group: org.biopax.paxtools

fresh name packaging artifact id
Paxtools Core (BioPAX object model, I/O API, implementation and extras) jar paxtools-core
Paxtools-Trove jar paxtools-trove
BioPAX Pattern Search jar pattern
BioPAX to SBGN-ML Converter jar sbgn-converter
Graph-Theoretic Querying jar paxtools-query
BioPAX to SIF Converter (deprecated) jar sif-converter
BioPAX Normalizer and MiriamLink jar normalizer
PSI-MI/MITAB to BioPAX Converter jar psimi-converter
BioPAX to GSEA (.gmt) Converter jar gsea-converter
Paxtools Maven Archetype maven-archetype paxtools-archetype
BioPAX to/from JSON Converter jar json-converter
BioPAX Full-text Search jar paxtools-search
Paxtools xml paxtools
Paxtools Console Application jar paxtools-console
Jena based IO jar paxtools-jena-io

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