group: org.eclipse.hawkbit

fresh name packaging artifact id
hawkBit :: Repository :: JPA Implementation jar hawkbit-repository-jpa
hawkBit :: Repository :: API jar hawkbit-repository-api
hawkBit :: HTTP Security jar hawkbit-http-security
hawkBit :: Repository :: Test Utilities jar hawkbit-repository-test
hawkBit :: Core jar hawkbit-core
hawkBit :: REST :: Core jar hawkbit-rest-core
hawkBit :: Security Integration jar hawkbit-security-integration
hawkBit :: Spring Boot Autoconfigure jar hawkbit-autoconfigure
hawkBit :: Core Security jar hawkbit-security-core
hawkBit :: Repository :: Core Implementation Support jar hawkbit-repository-core
hawkBit :: Artifact Repository :: Filesystem jar hawkbit-artifact-repository-filesystem
hawkBit :: REST :: DDI Resources jar hawkbit-ddi-resource
hawkBit :: REST :: Management Resources jar hawkbit-mgmt-resource
hawkBit :: DMF :: API jar hawkbit-dmf-api
hawkBit :: Mgmt UI jar hawkbit-ui
hawkBit :: DMF :: AMQP 0.9 Implementation jar hawkbit-dmf-amqp
hawkBit :: REST :: DDI API jar hawkbit-ddi-api
hawkBit :: REST :: Management API jar hawkbit-mgmt-api
hawkBit :: Spring Boot Starter Management API jar hawkbit-boot-starter-mgmt-api
hawkBit :: Spring Boot Starter DMF API jar hawkbit-boot-starter-dmf-api
hawkBit :: Spring Boot Starter Management UI jar hawkbit-boot-starter-mgmt-ui
hawkBit :: Spring Boot Starter DDI API jar hawkbit-boot-starter-ddi-api
hawkBit :: Spring Boot Starter jar hawkbit-boot-starter
hawkBit :: DMF :: RabbitMq Test module jar hawkbit-dmf-rabbitmq-test
hawkBit :: DDI Download Server (DL) API jar hawkbit-ddi-dl-api
hawkBit :: Artifact Repository Mongo jar hawkbit-artifact-repository-mongo
hawkBit :: Examples :: Feign Core Client jar hawkbit-example-core-feign-client
hawkBit :: Redis Cache Manager jar hawkbit-cache-redis
hawkBit :: Examples :: Management client API jar hawkbit-example-mgmt-feign-client
hawkbit :: REST :: Documentation jar hawkbit-rest-docs
hawkBit :: REST pom hawkbit-rest-parent
hawkBit :: Runtime pom hawkbit-runtime-parent
hawkBit :: Spring Boot Starters pom hawkbit-starters
hawkBit :: Test Report pom hawkbit-test-report
hawkBit :: Runtime :: Update Server jar hawkbit-update-server
hawkBit :: Examples :: DDI Feign Client jar hawkbit-example-ddi-feign-client
hawkBit :: Examples :: Management feign client simulator jar hawkbit-example-mgmt-simulator
hawkBit :: Examples pom hawkbit-examples-parent
hawkBit :: Extensions :: Artifact Repository Mongo jar hawkbit-extension-artifact-repository-mongo
hawkBit :: Extensions :: S3 Repository jar hawkbit-extension-artifact-repository-s3
hawkBit :: Extensions pom hawkbit-extensions-parent
hawkBit :: Extensions :: UAA Integration jar hawkbit-extension-uaa
hawkBit :: DMF pom hawkbit-dmf-parent
hawkBit :: Examples :: Device Simulator jar hawkbit-device-simulator
hawkBit :: Parent pom hawkbit-parent
hawkBit :: Repository pom hawkbit-repository

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