group: org.codehaus.service-conduit

fresh name packaging artifact id
SCA4J SPI jar sca4j-spi
SCA4J POJO jar sca4j-pojo
SCA4J Host API jar sca4j-host-api
SCA4J API jar sca4j-api
SCA4J Java jar sca4j-java
SCA4J Monitor Support jar sca4j-monitor
SCA4J Introspection jar sca4j-introspection
SCA4J Introspection SPI jar sca4j-introspection-spi
SCA4J Data Transformations jar sca4j-transform
SCA4J Fabric jar sca4j-fabric
SCA4J SCDL Model jar sca4j-scdl
SCA4J SCDL Loader jar sca4j-loader
SCA4J Thread Pool Implementations jar sca4j-thread-pool
SCA4J Monitor API jar sca4j-monitor-api
SCA4J Policy jar sca4j-policy
SCA4J Proxy Service jar sca4j-proxy
SCA4J Maven API jar sca4j-maven-api
SCA4J FTP SPI jar sca4j-ftp-spi
SCA4J Generic Runtime Host jar sca4j-generic-runtime-impl
SCA4J Web Container Extension jar sca4j-container-web-spi
SCA4J WS Binding jar sca4j-binding-ws
SCA4J FTP API jar sca4j-ftp-api
SCA4J Generic JUnit API jar sca4j-generic-junit-api
SCA4J Generic Runtime API jar sca4j-generic-runtime-api
SCA4J Management API jar sca4j-management-api
SCA4J Resource jar sca4j-resource
SCA4J System Implementation Type jar sca4j-system
SCA4J Data Transformation API jar sca4j-transform-api
SCA4J JUnit Extension jar sca4j-junit
SCA4J Util jar sca4j-util
SCA4J WebApp Component jar sca4j-web
SCA4J XML Factories jar sca4j-xmlfactory
SCA4J JNDI Resource jar sca4j-jndi
SCA4J WSDL Interface jar sca4j-interface-wsdl
SCA4J Standard Intents jar sca4j-standard-intents
SCA4J BPEL jar sca4j-bpel
SCA4J JMX Remote Agents jar sca4j-jmx-agent
SCA4J JMX jar sca4j-jmx
SCA4J Introspection CDI jar sca4j-introspection-cdi
SCA4J Timer Service SPI jar sca4j-timer-spi
SCA4J Timer Implementation jar sca4j-timer-provision
SCA4J Oracle AQ SPI jar sca4j-binding-oracle-queue-spi
SCA4J XA Pool DB Extension jar sca4j-xapool
SCA4J Runtime Generic Parent POM pom sca4j-runtime-generic-parent-pom
SCA4J Runtime Maven Parent POM pom sca4j-runtime-maven-parent-pom
SCA4J Runtime Parent POM pom sca4j-runtime-parent-pom
SCA4J Runtime Support Parent POM pom sca4j-runtime-support-parent-pom
SCA4J Runtime Webapp Parent POM pom sca4j-runtime-webapp-parent-pom
SCA4J Timer Implementation - Controller Extension jar sca4j-timer-loader
SCA4J Quartz Timer Service jar sca4j-timer-quartz
SCA4J Timer Implementation - Runtime Extension jar sca4j-timer-runtime
SCA4J Transaction Definitions jar sca4j-tx
SCA4J JOTM Transaction Manager jar sca4j-tx-jotm
Service Conduit Project Parent pom parent
SCA4J Function Tests jar test-autowire
SCA4J Asynchronous Definitions jar sca4j-async
SCA4J JOTM Transaction Manager jar sca4j-atomikos
SCA4J Burlap Binding jar sca4j-binding-burlap
SCA4J File Binding jar sca4j-binding-file
SCA4J FTP Binding jar sca4j-binding-ftp
SCA4J Hessian Binding jar sca4j-binding-hessian
SCA4J HTTP Binding jar sca4j-binding-http
SCA4J JMS Binding jar sca4j-binding-jms
SCA4J Oracle AQ Binding jar sca4j-binding-oracle-aq
SCA4J SFTP Binding jar sca4j-binding-sftp
SCA4J TCP Binding jar sca4j-binding-tcp
SCA4J Test Binding Implementation jar sca4j-binding-test
SCA4J Binding Test Harness jar sca4j-binding-test-harness
SCA4J WS Binding (Axis2) jar sca4j-binding-ws-axis2
SCA4J WS Binding (Metro) jar sca4j-binding-ws-metro
SCA4J Lightweight WS-BPEL Implementation jar sca4j-bpel-engine-lightweight
SCA4J Contribution Plugin maven-plugin sca4j-contribution-plugin
SCA4J Conversation Propagation Extension jar sca4j-conversation-propagation
SCA4J DBCP Extension jar sca4j-dbcp
SCA4J H2 Database Extension jar sca4j-db-h2
SCA4J Extension Binding Parent POM pom sca4j-extension-binding-parent-pom
SCA4J Extension Implementation Parent POM pom sca4j-extension-implementation-parent-pom
SCA4J Extension Interface Parent POM pom sca4j-extension-interface-parent-pom
SCA4J Extension Other Parent POM pom sca4j-extension-other-parent-pom
SCA4J Extension Parent POM pom sca4j-extension-parent-pom
SCA4J FTP Server jar sca4j-ftp-server
SCA4J Generic Webapp API jar sca4j-generic-webapp-api
SCA4J Groovy Extension jar sca4j-groovy
SCA4J Integration Test Maven Plugin maven-plugin sca4j-itest-plugin
SCA4J Jetty Transport jar sca4j-jetty
SCA4J JPA Integration (Core) jar sca4j-jpa
SCA4J Kernel API Parent POM pom sca4j-kernel-api-parent-pom
SCA4J Kernel Impl Parent POM pom sca4j-kernel-impl-parent-pom
SCA4J Kernel Parent POM pom sca4j-kernel-parent-pom
SCA4J Kernel Services Parent POM pom sca4j-kernel-services-parent-pom
SCA4J Management jar sca4j-management
SCA4J XStream Marshalling Implementation jar sca4j-marshal-xstream
SCA4J Maven Host jar sca4j-maven-host
SCA4J Mock Extension jar sca4j-mock
SCA4J Modules Parent POM pom sca4j-modules-parent-pom
SCA4J Plugins Parent POM pom sca4j-plugins-parent-pom
SCA4J REST jar sca4j-rs

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