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fresh name packaging artifact id
Animal Sniffer Annotations jar animal-sniffer-annotations
Exec Maven Plugin maven-plugin exec-maven-plugin
Versions Maven Plugin maven-plugin versions-maven-plugin
Mojo's Maven plugin for Cobertura maven-plugin cobertura-maven-plugin
Build Helper Maven Plugin maven-plugin build-helper-maven-plugin
SonarQube Maven Plugin pom sonar-maven-plugin
FindBugs Maven Plugin maven-plugin findbugs-maven-plugin
Plugin Support jar plugin-support
Mock Repository Manager :: API jar mrm-api
Mock Repository Manager :: Servlet jar mrm-servlet
Properties Maven Plugin maven-plugin properties-maven-plugin
Animal Sniffer jar animal-sniffer
JDepend Maven Plugin maven-plugin jdepend-maven-plugin
SQL Maven Plugin maven-plugin sql-maven-plugin
JAXB-2 Maven Plugin maven-plugin jaxb2-maven-plugin
Mojo's AspectJ Maven Plugin maven-plugin aspectj-maven-plugin
NBM Harness for Maven jar nbm-maven-harness
Axis Tools Maven Plugin maven-plugin axistools-maven-plugin
Mojo's Maven Plugin for GWT maven-plugin gwt-maven-plugin
License Maven Plugin maven-plugin license-maven-plugin
Extra Project Tools for Maven jar build-context
Appassembler :: Maven Plug-In maven-plugin appassembler-maven-plugin
NBM Plugins Utilities jar nb-shared
Keytool: API jar keytool-api
JavaCC Maven Plugin maven-plugin javacc-maven-plugin
Animal Sniffer Maven Plugin maven-plugin animal-sniffer-maven-plugin
almond pom almond
Emma Maven Plugin maven-plugin emma-maven-plugin
MWEBSTART :: JNLP Servlet jar webstart-jnlp-servlet
Keytool: Maven Plugin maven-plugin keytool-maven-plugin
Java boot classpath detector jar java-boot-classpath-detector
Hibernate3 Maven Plugin maven-plugin hibernate3-maven-plugin
C Build Utilities jar cbuild-utils
Ant Caller jar antcall
Maven IDEA UI Designer Plugin maven-plugin ideauidesigner-maven-plugin
TrueZIP Shared Component jar truezip-utils
RPM Maven Plugin maven-plugin rpm-maven-plugin
Wagon Maven Plugin maven-plugin wagon-maven-plugin
TrueZIP Maven Plugin maven-plugin truezip-maven-plugin
Native2Ascii Maven Plugin maven-plugin native2ascii-maven-plugin
MWEBSTART :: Pack200 API jar webstart-pack200-api
Build Number Maven Plugin maven-plugin buildnumber-maven-plugin
Keytool: API Test jar keytool-api-test
Tomcat Maven Plugin maven-plugin tomcat-maven-plugin
Maven XSLT Plugin maven-plugin xslt-maven-plugin
JBoss Packaging Maven Plugin maven-plugin jboss-packaging-maven-plugin
NBM Maven Plugin maven-plugin nbm-maven-plugin
JAX-WS Maven Plugin maven-plugin jaxws-maven-plugin
Maven Flatten Plugin maven-plugin flatten-maven-plugin
Keytool: API (jdk 1.7) jar keytool-api-1.7
Clirr Maven Plugin maven-plugin clirr-maven-plugin
Platform Attribute Detector Plugin for Maven maven-plugin platform-detector-maven-plugin
Chronos Plugincommon jar chronos-plugincommon
Taglist Maven Plugin maven-plugin taglist-maven-plugin
Extra Project Tools for Maven jar project-extras
Maven XML Beans Plugin maven-plugin xmlbeans-maven-plugin
Animal Sniffer Ant Tasks jar animal-sniffer-ant-tasks
Mojo's Cassandra Maven Plugin maven-plugin cassandra-maven-plugin
Maven Selenium Plugin maven-plugin selenium-maven-plugin
OpenJPA Maven Plugin maven-plugin openjpa-maven-plugin
Filesystem Tools jar fs-tools
RMI Compiler Maven Plugin maven-plugin rmic-maven-plugin
XML Maven Plugin maven-plugin xml-maven-plugin
JBoss Maven Plugin maven-plugin jboss-maven-plugin
Dependency Maven Plugin maven-plugin dependency-maven-plugin
DbUnit Plugin maven-plugin dbunit-maven-plugin
jQuery AMD Library pom jquery-amd
Commons VFS Shared Component jar vfs-utils
Platform Detection APIs jar platform-apis
Patch Plugin maven-plugin patch-maven-plugin
JavaNCSS Maven Plugin maven-plugin javancss-maven-plugin
Chronos Report maven-plugin chronos-report-maven-plugin
Mock Repository Manager :: Maven Plugin maven-plugin mrm-maven-plugin
RPM Tools for Maven jar rpm-tools
Platform Parameter Detective jar platform-detective
MojoHaus Parent zip.sha512 mojo-parent
Castor Maven Plugin maven-plugin castor-maven-plugin
Maven JasperReports Plugin maven-plugin jasperreports-maven-plugin
MWEBSTART :: Webstart Maven Plugin maven-plugin webstart-maven-plugin
Native Maven Plugin maven-plugin native-maven-plugin
TrueZIP Shared Component jar truezip-core
RPM Plugin maven-plugin rpm-cbuild-maven-plugin
RSpec Maven Plugin maven-plugin rspec-maven-plugin
Standard Libraries for JRuby in convenient JAR form jar jruby-stdlib
Tidy Maven Plugin maven-plugin tidy-maven-plugin
Daemon Descriptor Model jar appassembler-model
MWEBSTART :: Pack200 implementation jar webstart-pack200-impl
Codehaus Mojo pom mojo
jQuery UI AMD Library pom jquery-ui-amd
Keytool: API (jdk 1.6) jar keytool-api-1.6
MWEBSTART :: Project zip webstart
Extra Enforcer Rules jar extra-enforcer-rules
Mock Repository Manager :: Web Application war mrm-webapp
Multimodule Build Optimizer Plugin maven-plugin multibuild-optimizer-maven-plugin
NBM Maven Parent pom nbm-maven
NB Repository Plugin maven-plugin nb-repository-plugin
Netbeans Freeform Maven Plugin maven-plugin netbeans-freeform-maven-plugin
Mojo's Maven Plugin for NSIS maven-plugin nsis-maven-plugin
Maven OS X Application Bundle Plugin maven-plugin osxappbundle-maven-plugin
Ounce Maven Plugin maven-plugin ounce-maven-plugin
Pack 200 support for SDK 1.4 jar pack200-jdk14
Pack 200 support for SDK 5.0 jar pack200-jdk15
Eclipse PDE Maven Plugin maven-plugin pde-maven-plugin
Project Archive Plugin maven-plugin project-archive-maven-plugin
Project Sources Plugin maven-plugin project-sources-maven-plugin
QUnit Library pom qunit-amd
RAT Maven Plugin maven-plugin rat-maven-plugin
Remote-Source Plugin maven-plugin remote-source-maven-plugin
Retrotranslator Maven Plugin maven-plugin retrotranslator-maven-plugin
Maven 2 SableCC Plugin maven-plugin sablecc-maven-plugin
Maven SCM Changelog Reporter maven-plugin scmchangelog-maven-plugin
Maven Service Documentation Generator Plugin maven-plugin servicedocgen-maven-plugin
Settings Management Plugin maven-plugin settings-maven-plugin
shade-maven-plugin maven-plugin shade-maven-plugin
Shell Script Executor Plugin maven-plugin shell-maven-plugin
Ship Maven Plugin maven-plugin ship-maven-plugin
Super Helpful Integration Testing ThingY (SHITTY) maven-plugin shitty-maven-plugin
SiteSkinner Maven Plugin maven-plugin siteskinner-maven-plugin
State Machine Compiler (SMC) Maven Plugin maven-plugin smc-maven-plugin
Solaris Tools for Maven pom solaris
Maven Solaris Plugin maven-plugin solaris-maven-plugin
springdoclet maven-plugin springdoclet-maven-plugin
springws-maven-plugin maven-plugin springws-maven-plugin
Mojo's SQLJ Maven Plugin maven-plugin sqlj-maven-plugin
Maven Surefire Report Plugin maven-plugin surefire-report-maven-plugin
Sysdeo Tomcat Maven Plugin maven-plugin sysdeo-tomcat-maven-plugin
Activation jar activation
Tomcat Maven Plugin Project tomcat-maven-plugin-parent
TrueZip pom truezip
Maven Unix Plug-In maven-plugin unix-maven-plugin
VFS pom vfs
Maven VFS plugin maven-plugin vfs-maven-plugin
WAS6 Maven Plugin maven-plugin was6-maven-plugin
webdoclet maven-plugin webdoclet-maven-plugin
Mojo's Maven plugin for WebLogic maven-plugin weblogic-maven-plugin
Web Minifier Maven Plugin maven-plugin webminifier-maven-plugin
Maven Webstart Plugin Parent pom webstart-maven-plugin-parent
Canoo WebTest Maven Plugin maven-plugin webtest-maven-plugin
XDoclet Maven Plugin maven-plugin xdoclet-maven-plugin
Templating Maven Plugin maven-plugin templating-maven-plugin
Adtech-activation jar adtech-activation
Adtech-builtin-serialization jar adtech-builtin-serialization
Adtech-builtin_serialization jar adtech-builtin_serialization
Adtech-core_services_client jar adtech-core_services_client
Adtech-db_interface jar adtech-db_interface
Adtech-jaxm jar adtech-jaxm
Adtech-jaxrpc jar adtech-jaxrpc
Adtech-jnet jar adtech-jnet
Adtech-local-policy jar adtech-local-policy
Adtech-local_policy jar adtech-local_policy
Adtech-mgmt_services_client jar adtech-mgmt_services_client
Adtech-persistent_store jar adtech-persistent_store
Adtech-runner jar adtech-runner
Adtech-saaj jar adtech-saaj
Adtech-security2-ng jar adtech-security2-ng
Adtech-security-ng jar adtech-security-ng
Adtech-security-providers-client jar adtech-security-providers-client
Adtech-security_providers_client jar adtech-security_providers_client
Adtech-security_services_client jar adtech-security_services_client
Adtech-transactions jar adtech-transactions
Adtech-us-export-policy jar adtech-us-export-policy
Adtech-wasp jar adtech-wasp
Adtech-wsdl_api jar adtech-wsdl_api
Adtech-xerces-impl jar adtech-xerces-impl
Adtech-xml-parser-apis jar adtech-xml-parser-apis
Animal Sniffer Maven Enforcer Rule jar animal-sniffer-enforcer-rule
Animal Sniffer zip animal-sniffer-parent
ANTLR-v3 Maven Plugin maven-plugin antlr3-maven-plugin
Maven ANTLR Plugin maven-plugin antlr-maven-plugin
Maven Application Assembler pom appassembler
AppFuse Maven Plugin maven-plugin appfuse-maven-plugin
Apt Maven Plugin maven-plugin apt-maven-plugin
Batik Maven Plugin maven-plugin batik-maven-plugin
Bootstrap library pom bootstrap-amd
Dependency Builder Plugin maven-plugin build-on-demand-maven-plugin
Maven C-Build Lifecycle Mappings maven-plugin cbuild-lifecycles
Plugins and Tools for C Builds pom cbuild-parent
C-Build Plugin Root pom cbuild-plugin-parent
IT test dependency downloader for CBUILDS jar cbuild-tool-parent
Maven Changelog Plug-in maven-plugin changelog-maven-plugin
Maven Changes Report Plugin maven-plugin changes-maven-plugin
Chronos pom chronos
Chronos JMeter maven-plugin chronos-jmeter-maven-plugin
Samples pom chronos-samples
Chronos Surefire maven-plugin chronos-surefire-maven-plugin
CodeNarc Maven Plugin maven-plugin codenarc-maven-plugin
Maven Commons Attributes Plugin maven-plugin commons-attributes-maven-plugin
d3js library pom d3-amd
Maven Dashboard Report Plugin maven-plugin dashboard-maven-plugin
Maven Database Upgrade Plugin maven-plugin dbupgrade-maven-plugin
Deploy All Plugin for Maven maven-plugin deploy-all-maven-plugin
DITA Open Toolkit Maven Plugin maven-plugin dita-maven-plugin
DITA Open Toolkit Maven Plugin maven-plugin ditaot-maven-plugin
Maven Docbook plugin maven-plugin docbook-maven-plugin
Enchanter Maven Plugin maven-plugin enchanter-maven-plugin
Failsafe Maven Plugin maven-plugin failsafe-maven-plugin
Fit Maven Plugin maven-plugin fit-maven-plugin
FitNesse Maven Plugin maven-plugin fitnesse-maven-plugin
Groovy Maven Plugin maven-plugin groovy-maven-plugin
IANAL Maven Plugin maven-plugin ianal-maven-plugin
CORBA IDL Compiler Maven Plugin maven-plugin idlj-maven-plugin
Jalopy Maven Plugin maven-plugin jalopy-maven-plugin
JavaScript Libraries pom javascript-libraries
Javascript Maven Plugin jar javascript-maven-plugin
Maven tools for JavaScript developers pom javascript-maven-tools
JS RIA Archetype maven-archetype javascript-ria-archetype
JPox Maven Plugin maven-plugin jpox-maven-plugin
jquery-mobile library pom jquery-mobile-amd
Maven jRPM Lifecycle Mapping jar jrpm-lifecycle
JRuby Mojo Support maven-plugin jruby-maven-plugin
JavaScript Import Maven Plugin maven-plugin js-import-maven-plugin
JSLint Maven Plugin maven-plugin jslint-maven-plugin
Maven Jspc plugin maven-plugin jspc-maven-plugin
Maven JXR Plugin maven-plugin jxr-maven-plugin
Keytool: Project zip.sha512 keytool
Keytool: API (jdk 1.5) jar keytool-api-1.5
Knockout library pom knockout-amd
Localization Tools Maven Plugin maven-plugin l10n-maven-plugin
LaTeX Maven pom latex-maven
LaTeX Maven Archetype jar latex-maven-archetype
LaTeX Maven Plugin maven-plugin latex-maven-plugin
LESS CSS Maven Plugin maven-plugin lesscss-maven-plugin
Local Configuration Plugin maven-plugin local-config-maven-plugin
Macker Maven Plugin maven-plugin macker-maven-plugin
Makefile Orchestration Plugin maven-plugin make-maven-plugin
Maven Build Number Plugin maven-plugin maven-buildnumber-plugin
Maven JPox Plugin maven-plugin maven-jpox-plugin
Maven MiniJar Plugin maven-plugin minijar-maven-plugin
Codehaus Mojo Sandbox Parent pom mojo-sandbox
Codehaus Mojo Sandbox Parent pom mojo-sandbox-parent
Mock Repository Manager :: Project zip mrm

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