group: org.beigesoft

fresh name packaging artifact id
Beigesoft ™ common business logic library. jar beigesoft-bcommon
Beigesoft ORM library. jar beige-orm
Beigesoft settings library. jar beige-settings
Beigesoft logging base Java library. jar beige-logging-base
Beigesoft ™ ORM library. jar beigesoft-orm
Beigesoft logging adapter for Android. jar beige-logging-android
Beige WEB interface Java code jar beige-web-jar
Beige Accounting WEB Java code. jar beige-accounting-web-jar
Beigesoft ™ replicator/persister jar beigesoft-replicator
Beigesoft Android Library in Java. jar beige-android-jar
Beigesoft common Java library. jar beige-common
Beigesoft ™ Document Writer library. jar beige-docwriter
Beigesoft logging adapter for SLF4J on standard Java. jar beige-logging-slf4j
Beigesoft ™ Accountion All In One WEB interface Java code. jar beigesoft-accounting-weboio-jar
Beigesoft ™ XML settings library. jar beigesoft-settings
Beigesoft ™ WEB CRUD interface Java code. jar beigesoft-webcrud-jar
Beige replicator/persister jar beige-replicator
Beige WEB interface war beige-web
Beigesoft PDF writer library. jar beige-pdfwriter
Beigesoft common Java library. jar beige-lib
Beigesoft ™ Android SQlite standard Java library (jar). jar beigesoft-android-sqlite
Beigesoft ™ Accountion All In One WEB application on embedded A-Jetty. jar beigesoft-accountingoio-ajetty
Beigesoft Accounting. jar beige-accounting
Beigesoft JDBC library. jar beige-jdbc
Beigesoft ™ CRUD WEB-application. war beigesoft-webcrud
Beige Accounting on embedded A-Jetty. jar beige-accounting-ajetty
Beigesoft ™ Web Store library jar beigesoft-webstore
Beigesoft ™ Accounting library. jar beigesoft-accounting
Base multiplatform UML logic jar beige-uml-base
Beigesoft ™ JDBC library. jar beigesoft-jdbc
Beigesoft logging adapter for Apache Common Logging on standard Java. jar beige-logging-acl
Beigesoft Android Library aar beige-android-lib
Beigsoft Swing library jar beige-swing-lib
Beigesoft graphic Android delegators library. jar beige-graphic-android
Beigesoft graphic SWING delegators library. jar beige-graphic-swing
Beige Accounting WEB war beige-accounting-web
Beigesoft logging adapter for SLF4J on Android. jar beige-logging-slf4j-android
Beigesoft Maven bootstrap site skin jar beige-maven-skin
Beigesoft Android Library tests apk beige-android-test
Beigesoft™ Accounting All In One on embedded A-Jetty for Android apk beigesoft-accountingoio-android
Beigesoft ™ Accountion All In One WEB application. war beigesoft-accounting-weboio
Beigesoft Swing based UML editor jar beige-uml-swing
Beigesoft logging adapter for Apache Common Logging on Android. jar beige-logging-acl-android
Beige Accounting on embedded A-Jetty for Android apk beige-accounting-android
Beigesoft software tar.bz2 beige-software
Beigesoft UML editor tar.bz2 beige-uml
Beigesoft Android based UML editor apk beige-uml-android
Beigesoft logging Java library. pom beige-logging

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