group: org.codehaus.fabric3

fresh name packaging artifact id
Fabric3 SPI bundle fabric3-spi
Fabric3 POJO Core Module jar fabric3-pojo
Fabric3 Host API bundle fabric3-host-api
Fabric3 Java Implementation Extension jar fabric3-java
Fabric3 API bundle fabric3-api
Fabric3 Policy Core Module jar fabric3-policy
Fabric3 Fabric Core Module jar fabric3-fabric
Fabric3 Web Container SPI Extension jar fabric3-container-web-spi
Fabric3 Utilities Core Module jar fabric3-util
Fabric3 Resource Extension jar fabric3-resource
Fabric3 DataSource Extension jar fabric3-datasource
Fabric3 Contribution Scanner Extension jar fabric3-contribution-scanner
Fabric3 Monitor Core Module jar fabric3-monitor
Fabric3 JDK Proxy Extension jar fabric3-jdk-proxy
Fabric3 Thread Pool Core Module jar fabric3-thread-pool
Fabric3 Jetty Extension sca-contribution-jar fabric3-jetty
Fabric3 JAXB Extension sca-contribution-jar fabric3-jaxb
Fabric3 Data Transformation Core Module jar fabric3-transform
Fabric3 Transaction Extension jar fabric3-tx
Fabric3 Test SPI jar fabric3-test-spi
Fabric3 Web Services Binding Extension jar fabric3-binding-ws
Fabric3 Maven Runtime API jar fabric3-maven-api
Fabric3 JAXB Databinding Extension jar fabric3-databinding-jaxb
Fabric3 JMS Binding Extension jar fabric3-binding-jms
Fabric3 Federated Deployment Extension jar fabric3-federation-deployment
Fabric3 JMX Core Module jar fabric3-jmx
Fabric3 Introspection jar fabric3-introspection
Fabric3 Introspection jar fabric3-introspection-java
Fabric3 FTP SPI Extension jar fabric3-ftp-spi
Fabric3 Timer Service SPI jar fabric3-timer-spi
Fabric3 Management API jar fabric3-management-api
Fabric3 Conversation Propagation Extension jar fabric3-conversation-propagation
Fabric3 Introspection SPI jar fabric3-introspection-spi
Fabric3 Async Extension jar fabric3-async
Fabric3 Extension jar fabric3-extension
Fabric3 Web Implementation Extension jar fabric3-web
Fabric3 Atomikos Extension jar fabric3-atomikos
Fabric3 SCA Intents jar fabric3-sca-intents
Fabric3 Assembly Model bundle fabric3-model
Fabric3 JPA API Extension sca-contribution-jar fabric3-jpa-api
Fabric3 JSON Databinding Extension sca-contribution-jar fabric3-databinding-json
Fabric3 Atomikos Library Extension sca-contribution-jar fabric3-atomikos-library
Fabric3 JMX Agent Core Module jar fabric3-jmx-agent
Fabric3 SCDL Loader jar fabric3-loader
Fabric3 JPA Integration (SPI) jar fabric3-jpa-spi
Fabric3 Security Implementation jar fabric3-security-impl
Fabric3 JPA/Hibernate Extension jar fabric3-jpa-hibernate
Fabric3 Contribution Scanner SPI sca-contribution-jar fabric3-contribution-scanner-spi
Fabric3 Spring Library Extension sca-contribution-jar fabric3-spring-library
Fabric3 SCDL Model jar fabric3-scdl
Fabric3 WAR Contribution Extension jar fabric3-contribution-war
Fabric3 WAR Contribution Scanner Extension jar fabric3-contribution-scanner-war
Fabric3 WSDL Interface Extension sca-contribution-jar fabric3-interface-wsdl
Fabric3 Domain Admin API jar fabric3-admin-api
Fabric3 Ant Runtime API jar fabric3-ant-api
Fabric3 JXTA Service sca-contribution-jar fabric3-jxta
Fabric3 Domain Admin Interpreter jar fabric3-admin-interpreter
Fabric3 Recovery Extension jar fabric3-recovery
Fabric3 Federated Allocator Extension jar fabric3-federation-allocation
Fabric3 Federated Provisioning Extension jar fabric3-federation-provisioning
Fabric3 JGroups Extension sca-contribution-jar fabric3-jgroups
Fabric3 JMX Management Extension jar fabric3-management-jmx
Fabric3 Spring SPI Extension jar fabric3-spring-spi
Fabric3 Hibernate Library Extension sca-contribution-jar fabric3-hibernate-library
Fabric3 XML Factories jar fabric3-xmlfactory
Fabric3 Asynchronous Provisioning Classes sca-contribution-jar fabric3-async-provision
Fabric3 System Implementation Core Module jar fabric3-system
Fabric3 Web Services Policy Definitions jar fabric3-binding-ws-policy
Fabric3 Metro Binding Extension sca-contribution-jar fabric3-binding-ws-metro
Fabric3 JUnit Implementation Extension jar fabric3-junit
Fabric3 Jetty Web Container Extension jar fabric3-container-web-jetty
Fabric3 RESTful Management Extension jar fabric3-management-rest
Fabric3 JMS JNDI Resource Extension jar fabric3-jndi
Fabric3 FTP Server Extension sca-contribution-jar fabric3-ftp-server
Fabric3 FTP Binding Extension sca-contribution-jar fabric3-binding-ftp
Fabric3 JGroups Federation Implementation Extension sca-contribution-jar fabric3-federation-jgroups
Fabric3 Asynchronous Definitions sca-contribution-jar fabric3-async-loader
Fabric3 XML Introspection jar fabric3-introspection-xml
Fabric3 Code generation sca-contribution-jar fabric3-binding-codegen
Fabric3 XA Pool DB Extension sca-contribution-jar fabric3-xapool
Fabric3 JAX-RS Binding Extension jar fabric3-binding-rs
Fabric3 Security Extension jar fabric3-security
Fabric3 Contribution Service Core Module jar fabric3-contribution
Fabric3 Domain Admin Command Line Interface jar fabric3-admin-cli
Fabric3 Execution Context Extension jar fabric3-execution
Fabric3 Domain Admin Implementation jar fabric3-admin-impl
Fabric3 ActiveMQ Extension sca-contribution-jar fabric3-activemq
Fabric3 JOTM Transaction Manager sca-contribution-jar fabric3-tx-jotm
Fabric3 Asynchronous Implementation sca-contribution-jar fabric3-async-runtime
Fabric3 JMX Agent Extension jar fabric3-management-jmx-agent
Fabric3 Monitor API jar fabric3-monitor-api
Fabric3 Timer Extension jar fabric3-timer
Fabric3 JXTA Discovery sca-contribution-jar fabric3-discovery-jxta
Fabric3 JXTA Messaging sca-contribution-jar fabric3-messaging-jxta
Fabric3 JPA Integration (Core) jar fabric3-jpa-core
Fabric3 Monitor Log Redirector sca-contribution-jar fabric3-monitor-log
Fabric3 Cache Extension jar fabric3-cache
Fabric3 Atomikos JMS Extension sca-contribution-jar fabric3-atomikos-jms
Fabric3 HTTP Provisioning jar fabric3-http-provisioning
Fabric3 Ant Runtime Host jar fabric3-ant-host
Fabric3 Ant Runtime Exensions jar fabric3-ant-extension
Fabric3 ZeroMQ Binding Library Extension sca-contribution-jar fabric3-binding-zeromq-library
Fabric3 Timer Implementation sca-contribution-jar fabric3-timer-provision
Fabric3 Federation Messaging sca-contribution-jar fabric3-messaging
Fabric3 XStream Marshalling Implementation sca-contribution-jar fabric3-marshal-xstream
Fabric3 Spring jar fabric3-spring
Fabric3 Shoal Federation Extension sca-contribution-jar fabric3-federation-shoal
Fabric3 Spring Security Extension jar fabric3-spring-security
Fabric3 Timer Service Extension jar fabric3-timer-service
Fabric3 JXTA Install pom fabric3-install-jxta
Fabric3 Monitor SPI jar fabric3-monitor-spi
Fabric3 JAXB Databinding Provisioning Classes Extension sca-contribution-jar fabric3-databinding-jaxb-provision
Fabric3 Channel Implementation Extension jar fabric3-channel-impl
Fabric3 FTP API jar fabric3-ftp-api
Fabric3 Network Binding Extension sca-contribution-jar fabric3-binding-net
Fabric3 Web Binding Extension sca-contribution-jar fabric3-binding-web
Fabric3 Hessian Databinding Extension sca-contribution-jar fabric3-databinding-hessian
Fabric3 Transaction jar fabric3-tx-loader
Fabric3 Data Transformation API jar fabric3-transform-api
Fabric3 Shoal Install pom fabric3-install-shoal
Fabric3 Policy SPI jar fabric3-policy-spi
Fabric3 Quartz Timer Service sca-contribution-jar fabric3-timer-quartz
Fabric3 WS Binding (Axis2) sca-contribution-jar fabric3-binding-ws-axis2
Fabric3 REST sca-contribution-jar fabric3-rs
Fabric3 Atomikos Install pom fabric3-atomikos-install
Fabric3 ZeroMQ Java API Install Module pom fabric3-jzmq-install
Fabric3 ZeroMQ Binding Extension sca-contribution-jar fabric3-binding-zeromq
Fabric3 Feature Set Plugin maven-plugin fabric3-feature-set-plugin
Fabric3 JAX-RS Jersey Binding Extension sca-contribution-jar fabric3-binding-rs-jersey
Fabric3 JAXB Databinding Loader Extension sca-contribution-jar fabric3-databinding-jaxb-loader
Fabric3 Disruptor-Based Channels Extension jar fabric3-channel-disruptor
Fabric3 Cache Infinispan Extension sca-contribution-jar fabric3-cache-infinispan
Fabric3 Maven Test Runtime API jar fabric3-test-runtime-api
Fabric3 Domain Admin Antlr Grammar jar fabric3-admin-grammar
Fabric3 Monitor Appenders jar fabric3-monitor-appender
Fabric3 Console sca-contribution-jar fabric3-console
Fabric3 Monitor Implementation Extension sca-contribution-jar fabric3-monitor-impl
Fabric3 JDK Reflection Core Module jar fabric3-jdk-reflection
Fabric3 Maven Runtime Host jar fabric3-maven-host
Fabric3 Drools Library Extension sca-contribution-jar fabric3-drools-library
Fabric3 Drools Implementation Extension jar fabric3-drools
Fabric3 Shoal Federation Controller Extension sca-contribution-jar fabric3-federation-controller-shoal
Fabric3 ZeroMQ Extension Pofile pom profile-zeromq
Fabric3 Maven jar fabric3-maven
Fabric3 RMI Binding sca-contribution-jar fabric3-binding-rmi
Fabric3 Shoal Federation Participant Extension sca-contribution-jar fabric3-federation-participant-shoal
Fabric3 Security Intents jar fabric3-security-intents
Fabric3 Maven Runtime Plugin maven-plugin fabric3-itest-plugin
Fabric3 Core POM pom fabric3-core
Fabric3 Ant Runtime Parent POM pom fabric3-runtime-ant-parent-pom
Fabric3 Web Extension Pofile pom profile-web
Fabric3 Core Extensions Parent POM pom fabric3-extension-core-parent-pom
Fabric3 Maven Test Plugin maven-plugin fabric3-test-plugin
Fabric3 Project Parent pom parent
Fabric3 Spring Extension Pofile pom profile-spring
Fabric3 Test Runtime jar fabric3-test-runtime
Fabric3 Default Feature f3-feature-set fabric3-default-feature
Fabric3 File Transfer Binding Extension sca-contribution-jar fabric3-binding-file
Fabric3 Binding Test Harness jar binding-test-harness
Fabric3 Federated Parent POM pom fabric3-federated-parent-pom
Fabric3 Kernel Impl Parent POM pom fabric3-kernel-impl-parent-pom
Fabric3 HornetQ Extension sca-contribution-jar fabric3-hornetq
Fabric3 Hibernate with JOTM Feature f3-feature-set fabric3-hibernate-jotm-feature
Fabric3 Fabric Modules Parent pom fabric
Fabric3 Extension Other Parent POM pom fabric3-extension-other-parent-pom
Fabric3 Hibernate Feature f3-feature-set fabric3-hibernate-feature
Fabric3 Security Extensions Parent POM pom fabric3-extension-security-parent-pom
Fabric3 Burlap Binding sca-contribution-jar fabric3-binding-burlap
Fabric3 Kernel Services Parent POM pom fabric3-kernel-services-parent-pom
Fabric3 Tomcat Runtime Assembly pom runtime-tomcat
Fabric3 Timer Implementation - Runtime Extension sca-contribution-jar fabric3-timer-runtime
Fabric3 XQuery Implementation Extension sca-contribution-jar fabric3-xquery
Fabric3 Standalone Server Assembly pom runtime-standalone
Fabric3 Binding Test Harness jar fabric3-binding-test-harness
Fabric3 Web Extensions Parent POM pom fabric3-extension-web-parent-pom
Fabric3 Features Parent POM pom fabric3-features-parent-pom
Fabric3 Domain Admin Tool Assembly pom fabric3-admin-assembly
Fabric3 Timer Implementation - Controller Extension sca-contribution-jar fabric3-timer-loader
Fabric3 Controller Assembly pom runtime-controller
Fabric3 Management Extensions Parent POM pom fabric3-extension-management-parent-pom
Fabric3 JAX-RS Extension Pofile pom profile-rs
Fabric3 Development Runtime Assembly pom runtime-development
Fabric3 Plugins Parent POM pom fabric3-plugins-parent-pom
Fabric3 Web Services Extension Pofile pom profile-ws
Fabric3 Modules Parent POM pom fabric3-modules-parent-pom
Fabric3 JPA Extensions Parent POM pom fabric3-extension-jpa-parent-pom
Fabric3 WS Binding (CXF) sca-contribution-jar fabric3-binding-ws-cxf
Fabric3 Development Runtime Assembly pom fabric3-development
Fabric3 Webapp Plugin maven-plugin fabric3-webapp-plugin
Fabric3 Test Binding Implementation sca-contribution-jar fabric3-binding-test
Fabric3 Plugins Parent POM pom fabric3-plugins
Fabric3 Extension Parent POM pom fabric3-extension-parent-pom
Fabric3 Extension Implementation Parent POM pom fabric3-extension-implementation-parent-pom
Fabric3 Bytecode Generation Proxy Extension sca-contribution-jar fabric3-bytecode-proxy
Fabric3 Fabric Modules Parent pom module-parent
Fabric3 Default Webapp Runtime Feature f3-feature-set fabric3-default-webapp-feature
Fabric3 Groovy Extension sca-contribution-jar fabric3-groovy
Fabric3 JMS Extension Pofile pom profile-jms
Fabric3 Drools Extensions Parent POM pom fabric3-extension-implementation-drools-parent-pom
Fabric3 Federated Participant Distribution pom fabric3-federated-participant
Fabric3 Net Binding Profile pom profile-net
Fabric3 Runtime Assembly Plugin maven-plugin fabric3-assembly-plugin
Fabric3 Runtime Parent POM pom fabric3-runtime-parent-pom
Fabric3 Drools Extension Pofile pom profile-drools
Fabric3 Naming jar fabric3-naming
Fabric3 WS Binding (JaxWS) sca-contribution-jar fabric3-binding-ws-jaxws
Fabric3 Spring Extensions Parent POM pom fabric3-extension-spring-parent-pom
Fabric3 Profile Parent POM pom fabric3-profile-parent-pom
Fabric3 Transaction Extensions Parent POM pom fabric3-extension-tx-parent-pom
Fabric3 Runtime Federated Parent POM pom fabric3-runtime-federated-parent-pom
Fabric3 JPA Extension Profile pom profile-jpa
Fabric3 Admin Parent POM pom fabric3-admin-parent-pom
Fabric3 FTP Extension Pofile pom profile-ftp
Fabric3 Federated Parent POM pom fabric3-extension-federated-parent-pom
Fabric3 Maven 3 Runtime Host jar fabric3-maven3-host
Fabric3 H2 Database Extension sca-contribution-jar fabric3-db-h2
Fabric3 Plugin Parent POM pom fabric3-plugin-parent-pom
Fabric3 WebLogic Runtime Assembly pom fabric3-runtime-weblogic
Fabric3 Federated Standalone Distribution pom runtime-federated-controller
Fabric3 Ant Runtime Assembly pom fabric3-runtime-ant
Fabric3 Writer Extension jar fabric3-writer
Fabric3 Tomcat Runtime Parent POM pom fabric3-runtime-tomcat-parent-pom
Fabric3 Cache Extensions Parent POM pom fabric3-extension-cache-parent-pom
Fabric3 Databinding Extensions Parent POM pom fabric3-extension-databinding-parent-pom
Fabric3 Runtime Maven Parent POM pom fabric3-runtime-maven-parent-pom
Fabric3 Runtime Webapp Parent POM pom fabric3-runtime-webapp-parent-pom
Fabric3 Hessian Binding sca-contribution-jar fabric3-binding-hessian
Fabric3 Kernel Parent POM pom fabric3-kernel-parent-pom
Fabric3 Federated Participant Distribution pom runtime-federated-participant
Fabric3 Mock Implementation Extension jar fabric3-mock
Fabric3 Kernel API Parent POM pom fabric3-kernel-api-parent-pom
Fabric3 TCP Binding sca-contribution-jar fabric3-binding-tcp
Fabric3 WebLogic Runtime Parent POM pom fabric3-runtime-weblogic-parent-pom
Fabric3 Infinispan Extension Profile pom profile-infinispan
Fabric3 Runtime Support Parent POM pom fabric3-runtime-support-parent-pom
Fabric3 Maven Runtime Extension jar fabric3-maven-extension
Fabric3 Extension Interface Parent POM pom fabric3-extension-interface-parent-pom
Fabric3 FTP Extensions Parent POM pom fabric3-extension-ftp-parent-pom
Fabric3 Timer Extension Pofile pom profile-timer
Fabric3 Runtime Standalone Parent POM pom fabric3-runtime-standalone-parent-pom
Fabric3 EJB Binding sca-contribution-jar fabric3-binding-ejb
Fabric3 JAXB Databinding Runtime Extension sca-contribution-jar fabric3-databinding-jaxb-runtime
Fabric3 Extension Binding Parent POM pom fabric3-extension-binding-parent-pom
Fabric3 Kryo Databinding Extension sca-contribution-jar fabric3-databinding-kryo
Fabric3 Contribution Plugin maven-plugin fabric3-contribution-plugin
Fabric3 Timer Extensions Parent POM pom fabric3-extension-timer-parent-pom
Fabric3 Profiles Parent POM pom fabric3-profiles-parent-pom
Fabric3 Participant Assembly pom runtime-participant

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