group: org.bedework

fresh name packaging artifact id
Bw-util-misc jar bw-util-misc
Bw-util-xml jar bw-util-xml
Bw-util-jmx jar bw-util-jmx
Bw-util-config jar bw-util-config
Bw-util-http jar bw-util-http
Bw-util-timezones jar bw-util-timezones
Bw-util2-calendar jar bw-util2-calendar
Bw-util-servlet jar bw-util-servlet
bw-access jar bw-access
Bedework iCal4j jar bw-ical4j-cl
bw-util-hibernate jar bw-util-hibernate
Bw-util-args jar bw-util-args
Bw-util-dav jar bw-util-dav
Bw-util-caching jar bw-util-caching
bw-util-logging jar bw-util-logging
bw-xml-icalendar jar bw-xml-icalendar
iCal4j VCard jar bw-ical4j-vcard
bw-xml-synchws jar bw-xml-synchws
bw-webdav jar bw-webdav
bw-xml-calws-soap jar bw-xml-calws-soap
Bw-util-indexing jar bw-util-indexing
bw-ws-icalendar jar bw-ws-icalendar
Bw-util-security jar bw-util-security
Bw-caldav-util jar bw-caldav-util
Bw-util-calendar jar bw-util-calendar
Bw-util-servlet-filters jar bw-util-servlet-filters
Bw-util-json jar bw-util-json
Bw-util-deployment jar bw-util-deployment
bw-ws-calws-soap jar bw-ws-calws-soap
Bw-util2-vcard jar bw-util2-vcard
bw-xml-tzsvr jar bw-xml-tzsvr
Apache JAMES jDKIM jar apache-jdkim-library
bw-ws-tzsvr jar bw-ws-tzsvr
Bw-util-struts jar bw-util-struts
bw-xml-caldav jar bw-xml-caldav
bw-xml-exchangews jar bw-xml-exchangews
Bw-util-elasticsearch jar bw-util-elasticsearch
Bw-caldav-server jar bw-caldav-server
Bw-util-cli jar bw-util-cli
Bw-util-jms jar bw-util-jms
bw-carddav-user-war war bw-carddav-user-war
bw-carddav-public-war war bw-carddav-public-war
Bw-carddav-common jar bw-carddav-common
bw-carddav-userweb-war war bw-carddav-userweb-war
bw-xml-appleServer jar bw-xml-appleServer
bw-note-common jar bw-note-common
Bw-util-vcard jar bw-util-vcard
bw-ws-appleServer jar bw-ws-appleServer
Bw-note-shared jar bw-note-shared
Bw-addrbook-client war bw-addrbook-client
bw-xml-bwlicense jar bw-xml-bwlicense
Bw-note-db jar bw-note-db
bw-carddav-server jar bw-carddav-server
Bw-note-servlet jar bw-note-servlet
bw-ws-caldav jar bw-ws-caldav
bw-carddav-dumpres jar bw-carddav-dumpres
bw-ws-synchws jar bw-ws-synchws
bw-note-war war bw-note-war
Bw-note-bwconnector jar bw-note-bwconnector
Bw-note-outbound jar bw-note-outbound
Exchange Web Services client jar exchange-ws-client
jDKIM Mailets for Apache James jar apache-jdkim-mailets
Apache JAMES DomainKey Project xml apache-jdkim-project
bw-caldav pom bw-caldav
bw-carddav pom bw-carddav
bw-carddav-ear ear bw-carddav-ear
bw-carddav-tools jar bw-carddav-tools
Bw-deploy-maven-plugin maven-plugin bw-deploy-maven-plugin
bw-note-ear ear bw-note-ear
bw-notifier pom bw-notifier
bw-util pom bw-util
bw-util2 pom bw-util2
Bw-util-bw-deploy jar bw-util-bw-deploy
Bw-util-config-http jar bw-util-config-http
Bw-util-directory jar bw-util-directory
Bw-util-jolokia jar bw-util-jolokia
Bw-util-maven-deploy maven-plugin bw-util-maven-deploy
Bw-util-options jar bw-util-options
bw-ws pom bw-ws
bw-ws-bwlicense jar bw-ws-bwlicense
bw-ws-calws-soap-strict jar bw-ws-calws-soap-strict
bw-ws-carddav jar bw-ws-carddav
bw-ws-catdav jar bw-ws-catdav
bw-ws-category jar bw-ws-category
bw-ws-dav jar bw-ws-dav
Bw-ws-ear ear bw-ws-ear
bw-ws-exchangews jar bw-ws-exchangews
bw-ws-icalendar-strict jar bw-ws-icalendar-strict
bw-ws-vcard jar bw-ws-vcard
Bw-ws-war war bw-ws-war
bw-ws-xrd jar bw-ws-xrd
bw-xml pom bw-xml
bw-xml-calws-soap-strict jar bw-xml-calws-soap-strict
bw-xml-carddav jar bw-xml-carddav
bw-xml-catdav jar bw-xml-catdav
bw-xml-category jar bw-xml-category
bw-xml-dav jar bw-xml-dav
Bw-xml-ear ear bw-xml-ear
bw-xml-icalendar-strict jar bw-xml-icalendar-strict
bw-xml-vcard jar bw-xml-vcard
Bw-xml-war war bw-xml-war
bw-xml-xrd jar bw-xml-xrd
Apache JAMES jDKIM Assembly zip apache-jdkim

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