group: org.eclipse.jetty

fresh name packaging artifact id
Jetty :: Server Core jar jetty-server
Jetty :: Servlet Handling jar jetty-servlet
Jetty :: Utilities jar jetty-util
Jetty :: Webapp Application Support jar jetty-webapp
Jetty :: Utility Servlets and Filters jar jetty-servlets
Jetty :: Http Utility jar jetty-http
Jetty :: Security jar jetty-security
Jetty :: Plus jar jetty-plus
Jetty :: IO Utility jar jetty-io
Jetty :: Websocket jar jetty-websocket
Jetty :: JMX Management jar jetty-jmx
Jetty :: Asynchronous HTTP Client jar jetty-client
Jetty :: Continuation jar jetty-continuation
Jetty :: XML utilities jar jetty-xml
Jetty :: Servlet Annotations jar jetty-annotations
Jetty :: Deployers jar jetty-deploy
Jetty :: JNDI Naming jar jetty-jndi
Jetty :: Rewrite Handler jar jetty-rewrite
Test :: Jetty Servlet Tester jar test-jetty-servlet
Jetty :: Proxy jar jetty-proxy
Jetty :: Glassfish JSP Implementation jar jetty-jsp
Jetty :: Apache JSP Implementation jar apache-jsp
Apache :: JSTL module jar apache-jstl
Jetty :: Utilities :: Ajax(JSON) jar jetty-util-ajax
Jetty :: ALPN :: Server jar jetty-alpn-server
Jetty :: AJP jar jetty-ajp
Jetty :: JAAS jar jetty-jaas
Test :: Jetty Test Webapp war test-jetty-webapp
Jetty :: Start jar jetty-start
Jetty :: JASPI Security jar jetty-jaspi
Jetty :: Quick Start jar jetty-quickstart
Jetty :: Jetty JSP Additions jar jetty-jsp-2.1
Jetty :: Nested jar jetty-nested
Jetty :: ALPN :: Client jar jetty-alpn-client
Jetty :: Jetty Maven Plugin maven-plugin jetty-maven-plugin
Jetty :: Runner jar jetty-runner
Jetty :: Monitoring jar jetty-monitor
Jetty :: ALPN :: Conscrypt Server Implementation jar jetty-alpn-conscrypt-server
Jetty :: Distribution Assemblies pom jetty-distribution
Jetty :: Policy Tool jar jetty-policy
Jetty :: ALPN :: JDK9 Server Implementation jar jetty-alpn-java-server
Test :: Jetty Proxy Webapp war test-proxy-webapp
Jetty :: NoSQL Session Managers jar jetty-nosql
Example :: Jetty Spring jar jetty-spring
Jetty :: ALPN :: JDK9 Client Implementation jar jetty-alpn-java-client
Jetty :: Overlay Deployer jar jetty-overlay-deployer
Jetty :: ALPN :: OpenJDK8 Server Implementation jar jetty-alpn-openjdk8-server
Jetty :: Infinispan Session Managers jar jetty-infinispan
Example :: Jetty Embedded jar example-jetty-embedded
Jetty :: Documentation zip jetty-documentation
Jetty :: Home Assembly pom jetty-home
Jetty :: UnixSocket jar jetty-unixsocket
Jetty :: ALPN :: OpenJDK8 Client Implementation jar jetty-alpn-openjdk8-client
Jetty :: Servlet Tester jar jetty-servlet-tester
Jetty ReactiveStreams HttpClient bundle jetty-reactive-httpclient
Jetty :: CDI Configurations jar jetty-cdi
Jetty :: ALPN :: Conscrypt Client Implementation jar jetty-alpn-conscrypt-client
Jetty :: Hazelcast Session Manager jar jetty-hazelcast
Jetty :: EventSource Servlet jar jetty-eventsource-servlet
Jetty :: Project txt jetty-project
Test :: Continuation jar test-continuation
Jetty :: Http Service Provider Interface jar jetty-http-spi
Jetty :: Centralized WebApp Logging jar jetty-webapp-logging
Jetty :: NPN :: Server jar jetty-npn-server jar
Jetty :: Webapp Example war jetty-test-webapp
Jetty :: Administrative Parent pom jetty-parent
Jetty :: Jetty JSPC Maven Plugin maven-plugin jetty-jspc-maven-plugin
Jetty :: NPN :: Client jar jetty-npn-client
Jetty :: Ant Plugin jar jetty-ant
Example Async Rest pom example-async-rest
Jetty :: ALPN :: Parent pom jetty-alpn-parent
Test :: Continuation - (Jetty 6) jar test-continuation-jetty6
Jetty :: Nested Test war test-jetty-nested
Jetty :: Bom pom jetty-bom
Jetty :: Embedded Examples jar jetty-embedded-examples
Example :: Jetty Quick Start jar example-jetty-quickstart
Test :: Jetty Quick Start jar test-quickstart
Jetty :: Plugin Support jar jetty-plugins
Jetty :: NPN :: Parent pom jetty-npn-parent

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