group: org.aperteworkflow

fresh name packaging artifact id
integration-interface jar integration-interface
gui-commons jar gui-commons
integration jar integration
model jar model
cmis-interface jar cmis-interface
aperte-utils jar aperte-utils
xml-utils jar xml-utils
base-gui war base-gui
editor jar editor
jbpm-context jar jbpm-context
scripting bundle scripting
aperte-slim-utils jar aperte-slim-utils
scheduler-integration bundle scheduler-integration
editor-interface jar editor-interface
bpm-notifications bundle bpm-notifications
document-provider-registry bundle document-provider-registry
files-repository bundle files-repository
cmis-widget bundle cmis-widget
activiti-context jar activiti-context
webapi jar webapi
case-management bundle case-management
interactive-reports bundle interactive-reports
Application-ws-schema jar application-ws-schema
integration-liferay jar integration-liferay
base-widgets bundle base-widgets
Liferay-commons jar liferay-commons
mule-flightsearch-sample jar mule-flightsearch-sample
Aperte Workflow OSGi Plugins pom plugins
process-deadlines bundle process-deadlines
refresher-wrapper jar refresher-wrapper
report-step bundle report-step
sample-mule-step jar sample-mule-step
Aperte Workflow Samples pom samples
userdata-service bundle userdata-service
userdata-widget bundle userdata-widget
user-substitution-process jar user-substitution-process
user-substitution-step bundle user-substitution-step
Aperte Workflow Utils pom utils
Aperte Workflow Widgets pom vaadin-addons
Server-libs pom server-libs
activiti-gui war activiti-gui
activiti-sample-process jar activiti-sample-process
Aperte Workflow pom aperteworkflow-core
application-case bundle application-case
application-webapp war application-webapp
application-widgets bundle application-widgets
application-ws bundle application-ws
context-help-provider bundle context-help-provider
Aperte Workflow Core pom core
Aperte Workflow OSGi Plugins pom core-plugins
Custom widget archetype maven-archetype custom-widget-archetype
doclist-widget bundle doclist-widget
drools-step bundle drools-step
email-capture bundle email-capture
external-plugins pom external-plugins
files-capture bundle files-capture
global-dictionaries bundle global-dictionaries
history-view bundle history-view
Incident-process-plugin bundle incident-process-plugin
jbpm-gui war jbpm-gui
jdbc-connector jar jdbc-connector
liferay-poc-process jar liferay-poc-process
log-step bundle log-step
Mule-attachment-sample bundle mule-attachment-sample
mule-esb-plugin bundle mule-esb-plugin

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