group: org.codehaus.redback

fresh name packaging artifact id
retired Redback :: User Management API jar redback-users-api
retired Redback :: Policy jar redback-policy
retired Redback :: Core System jar redback-system
retired Redback :: RBAC Model jar redback-rbac-model
retired Redback :: Key Management API jar redback-keys-api
retired Redback :: RBAC Provider :: Memory jar redback-rbac-memory
retired Redback :: Users Provider :: Memory jar redback-users-memory
retired Redback :: Authorization API jar redback-authorization-api
retired Redback :: Authentication API jar redback-authentication-api
retired Redback :: Key Management Provider :: Memory jar redback-keys-memory
retired Redback :: Configuration jar redback-configuration
retired Redback :: RBAC Role Manager jar redback-rbac-role-manager
Plexus to Spring Adapter jar plexus-spring
retired Redback :: User Tests jar redback-users-tests
retired Redback :: Authorization Provider :: RBAC jar redback-authorization-rbac
retired Redback :: RBAC Test Framework jar redback-rbac-tests
retired Redback :: JDO Common API jar redback-common-jdo
retired Redback :: Users Provider :: Configurable jar redback-users-configurable
retired Redback :: Integration :: Common jar redback-common-integrations
retired Redback :: Integration :: Struts 2 Integration jar redback-struts2-integration
retired Redback :: RBAC Provider :: Cached jar redback-rbac-cached
retired Redback :: Key Management Test Harness jar redback-keys-tests
retired Redback :: RBAC Provider :: JDO jar redback-rbac-jdo
retired Redback :: Key Management Provider :: Cached jar redback-keys-cached
retired Redback :: Users Provider :: LDAP jar redback-users-ldap
retired Redback :: Key Management Provider :: JDO jar redback-keys-jdo
retired Redback :: Users Provider :: Cached jar redback-users-cached
retired Redback :: Authentication Provider :: Memory jar redback-authentication-memory
retired Redback :: Authentication Provider :: Users jar redback-authentication-users
retired Redback :: Authentication Provider :: Keys jar redback-authentication-keys
retired Redback :: Authentication Provider :: Ldap jar redback-authentication-ldap
retired Redback :: Ldap Common API jar redback-common-ldap
retired Redback :: Users Provider :: JDO jar redback-users-jdo
retired Redback :: Data Management Utilities jar redback-data-management
retired Redback :: Integration :: Struts 2 Content War war redback-struts2-content
retired Redback :: Common TestResources jar redback-common-test-resources
Redback :: XML-RPC API jar redback-xmlrpc-api
Redback :: Integration :: XWork Integration jar redback-xwork-integration
retired Redback :: REST :: Services jar redback-rest-services
Redback :: XML-RPC Services jar redback-xmlrpc-services
Redback :: Integration :: Taglib jar redback-taglib
retired Redback :: Integration :: Security jar redback-integrations-security
retired Redback :: REST :: Api jar redback-rest-api
Redback :: XML-RPC Security jar redback-xmlrpc-security
Redback :: Integration :: XWork Content War war redback-xwork-content
retired Redback :: Authentication Providers pom redback-authentication-providers
retired Redback :: Integration :: Struts 2 pom redback-struts2
retired Redback :: RBAC Providers pom redback-rbac-providers
retired Redback :: Authorization pom redback-authorization
retired Redback :: Role Based Access Control pom redback-rbac
retired Redback :: Authorization Provider :: Open jar redback-authorization-open
retired Redback :: User Management pom redback-users
retired Redback :: Key Management Providers pom redback-keys-providers
retired Redback :: Authorization Providers pom redback-authorization-providers
retired Redback :: Commons pom redback-common
retired Redback :: Key Management pom redback-keys
retired Redback :: Integration :: JSecurity Integration jar redback-jsecurity
retired Redback :: Authentication pom redback-authentication
retired Redback :: Users Providers pom redback-users-providers
retired Redback pom redback
Redback :: XML-RPC pom redback-xmlrpc
Redback :: Integration :: J(2)EE Web Integration jar redback-jee-web-integration
Redback :: XML-RPC Client jar redback-xmlrpc-client
Redback :: Integration :: XWork Example Webapp war redback-xwork-example
Redback :: Integration :: J(2)EE pom redback-jee
Redback :: Integration :: XWork pom redback-xwork
retired Redback :: Integrations pom redback-integrations
retired Redback :: REST pom redback-rest
retired Redback :: Authentication Provider :: Open jar redback-authentication-open

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