group: org.codehaus.modello

fresh name packaging artifact id
Modello Core jar modello-core
Modello Test Package jar modello-test
Modello XML Plugin jar modello-plugin-xml
Modello Java Plugin jar modello-plugin-java
Modello StAX Plugin jar modello-plugin-stax
Modello Store Plugin jar modello-plugin-store
Modello XSD Plugin jar modello-plugin-xsd
Modello XPP3 Plugin jar modello-plugin-xpp3
Modello Dom4J Plugin jar modello-plugin-dom4j
Modello XDOC Plugin jar modello-plugin-xdoc
Modello JDOM Plugin jar modello-plugin-jdom
Modello Model Version Converter Plugin jar modello-plugin-converters
Modello JPox Plugin jar modello-plugin-jpox
Modello Prevayler Plugin jar modello-plugin-prevayler
Modello Database Keywords Library jar modello-db-keywords
Plexus Registry Reader/Writer jar modello-plugin-plexus-registry
Modello SnakeYaml Plugin jar modello-plugin-snakeyaml
Modello SAX Plugin jar modello-plugin-sax
Modello JSON-Schema Plugin jar modello-plugin-jsonschema
Modello Jackson Plugin jar modello-plugin-jackson
Modello Maven Plugin maven-plugin modello-maven-plugin
Modello-xpp3-plugin jar modello-xpp3-plugin
Modello Plugins xml modello-plugins
Modello-xdoc-plugin jar modello-xdoc-plugin
Modello-xml-plugin jar modello-xml-plugin
Modello zip modello

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