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Drools :: Compiler bundle drools-compiler
Drools :: Core bundle drools-core
Drools Workbench - Data Model API bundle drools-workbench-models-datamodel-api
Drools :: Decision Tables bundle drools-decisiontables
Drools :: Persistence :: JPA bundle drools-persistence-jpa
Drools Workbench - Common Model bundle drools-workbench-models-commons
Knowledge API Legacy5 Adapter jar knowledge-api
Drools :: Templates bundle drools-templates
Drools Workbench - Guided Decision Table Model bundle drools-workbench-models-guided-dtable
Drools :: API jar drools-api
Drools Workbench - Guided Rule Templates Model jar drools-workbench-models-guided-template
Drools Workbench - Guided Score Cards Model jar drools-workbench-models-guided-scorecard
Drools :: JSR-94 API Module jar drools-jsr94
Drools :: Verifier jar drools-verifier
Drools Workbench - Test Scenarios Model jar drools-workbench-models-test-scenarios
Drools :: Scorecards jar drools-scorecards
Drools Workbench - Globals Editor - API jar drools-wb-globals-editor-api
Drools Workbench - Guided Rule Editor - Client jar drools-wb-guided-rule-editor-client
Drools Workbench - Guided Rule Editor - API jar drools-wb-guided-rule-editor-api
Drools Workbench - Guided Rule Editor - Backend jar drools-wb-guided-rule-editor-backend
Drools Workbench - Technical Rule Editor - API jar drools-wb-drl-text-editor-api
Drools :: Persistence :: API bundle drools-persistence-api
Drools Workbench - Work Item Definitions Editor - Backend jar drools-wb-workitems-editor-backend
Drools Spring jar drools-spring
Drools Workbench - Work Item Definitions Editor - Client jar drools-wb-workitems-editor-client
Drools API examples - Named KieSession jar named-kiesession
Drools :: PMML - Compiler jar drools-pmml
Drools Workbench - Fact Model Editor - Backend jar drools-wb-factmodel-editor-backend
Drools Workbench - Technical Rule Editor - Backend jar drools-wb-drl-text-editor-backend
Drools Workbench - Guided Template Editor - API jar drools-wb-guided-template-editor-api
Drools Workbench - Guided Template Editor - Client jar drools-wb-guided-template-editor-client
Drools Workbench - Guided Decision Table Editor - API jar drools-wb-guided-dtable-editor-api
Drools Simulator jar drools-simulator
Drools Workbench - Work Item Definitions Editor - API jar drools-wb-workitems-editor-api
Drools :: OSGi Integration bundle drools-osgi-integration
Drools Workbench - Technical Rule Editor - Client jar drools-wb-drl-text-editor-client
Drools Workbench - Guided Decision Tree Model jar drools-workbench-models-guided-dtree
Drools Camel integration jar drools-camel
Drools Workbench - XLS Scorecard - Client jar drools-wb-scorecard-xls-editor-client
Drools Workbench - Test Scenario Editor - Backend jar drools-wb-test-scenario-editor-backend
Drools examples jar drools-examples
Drools Workbench - Guided Decision Table Editor - Backend jar drools-wb-guided-dtable-editor-backend
Drools Workbench - Globals Editor - Backend jar drools-wb-globals-editor-backend
Drools and jBPM examples jar droolsjbpm-integration-examples
Drools Workbench - Domain Specific Language Editor - API jar drools-wb-dsl-text-editor-api
Drools Workbench - Globals Editor - Client jar drools-wb-globals-editor-client
Drools Workbench - Enum Editor - API jar drools-wb-enum-editor-api
Drools Workbench - Guided Score Card Editor - API jar drools-wb-guided-scorecard-editor-api
Drools Workbench - Enum Editor - Client jar drools-wb-enum-editor-client
Drools Workbench - XLS Decision Table - API jar drools-wb-dtable-xls-editor-api
Drools Workbench - Guided Score Card Editor - Backend jar drools-wb-guided-scorecard-editor-backend
Drools Workbench - Test Scenario Editor - API jar drools-wb-test-scenario-editor-api
Drools Workbench - XLS Decision Table - Client jar drools-wb-dtable-xls-editor-client
Drools Workbench - Domain Specific Language Editor - Client jar drools-wb-dsl-text-editor-client
Drools Workbench - Guided Score Card Editor - Client jar drools-wb-guided-scorecard-editor-client
Drools Workbench - Domain Specific Language Editor - Backend jar drools-wb-dsl-text-editor-backend
Drools Workbench - XLS Scorecard - Backend jar drools-wb-scorecard-xls-editor-backend
Drools Workbench - XLS Scorecard - API jar drools-wb-scorecard-xls-editor-api
Drools Workbench - XLS Decision Table - Backend jar drools-wb-dtable-xls-editor-backend
Drools Workbench - Guided Template Editor - Backend jar drools-wb-guided-template-editor-backend
Drools Workbench - Guided Decision Table Editor - Client jar drools-wb-guided-dtable-editor-client
Drools Workbench - Test Scenario Editor - Client jar drools-wb-test-scenario-editor-client
Drools Workbench - Enum Editor - Backend jar drools-wb-enum-editor-backend
Drools Workbench - Fact Model Editor - API jar drools-wb-factmodel-editor-api
Drools :: CDI bundle drools-cdi
Drools Workbench - Guided Decision Treee Editor - API jar drools-wb-guided-dtree-editor-api
Drools and jBPM IDE common jar droolsjbpm-ide-common
Guvnor repository jar guvnor-repository
Drools RHQ JMX Plugin jar drools-rhq-plugin
Drools Workbench - Guided Decision Tree Editor - Client jar drools-wb-guided-dtree-editor-client
Drools Workbench - Guided Decision Tree Editor - Backend jar drools-wb-guided-dtree-editor-backend
Drools Workbench - Verifier Api jar drools-wb-verifier-api
jBPM Simulation jar jbpm-simulation
Drools :: ReteOO bundle drools-reteoo
Drools :: Karaf Features jar drools-karaf-features
Drools :: Eclipse :: Update site eclipse-repository org.drools.updatesite
Drools :: Eclipse :: Base eclipse-plugin org.drools.eclipse
Drools :: Eclipse :: Guvnor tools eclipse-plugin
Guvnor web application core jar guvnor-webapp-core
Knowledge Internal API jar knowledge-internal-api
Guvnor repository connector JCR jar guvnor-repository-connector-jcr
Drools :: Beliefs bundle drools-beliefs
Drools API examples - KieBase Inclusion jar kiebase-inclusion
Drools Workbench - Categories Editor - Client jar drools-wb-categories-editor-client
Drools :: Drools Grid Impl jar drools-grid-impl
Drools, jBPM and Guvnor ANT tasks jar drools-ant
Drools Workbench - jcr2vfs - XML Model and Utils jar drools-wb-jcr2vfs-migration-xml
Drools Workbench - jcr2vfs - Common jar drools-wb-jcr2vfs-migration-common
Drools API examples - Default KieSession jar default-kiesession
Drools CDI Example jar cdi-example
KIE :: Documentation :: Drools jar drools-docs
Guvnor API jar guvnor-api
Drools Camel server example war drools-camel-server-example
Drools distribution pom drools-distribution
Drools and jBPM tools distribution pom droolsjbpm-tools-distribution
Drools :: Documentation :: Drools :: Fusion jdocbook drools-fusion-docs
Drools and jBPM integration documentation jdocbook droolsjbpm-integration-docs
Drools and jBPM integration distribution pom droolsjbpm-integration-distribution
Drools :: Documentation :: Drools :: Expert jdocbook drools-expert-docs
Guvnor distribution wars pom guvnor-distribution-wars
Guvnor JCR to UberFire VFS migration: Guvnor web application Drools as JAR pom guvnor-jcr2vfs-migration-webapp-drools-as-jar
Drools Workbench - Verifier Decision Table Plugin jar drools-wb-verifier-client
Drools Spring Legacy5 bundle drools-spring-legacy5
Drools Workbench - REST Backend jar drools-wb-rest
Drools Workbench - Verifier Backend jar drools-wb-verifier-backend
Drools :: Clips jar drools-clips
Drools Guvnor - Common Model jar drools-guvnor-models-commons
Guvnor repository connector Jackrabbit jar guvnor-repository-connector-jackrabbit
Drools :: Camel integration Legacy5 bundle drools-camel-legacy5
Drools Workbench - jcr2vfs - XML to VFS Importer jar drools-wb-jcr2vfs-import
Guvnor repository connector ModeShape jar guvnor-repository-connector-modeshape
Guvnor documentation jdocbook guvnor-docs
Drools Workbench - jcr2vfs - JCR to XML Exporter jar drools-wb-jcr2vfs-export
Drools OSGi bundles distribution pom drools-osgi-bundles-distribution
Guvnor examples jar guvnor-examples
Drools and jBPM introduction documentation jdocbook droolsjbpm-introduction-docs
Guvnor JCR to UberFire VFS migration: Drools and jBPM as uberjar pom guvnor-jcr2vfs-migration-droolsjbpm-as-uberjar
Drools pipeline jar drools-pipeline
Drools Workbench - JCR to UberFire VFS migration zip drools-wb-jcr2vfs-migration-core
Drools Camel server war drools-camel-server
KIE :: PMML - Compiler bundle kie-pmml
Drools Workbench - WebApp war drools-wb-webapp
Guvnor web application war guvnor-webapp
Drools Workbench - Verifier Core jar drools-wb-verifier-core
Drools Workench distribution wars pom drools-wb-distribution-wars
Guvnor distribution pom guvnor-distribution
Drools-wb-rest-defaultapprover kjar drools-wb-rest-defaultapprover
Drools Guvnor - Guided Decision Table Model jar drools-guvnor-models-guided-dtable
Drools :: Grid :: Core jar drools-grid-core
Drools Workbench - Default Editor - Client jar drools-wb-default-editor-client
Drools Workbench - Default Editor - Backend jar drools-wb-default-editor-backend
Drools Workbench documentation jdocbook drools-wb-docs
Drools :: Process :: Task jar drools-process-task
Drools :: Repository :: Repository jar drools-repository
Guvnor web application Drools war guvnor-webapp-drools
Drools :: Eclipse :: Task eclipse-plugin org.drools.eclipse.task
Drools-model-compiler jar drools-model-compiler
Drools Workbench - Fact Model Editor - Client jar drools-wb-factmodel-editor-client
Drools :: Process :: WorkItems jar drools-workitems
Drools :: Analytics jar drools-analytics
Drools :: Process :: BAM jar drools-bam
Drools Workbench - Default Editor - API jar drools-wb-default-editor-api
Drools :: IDE Common jar drools-ide-common
Drools Workbench - Extensions - DRL - Server jar drools-wb-drl-extension-server
Drools :: Process :: BPMN2 jar drools-bpmn2
Drools :: Pipeline :: Transformer :: XStream jar drools-transformer-xstream
Guvnor Jaxb Entities jar guvnor-jaxb-entities
Drools Workbench - jcr2vfs - Distribution pom drools-wb-jcr2vfs-distribution
Drools Guvnor - Guided Score Cards Model jar drools-guvnor-models-guided-scorecard
Drlx-parser bundle drlx-parser
Drools Guvnor - Guided Rule Templates Model jar drools-guvnor-models-guided-template
Drools :: Pipeline :: Transformer :: JAXB jar drools-transformer-jaxb
Drools :: GWT Console Graph Viewer jar drools-gwt-graph
Drools :: GWT Console Forms jar drools-gwt-form
Drools :: GWT Console jar drools-gwt-console
Drools Guvnor - Test Scenarios Model jar drools-guvnor-models-test-scenarios
Drools-canonical-model jar drools-canonical-model
Drools :: DroolsDoc jar drools-doc
Drools BOM (Bill Of Materials) pom drools-bom
Drools :: Fact Constraint jar drools-factconstraint
Drools Multiproject tar.gz drools
Drools :: Repository :: JCR connector jar drools-repository-jcr-connector
Drools and jBPM introduction documentation jdocbook drools-introduction-docs
Drools-karaf-itests-domain-model jar drools-karaf-itests-domain-model
Drools Workbench - Distribution pom drools-wb-distribution
Guvnor multiproject pom guvnor
Drools :: Server Spring jar drools-server-spring
KIE :: CI jar kie-ci
Drools Maven Plugin maven-plugin drools-maven-plugin
Drools Workbench - Scenario Simulation Editor - API jar drools-wb-scenario-simulation-editor-api
Drools-model pom drools-model
Drools :: Eclipse :: Webdav for Guvnor tools eclipse-plugin org.guvnor.eclipse.webdav
Guvnor repository connector multiproject pom guvnor-repository-connector
Drools API examples - Default KieSession From File jar default-kiesession-from-file
Drools :: Repository :: JackRabbit JCR connector jar drools-repository-jackrabbit-connector
Drools :: Execution Server jar drools-execution-server
Drools :: Grid :: Task jar drools-grid-task
Drools Workbench tar.gz drools-wb
Drools :: Assistant jar drools-assistant
Drools :: Process :: jPDL3 jar drools-jpdl
Drools API examples - Multiple KieBases jar multiple-kbases
Drools DocBook XSLT jar docbook-xsl-drools
Drools :: Virtual Service Manager jar drools-vsm
Drools :: Seam2 jar drools-seam2
Drools :: Eclipse :: Kie Navigator feature eclipse-feature org.kie.eclipse.navigator.feature
Drools :: Eclipse :: Task feature eclipse-feature org.drools.eclipse.task.feature
Drools :: Documentation :: Drools :: Introduction jdocbook drools-docs-introduction
Drools and jBPM uber distribution pom droolsjbpm-uber-distribution
Drools :: Seam3 jar drools-seam3
Drools :: Documentation :: Drools :: Guvnor jdocbook drools-docs-guvnor
Drools :: Process :: GWT console server WAR war gwt-console-server-drools
Drools :: Karaf iTest jar drools-karaf-itest
Drools and jBPM knowledge multiproject pom droolsjbpm-knowledge
Drools API examples - Reactive KieSession jar reactive-kiesession
Drools Workbench - Verifier Web Worker jar drools-wb-verifier-web-worker
Drools :: Process :: GWT console WAR war gwt-console-drools
Drools API examples - KieModule from Multiple Files jar kie-module-from-multiple-files
Drools :: OSGI Camel Examples bundle drools-osgi-examples
Drools :: OSGi Parent project pom drools-osgi
KIE :: Eclipse :: Kie Navigator eclipse-plugin org.kie.eclipse.navigator
Drools :: JBoss Integration jar drools-jboss-integration jar
jBPM :: OSGI Example bundle jbpm-osgi-example
Drools :: Eclipse :: Base feature eclipse-feature org.drools.eclipse.feature
Drools Workbench - Screens pom drools-wb-screens
Drools API examples - KieContainer from KieRepo jar kiecontainer-from-kierepo
Guvnor bulk importer jar guvnor-bulk-importer
Drools API examples - KieFileSystemExample jar kiefilesystem-example
Drools Workbench - DSL Text Editor pom drools-wb-dsl-text-editor
Drools Workbench - Verifier pom drools-wb-verifier
Drools Workbench - XLS Score Card Editor pom drools-wb-scorecard-xls-editor
BRMS distribution zip droolsjbpm-brms-distribution
Drools and jBPM Tools multiproject tar.gz droolsjbpm-tools
KIE :: Eclipse :: Common eclipse-plugin org.kie.eclipse
Drools Benchmark jar drools-benchmark
Drools :: Documentation :: Drools :: Solver jdocbook drools-docs-solver
Drools Workbench - Test Scenario Editor pom drools-wb-test-scenario-editor
Drools OSGi bundles test jar org.drools.osgi.test
Drools Grid pom drools-grid
Drools :: Eclipse :: Webdav for Guvnor tools eclipse-plugin org.eclipse.webdav
Drools Workbench - DRL Text Editor pom drools-wb-drl-text-editor
Drools :: Server App war drools-server-app
Drools Persistence projects pom drools-persistence
Drools Workbench - Scenario Simulation Editor pom drools-wb-scenario-simulation-editor
Drools Workbench - Scenario Simulation Editor - Backend jar drools-wb-scenario-simulation-editor-backend
Drools :: Transformer pom drools-transformer
Drools and jBPM build distribution jar droolsjbpm-build-distribution
Drools Workbench - Scenario Simulation Editor - Client jar drools-wb-scenario-simulation-editor-client
Drools and jBPM build bootstrap (parent pom) pom droolsjbpm-parent
Drools :: Documentation :: Drools :: Expert jdocbook drools-docs-expert
Drools Workbench - Work Item Definitions Editor pom drools-wb-workitems-editor
Drools & Decision Table :: OSGi Kie Spring Camel Example bundle spring-camel-drools-decision-table-example
Drools :: Examples Fusion jar drools-examples-fusion
Drools OSGi bundles multiproject pom drools-osgi-bundles
Drools Workbench - Fact Model Editor pom drools-wb-factmodel-editor
Drools :: Microcontainer jar drools-mc
Drools Workbench - Default Editor pom drools-wb-default-editor
Drools :: Repository :: Parent pom drools-repository-parent
Drools :: Repository :: ModeShape JCR connector jar drools-repository-modeshape-connector
cdi-example-scopes jar cdi-example-scopes
Drools :: Android Integration jar drools-android
Drools container integration multiproject pom drools-container
Drools Workbench - Categories Editor jar drools-wb-categories-editor
Drools Workbench - Guided Decision Tree Editor pom drools-wb-guided-dtree-editor
Drools API examples - RuleUnit jar ruleunit
Drools :: Eclipse :: Guvnor tools test eclipse-test-plugin
Drools API examples - Named KieSession from File jar named-kiesession-from-file
jBPM :: Eclipse :: Base feature eclipse-feature org.jbpm.eclipse.feature
Drools Workbench - Extensions pom drools-wb-extensions
jBPM :: OSGi Example bundle spring-jbpm-osgi-example
Drools :: Eclipse :: Common feature eclipse-feature org.kie.eclipse.feature
Drools Guvnor - Models pom drools-guvnor-models
Drools Workbench - Models pom drools-workbench-models
Drools Workbench - Enum Editor pom drools-wb-enum-editor
Drools Workbench - Rule Editor pom drools-wb-guided-rule-editor
Drools, jBPM and Guvnor plugins for Eclipse pom drools-eclipse
Drools :: Process :: Enterprise jar drools-process-enterprise
Drools Workbench - XLS Decision Table Editor pom drools-wb-dtable-xls-editor
Drools Workbench - Guided Score Card Editor pom drools-wb-guided-scorecard-editor
Drools multiproject pom drools-multiproject
Drools API examples pom drools-examples-api
Drools :: Karaf Integration Tests jar drools-karaf-itests
Drools :: Process pom drools-process
Drools CDI Example With Inclusion jar cdi-example-with-inclusion
Drools and jBPM integration multiproject tar.gz droolsjbpm-integration
JBoss Community Documentation Style for Drools jdocbook-style docbook-style-drools
Drools :: Server war drools-server
Drools :: Documentation :: Drools :: Flow jdocbook drools-docs-flow
Drools :: OSGI Camel Example bundle drools-camel-example
Drools :: Documentation :: Drools :: Fusion jdocbook drools-docs-fusion
Drools API examples - KieModuleModel Example jar kiemodulemodel-example
Drools Workbench - Extensions - DRL pom drools-wb-drl-extension
Drools CDI examples pom drools-examples-cdi
Drools Workbench - jcr2vfs - Parent pom drools-wb-jcr2vfs-migration
Drools Workbench - Services pom drools-wb-services
Guvnor JCR to UberFire VFS migration parent pom guvnor-jcr2vfs-migration
Drools :: Pipeline :: Transformer :: Smooks jar drools-transformer-smooks
Drools :: Examples DRL jar drools-examples-drl
BPMS distribution zip droolsjbpm-bpms-distribution
Drools :: Eclipse :: Guvnor tools feature eclipse-feature
Drools Workbench - Guided Decision Table Editor pom drools-wb-guided-dtable-editor
Drools :: Eclipse :: Base test eclipse-test-plugin org.drools.eclipse.test
Drools Workbench - Globals Editor pom drools-wb-globals-editor
Drools :: Seam pom drools-seam
Drools jBPPM :: OSGi Examples pom droolsjbpm-osgi-examples
Drools Workbench - Guided Template Editor pom drools-wb-guided-template-editor
Drools & Decision Table :: OSGi Kie Blueprint Camel Example bundle blueprint-camel-drools-decision-table-example
Drools :: Pipeline :: Messenger :: JMS jar drools-messenger-jms
Drools :: Guvnor war drools-guvnor
Drools :: Pipeline :: Transformer :: JXLS jar drools-transformer-jxls
Drools :: Eclipse :: Build pom drools-eclipse-build

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