group: org.atteo

fresh name packaging artifact id
Evo Inflector jar evo-inflector
Evo Class Index jar evo-classindex
Evo Services jar evo-services
Atteo XML combiner jar xml-combiner
Evo Test Utilities jar evo-tests
Evo Config jar evo-config
Evo JTA Atomikos jar evo-jta-atomikos
Evo JTA jar evo-jta
Evo Database jar evo-database
Evo XML merge jar evo-xmlmerge
Evo H2 jar evo-h2
Evo Url Handlers jar evo-urlhandlers
Evo JMX jar evo-jmx
Evo LogBack jar evo-logback
Evo Migrations jar evo-migrations
Atteo Parent pom parent
Evo Janino Property Resolver jar evo-janino
Evo Class Index Parent pom evo-classindex-top
Evo Class Index Transformer jar evo-classindex-transformer
Evo Config Doclet jar evo-config-doclet
Evo Config pom evo-config-parent
Evo Firebug Logger jar evo-firebuglogger
Evo Framework pom evo-framework
Evo Hibernate jar evo-hibernate
Evo HornetQ jar evo-hornetq
Cache manifest generator maven-plugin cachemanifest-maven-plugin
Evo JAX-RS Jersey jar evo-jersey
Evo Jetty jar evo-jetty

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