) jar elasticsearch-spark-13_2.11
Elasticsearch Memcached transport plugin jar elasticsearch-transport-memcached
Elasticsearch YARN zip elasticsearch-yarn
elastiqueue jar elastiqueue
Elasticsearch: Parent POM pom parent
Rest: 5.0.0-alpha4 jar rest
Security-example-realm: 5.0.0-alpha4 jar security-example-realm
Sniffer: 5.0.0-alpha4 jar sniffer
Test: 5.0.0-alpha4 jar test
cli jar cli

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