group: org.duracloud.mill

fresh name packaging artifact id
DuraCloud Mill Common jar common
DuraCloud Mill Common Storage Provider jar common-storageprovider
DuraCloud Mill Common - Duplication jar common-dup
DuraCloud Mill Common - Bit Integrity jar common-bit
DuraCloud Mill Common Task Producer jar common-taskproducer
DuraCloud Mill CredentialsRepo Implementation jar credentialsrepo-impl
DuraCloud Mill Looping Task Producer jar loopingtaskproducer
DuraCloud Bit Integrity Log jar bitlog
DuraCloud Mill Manifest Cleaner jar manifest-cleaner
DuraCloud Mill Task Reader Command Line Tool jar taskreadertool
DuraCloud Mill Audit Log Generator jar auditlog-generator
DuraCloud Mill Workman jar workman
DuraCloud Mill Looping Bit Integrity Task Producer jar loopingbittaskproducer
DuraCloud Mill Looping Duplication Task Producer jar loopingduptaskproducer
DuraCloud Mill Looping Storage Stats Task Producer jar looping-storagestats-taskproducer
DuraCloud Mill Manifest Builder jar manifest-builder
DuraCloud Mill pom mill
Duplication Policy Editor jar policy-editor
DuraCloud Mill Storage Reporter jar storage-reporter
DuraCloud Mill Task Producer Command Line Tool jar taskproducertool

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