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Spring JdbcTemplate did very convient and useful, but it also has some disadvantages or in another word “inconvenient”. For example, you can’t just pass an object and tell JdbcTemplate to turn it into a sql and save to database just like hibernate does. Alright, you may say “JdbcTemplate doesn’t need you to write hbm.xml , so it’s understandable”. But is it true that this thing is impossible to achieve? And also you know JdbcTemplate can auto turn the result of a query to a list of persistent object a.k.a PO, but when you want to do this you will meet a problem: “How to ?”.Because you can’t find any function of JdbcTemplate to pass a sql and a PO class as we expected. After you google for it, you’ve been told you can create a BeanPropertyRowMapper to deal with this. But isn’t it could be more easier? Based on those questions I create JdbcTemplateTool which can provide these features.

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