group: org.connectopensource

fresh name packaging artifact id
CONNECT common types jar CONNECTCommonTypesLib
Document Query Web services jar DocumentQueryWebservices
Patient Discovery Web services jar PatientDiscoveryWebservices
Document Registry Web services jar DocRegistryWebservices
Document Repository Web services jar DocRepositoryWebservices
Connection Manager Web services jar ConnectionManagerWebservices
X12 CORE Rule 2.2.0 Webservices jar CORERule2_2_0Webervices
X12 CORE Rule 2.2.0 Webservices jar CORERule2_2_0Webservices
Direct Manager Web services jar DirectWebservices
Document Retrieve Web services jar DocumentRetrieveWebservices
Document Submission Webservices jar DocumentSubmissionWebervices
HIEM Web services jar HIEMWebservices
Patient Correlation Web services jar PatientCorrelationWebservices
Policy Engine Web services jar PolicyEngineWebservices
Redaction Engine Web services jar RedactionEngineWebservices
Adapter Authentication Web services jar AdapterAuthenticationWebservices
CONNECT Web services pom Webservices
Admin Distribution Web services jar AdminDistributionWebservices
Audit Respository Web services jar AuditRepositoryWebservices
Component Web services jar ComponentWebservices
Config Admin Services jar ConfigAdminWebservices

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