group: org.atteo.moonshine

fresh name packaging artifact id
Moonshine Container Test Utilities jar container-test-utils
Moonshine Container jar container
JTA Atomikos jar atomikos
WebServer jar webserver
JTA jar jta
Database jar database
H2 jar h2
Jetty jar jetty
WebSocket jar websocket
Hibernate jar hibernate
JMX jar jmx
Moonshine BOM pom bom
Tomcat jar tomcat
JAX-RS jar jax-rs
Shiro Test Utilities jar shiro-test-utils
JPA jar jpa
Liquibase jar liquibase
Shiro jar shiro
Reflection Utils jar reflection-utils
WebSocket for Jetty jar websocket-jetty
Spring Data jar spring-data
Distribution archetype maven-archetype distribution-archetype
Simple Service Archetype maven-archetype service-archetype
Hibernate Archetype maven-archetype hibernate-archetype
RESTEasy jar resteasy
Transactional Filter jar transactional-filter
WebDriver jar webdriver
WebJars jar webjars
WebSocket JSON messages jar websocket-json-messages
Activiti Workflow Engine jar activiti
WebSocket for Tomcat jar websocket-tomcat
Moonshine Archetypes pom archetypes
Blueprints Database Service jar blueprints
Database Test Utilities jar database-test-utils
Firebug Logger jar firebuglogger
Global Modules jar global-modules
Hibernate Search jar hibernate-search
HornetQ jar hornetq
HSQLDB jar hsqldb
Jersey jar jersey
JMinix jar jminix
JMX Server jar jmx-server
Jolokia jar jolokia
LogBack jar logback
LogBack JMX MBeans jar logback-jmx
Metrics jar metrics
Nashorn Console jar nashorn-console
OrientDB jar orientdb
Moonshine pom parent
Perf4J jar perf4j
PostgreSQL jar postgresql
REST Archetype maven-archetype rest-archetype
Services pom services
Shiro Database Realm jar shiro-database-realm
Standalone Moonshine application maven-archetype standalone-archetype

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