group: org.cogchar

fresh name packaging artifact id
org.cogchar.bundle.core - OSGi Bundle bundle org.cogchar.bundle.core - NEW version without V-World bundle
org.cogchar.bundle.render.resources - OSGi bundle org.cogchar.bundle.render.resources
org.cogchar.lib.core.api - POJO + Scala jar org.cogchar.lib.core.api
org.cogchar.bundle.render.opengl - OSGi bundle org.cogchar.bundle.render.opengl
org.cogchar.bundle.bind.lift - Webapp in OSGi bundle bundle org.cogchar.bundle.bind.lift
org.cogchar.bundle.bind.mechio - OSGi - binds motion, vision, speech bundle org.cogchar.bundle.bind.mechio
ext.bundle.opengl.jmonkey - OSGi - JME3 wrapper bundle ext.bundle.opengl.jmonkey
org.cogchar.lib.animoid - POJO + Scala jar org.cogchar.lib.animoid
org.cogchar.lib.core - POJO + Scala jar org.cogchar.lib.core
org.cogchar.lib.render.impl - POJO jar org.cogchar.lib.render.impl
org.cogchar.lib.onto - POJO jar org.cogchar.lib.onto
org.cogchar.bundle.bind.cogbot - OSGi bundle org.cogchar.bundle.bind.cogbot
org.cogchar.bundle.bind.joseki - OSGi - SPARQL-HTTP interface bundle org.cogchar.bundle.bind.joseki
org.cogchar.bundle.bind.robokind - OSGi - binds motion, vision, speech bundle org.cogchar.bundle.bind.robokind
org.cogchar.lib.convoid - POJO jar org.cogchar.lib.convoid
org.cogchar.lib.render - POJO jar org.cogchar.lib.render
org.cogchar.lib.render.goody - POJO jar org.cogchar.lib.render.goody
org.cogchar.lib.core.impl - POJO + Scala jar org.cogchar.lib.core.impl
org.cogchar.lib.render.bony - POJO jar org.cogchar.lib.render.bony
ext.bundle.ops4j.pax.web - OSGi launcher for Jetty jar ext.bundle.ops4j.pax.web
ext.bundle.opengl.nifty - OSGi - Nifty wrapper - not tested lately bundle ext.bundle.opengl.nifty
ext.bundle.lift - OSGi bundle for Lift ( web framework deps. bundle ext.bundle.lift
org.cogchar.lib.integroid - POJO jar org.cogchar.lib.integroid
org.cogchar.lib.render.hominoid - POJO jar org.cogchar.lib.render.hominoid
org.cogchar.bundle.demo.convo OSGi Bundle bundle org.cogchar.bundle.demo.convo
org.cogchar.bundle.demo.dictation OSGi Bundle bundle org.cogchar.bundle.demo.dictation
org.cogchar.lib.vworld.api - POJO jar org.cogchar.lib.vworld.api
org.cogchar.lib.sight.api - POJO jar org.cogchar.lib.sight.api OSGi Bundle bundle
org.cogchar.bundle.avrogen - OSGi - generated serial bundle org.cogchar.bundle.avrogen
ext.bundle.fuseki_0_2_7 - OSGi Bundle for Jena Fuseki servlet bundle ext.bundle.fuseki_0_2_7
org.cogchar.lib.freckler - POJO jar org.cogchar.lib.freckler
ext.bundle.liftweb_v263_s210 - OSGi bundle for Lift ( web framework deps. bundle ext.bundle.liftweb_v263_s210
org.cogchar.lib.freckler.api - POJO jar org.cogchar.lib.freckler.api
org.cogchar.lib.hedspc.api - POJO jar org.cogchar.lib.hedspc.api
ext.bundle.fuseki_2_0_0 - UNFINISHED - OSGi Bundle for Jena Fuseki servlet - UNFINISHED bundle ext.bundle.fuseki_2_0_0
ext.bundle.ontoware - OSGi -ontoware wrapper bundle ext.bundle.ontoware
org.cogchar.lib.outer.client - POJO jar org.cogchar.lib.outer.client
org.cogchar.project.root - Root pom, linked to Sonatype repo parent pom org.cogchar.project.root
org.cogchar.bundle.bind.storychat - OSGi Bundle bundle org.cogchar.bundle.bind.storychat
org.cogchar.bundle.demo.all - OSGi + exec wrap bundle org.cogchar.bundle.demo.all
org.cogchar.bundle.temp.wire - captures untainted PUMA stuff bundle org.cogchar.bundle.temp.wire
org.cogchar.demo.render.opengl - POJO - runnable jar org.cogchar.demo.render.opengl
org.cogchar.lib.outer.behavior - POJO bundle org.cogchar.lib.outer.behavior
org.cogchar.lib.sonograph - POJO jar org.cogchar.lib.sonograph
org.cogchar.modules.main - 'Main Modules' parent pom pom org.cogchar.modules.main
org.cogchar.nbui.render - NetBeans GUI Module nbm org.cogchar.nbui.render

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