group: org.assertj

fresh name packaging artifact id
AssertJ fluent assertions bundle assertj-core
AssertJ fluent assertions for Guava bundle assertj-guava
AssertJ fluent assertions for Java 8 bundle assertj-core-java8
AssertJ fluent assertions for Joda Time jar assertj-joda-time
AssertJ-Swing - JUnit Extension jar assertj-swing-junit
AssertJ-Swing jar assertj-swing
AssertJ-DB - Assertions for database bundle assertj-db
AssertJ Assertions Generator jar assertj-assertions-generator
AssertJ fluent assertions for Vavr jar assertj-vavr
AssertJ-Swing - TestNG Extension jar assertj-swing-testng
AssertJ-Swing - JUnit 4.5 Extension jar assertj-swing-junit-4.5
AssertJ - Fluent assertions for java unit testing pom assertj-parent-pom
AssertJ fluent assertions for Neo4j jar assertj-neo4j
AssertJ-Swing - JUnit 4.3.1 Extension jar assertj-swing-junit-4.3.1
Maven plugin for AssertJ assertions generator maven-plugin assertj-assertions-generator-maven-plugin
AssertJ Swing: Fluent assertions for java unit testing pom assertj-swing-parent-pom
AssertJ-Swing - JIDE Extension jar assertj-swing-jide

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