group: org.arquillian.universe

fresh name packaging artifact id
Arquillian Core pom arquillian-core
Arquillian Governor Core pom arquillian-governor-core
Arquillian Cube Core pom arquillian-cube-core
Arquillian REST Core pom arquillian-rest-core
Arquillian REST Warp Core pom arquillian-rest-warp-core
Arquillian Cube Docker pom arquillian-cube-docker
Arquillian Warp pom arquillian-warp
Arquillian Spring pom arquillian-spring
Arquillian JUnit pom arquillian-junit
Arquillian Persistence Core pom arquillian-persistence-core
Arquillian Recorder API pom arquillian-recorder-api
Arquillian Transaction Core pom arquillian-transaction-core
Arquillian Chameleon pom arquillian-chameleon
Arquillian Persistence pom arquillian-persistence
Arquillian Transaction JTA pom arquillian-transaction-jta
Arquillian Graphene pom arquillian-graphene
Arquillian Drone pom arquillian-drone
Arquillian Recorder pom arquillian-recorder
Arquillian JUnit Standalone pom arquillian-junit-standalone
Arquillian Cube Docker REST Assured pom arquillian-cube-docker-restassured
Arquillian TestNG pom arquillian-testng
Arquillian Cukes In Space pom arquillian-cukes
Arquillian REST JaxRS 2 pom arquillian-rest-jaxrs2
Arquillian REST RestEasy 3x pom arquillian-rest-resteasy3
Arquillian Cube Q Pumba pom arquillian-cube-q-pumba
Arquillian Jacoco pom arquillian-jacoco
Arquillian Graphene Recorder pom arquillian-graphene-recorder
Arquillian Pact Consumer pom arquillian-pact-consumer
Arquillian Pact Provider pom arquillian-pact-provider
Arquillian REST Jersey pom arquillian-rest-jersey
Arquillian REST RestEasy 2x pom arquillian-rest-resteasy2
Arquillian REST Warp CXF pom arquillian-rest-warp-cxf
Arquillian REST Warp JAXRS 2.0 pom arquillian-rest-warp-jaxrs2
Arquillian REST Warp Jersey pom arquillian-rest-warp-jersey
Arquillian REST Warp RestEasy pom arquillian-rest-warp-resteasy
Arquillian Rusheye pom arquillian-rusheye
Arquillian Spacelift pom arquillian-spacelift
Arquillian Spring Persistence pom arquillian-spring-persistence
Arquillian Spring Transaction pom arquillian-spring-transaction
Arquillian Spring Warp pom arquillian-spring-warp
Arquillian Universe Test jar arquillian-test
Arquillian TestNG Standalone pom arquillian-testng-standalone
Arquillian Universe Aggregator pom arquillian-universe-parent
Arquillian Algeron Git Publisher pom arquillian-algeron-git-publisher
Arquillian Warp JSF pom arquillian-warp-jsf
Arquillian Algeron Git Retriever pom arquillian-algeron-git-retriever
Arquillian Algeron Maven Retriever pom arquillian-algeron-maven-retriever
Arquillian Algeron Pact Broker Retriever pom arquillian-algeron-pact-broker-retriever
Arquillian Algeron Pact Consumer pom arquillian-algeron-pact-consumer
Arquillian Algeron Pact Provider pom arquillian-algeron-pact-provider
Arquillian APE JUnit Rule pom arquillian-ape-junit-rule
Arquillian APE NoSQL Couchbase pom arquillian-ape-nosql-couchbase
Arquillian APE NoSQL MongoDB pom arquillian-ape-nosql-mongodb
Arquillian APE NoSQL Redis pom arquillian-ape-nosql-redis
Arquillian APE NoSQL Vault pom arquillian-ape-nosql-vault
Arquillian APE REST Postman pom arquillian-ape-rest-postman
Arquillian APE SQL Container DBUnit pom arquillian-ape-sql-container-dbunit
Arquillian APE SQL Standalone DBUnit pom arquillian-ape-sql-standalone-dbunit
Arquillian APE SQL Standalone Flyway pom arquillian-ape-sql-standalone-flyway
Arquillian Byteman pom arquillian-byteman
Arquillian Cube Containerless pom arquillian-cube-containerless
Arquillian Cube Kubernetes pom arquillian-cube-kubernetes
Arquillian Cube OpenShift pom arquillian-cube-openshift
Arquillian Cube Q SimianArmy pom arquillian-cube-q-simianarmy
Arquillian Cube Q Toxic pom arquillian-cube-q-toxic
Arquillian Governor GitHub pom arquillian-governor-github
Arquillian Governor Ignore pom arquillian-governor-ignore
Arquillian Governor JIRA pom arquillian-governor-jira
Arquillian Governor Redmine pom arquillian-governor-redmine
Arquillian Governor Skipper pom arquillian-governor-skipper

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