group: org.duracloud

fresh name packaging artifact id
Common jar common
Storage Provider Interfaces jar storageprovider
DuraCloud Common Test jar common-test
StoreClient jar storeclient
S3 Storage Provider jar s3storageprovider
Common JSON jar common-json
Common Queue jar common-queue
Rackspace Storage Provider jar rackspacestorageprovider
SDSC Storage Provider jar sdscstorageprovider
DuraCloud Report Data jar reportdata
DuraCloud Snapshot Data jar snapshotdata
Glacier Storage Provider jar glacierstorageprovider
Sync Tool jar synctool
Stream Chunking jar chunk
Security jar security
DuraCloud Auditor jar auditor
DuraCloud Storage Provider Data jar storageproviderdata
Open Stack Storage Provider jar openstackstorageprovider
Common REST jar common-rest
DuraCloud Content Manifest jar manifest
Common Event jar common-cache
Snapshot Storage Provider jar snapshotstorageprovider
Email jar notification
Content Stitching jar stitch
Common Notification jar common-notification
Common SNS jar common-sns
Email Amazon jar notification-amazon
Common Event jar common-event
Common DB jar common-db
Application Config jar app-config
Common AOP jar common-aop
iRODS/Chronopolis Storage Provider jar irodsstorageprovider
DuraCloud Mill JPA Repositories jar mill-jpa-repo
Sync Optimize jar syncoptimize
Common XML jar common-xml
Unit Test Database jar unit-test-db
Account Management Datastore Access Utilities jar account-management-util
Account Management Common jar account-management-common
ReportClient jar reportclient
Retrieval Tool jar retrievaltool
DuraCloud Manifest Stitch Utility jar manifeststitch
Compute Provider Interfaces jar computeprovider
Account Management Compute jar account-management-compute
DuraCloud DuraStore war durastore
DuraCloud Administrator war duradmin
DuraCloud Reporter jar reporter
Account Management Security jar account-management-security
Account DB Model jar account-management-db-model
Account DB Repositories jar account-management-db-repo
Account Management Compute - Amazon jar account-management-compute-amazon
Security Cache jar securitycache
Upload Tool jar uploadtool
Integration Test jar integration-test
DuraCloud Management Console pom duracloud-mc
DuraCloud pom duracloud
DuraCloud DuraBoss war duraboss
DuraCloud Rewrite War war ROOT
DuraCloud Common Command Line Helpers jar common-cli
Account Management App war ama
Account Management Monitor jar account-management-monitor
Account Management Database Utility jar account-management-db-util
DuraCloud Sync Tool war synctoolui
Integration jar integration

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