group: org.codehaus.enunciate

fresh name packaging artifact id
Enunciate - Core Build-time Support jar enunciate-core
Enunciate - Core Runtime Support jar enunciate-core-rt
Enunciate - Jersey Runtime jar enunciate-jersey-rt
Enunciate - Core Annotations jar enunciate-core-annotations
Enunciate - Spring App Module jar enunciate-spring-app
Enunciate - Basic Runtime jar enunciate-rt
Enunciate - AMF Runtime jar enunciate-amf-rt
Enunciate - Docs Module jar enunciate-docs
Enunciate - XML Module jar enunciate-xml
Enunciate - JAX-WS RI Runtime jar enunciate-jaxws-ri-rt
Enunciate - GWT Runtime jar enunciate-gwt-rt
Enunciate - Objective C Module jar enunciate-obj-c
Enunciate - Spring Application Runtime jar enunciate-spring-app-rt
Enunciate - Maven Plugin maven-plugin maven-enunciate-plugin
Enunciate - CXF Runtime jar enunciate-cxf-rt
Enunciate - Top jar enunciate-top
Enunciate - XFire Client Runtime jar enunciate-xfire-client-rt
Enunciate-core-tools jar enunciate-core-tools
Enunciate - JAX-WS RI Runtime Spring Support jar enunciate-spring-jaxws-rt
Enunciate - REST Runtime jar enunciate-rest-rt
Enunciate - Jersey Module jar enunciate-jersey
Enunciate - JAX-WS Reference Implementation Module jar enunciate-jaxws-ri
Enunciate - CXF Module jar enunciate-cxf
Enunciate - C# Module jar enunciate-csharp
Enunciate - XFire Runtime jar enunciate-xfire-rt
Enunciate - Ruby Module jar enunciate-ruby
Enunciate - C Module jar enunciate-c
Enunciate - Slim Maven Plugin maven-plugin maven-enunciate-slim-plugin
Enunciate - JAX-WS Support Module jar enunciate-jaxws-support
Enunciate - XFire Client Module jar enunciate-xfire-client
Enunciate - JAX-WS Client Module jar enunciate-jaxws-client
Enunciate - JAX-WS Module jar enunciate-jaxws
Enunciate - XFire Module jar enunciate-xfire
Enunciate - REST Module jar enunciate-rest
Enunciate - Java Client Module jar enunciate-java-client
Enunciate - GWT Module jar enunciate-gwt
Enunciate - AMF Module jar enunciate-amf
Enunciate - JBoss Runtime jar enunciate-jboss-rt
Enunciate - JBoss Module jar enunciate-jboss
Enunciate-xfire-client-tools jar enunciate-xfire-client-tools
Enunciate-rest-tools jar enunciate-rest-tools
Enunciate-xfire-tools jar enunciate-xfire-tools
Enunciate-spring-app-tools jar enunciate-spring-app-tools
Enunciate-gwt-tools jar enunciate-gwt-tools
Enunciate - PHP Module jar enunciate-php
Enunciate - Spring 3 Security Runtime pom enunciate-spring3-security-rt
Enunciate - Spring Security Runtime pom enunciate-spring-security-rt
Enunciate-amf-tools jar enunciate-amf-tools
Enunciate - Spring 3 Application Runtime jar enunciate-spring3-app-rt
Enunciate-full jar enunciate-full
Enunciate - JBoss Maven Plugin maven-plugin maven-enunciate-jboss-plugin
Enunciate - Contract-First Example (EPCIS) war enunciate-integration-epcis
Enunciate - CXF/REST Integration Tests war enunciate-integration-cxf-rest
Enunciate - Spring Maven Plugin maven-plugin maven-enunciate-spring-plugin
Enunciate - CXF Maven Plugin maven-plugin maven-enunciate-cxf-plugin
Enunciate - Build Support pom enunciate-build-support
Enunciate-integration-jaxws-ri-rest-client jar enunciate-integration-jaxws-ri-rest-client
Enunciate - XFire/REST Integration Tests war enunciate-integration-xfire-rest
Enunciate - Integration Test Support jar enunciate-integration-test-support
Enunciate - Integration Tests pom enunciate-integration-tests
Enunciate - Swagger Module jar enunciate-swagger
Enunciate-test-integration jar enunciate-test-integration
Enunciate - Jersey Integration Tests war enunciate-integration-jersey-storage
Enunciate - Parent pom enunciate-parent
Enunciate - JAXWS-RI/REST Integration Tests war enunciate-integration-jaxws-ri-rest

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