group: org.bidib.jbidib

fresh name packaging artifact id
jBiDiB :: jbidibc Core jar jbidibc
jBiDiB :: jbidibc Serial jar jbidibc-serial
jBiDiB :: jbidibc RXTX jar jbidibc-rxtx
jBiDiB :: jbidibc SCM jar jbidibc-scm
jBiDiB :: jbidibc Tools jar jbidibc-tools
jBiDiB :: jbidibc Net jar jbidibc-net
jBiDiB :: jbidibc Simulation jar jbidibc-simulation
jBiDiB :: BiDiB Wizard Installer Custom Panel jar bidibwizard-installer-panel
jBiDiB :: BiDiB Wizard jar bidibwizard
jBiDiB :: jbidibc Exchange jar jbidibc-exchange
jBiDiB :: jbidibc Debugger jar jbidibc-debug
jBiDiB :: jbidibc UI components jar jbidibc-ui
jBiDiB :: jbidibc POM update jar jbidibc-pomupdate
jBiDiB :: BiDiB Wizard Common jar bidibwizard-common
jBiDiB :: jbidibc Pi jar jbidibc-pi
jBiDiB :: jbidibc Experimental jar jbidibc-experimental
jBiDiB :: BiDiB Wizard Migration jar bidibwizard-migration
jBiDiB :: jbidibc RXTX-2.2 jar jbidibc-rxtx-2.2
jBiDiB :: jbidibc Net Serial over TCP jar jbidibc-net-serial-over-tcp
RXTX serial and parallel I/O binary libraries jar bidib-rxtx-binaries
jBiDiB :: BiDiB Wizard Spy jar bidibwizard-spy
jBiDiB :: jbidibc SPSW jar jbidibc-spsw
jBiDiB :: jbidibc com0com jar jbidibc-com0com
jBiDiB Wizard pom wizard
jBiDiB :: BiDiB Wizard Installer jar bidibwizard-installer
jBiDiB :: jbidibc Assembly pom jbidibc-assembly
jBiDiB :: jbidibc CH341A jar jbidibc-ch341a
jBiDiB :: jbidibc Decoder jar jbidibc-decoder
jBiDiB :: jbidibc Gateway jar jbidibc-gateway
jBiDiB :: jbidibc Pi tools jar jbidibc-pi-tools
jBiDiB :: Parent pom jbidib-parent

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