group: org.apache.zeppelin

fresh name packaging artifact id
Zeppelin: Interpreter jar zeppelin-interpreter
Zeppelin: Zengine jar zeppelin-zengine
Zeppelin: Server jar zeppelin-server
Zeppelin: web Application war zeppelin-web
Zeppelin: Spark dependencies jar zeppelin-spark-dependencies
Zeppelin: Spark jar zeppelin-spark_2.11
Zeppelin: Spark dependencies jar zeppelin-spark-dependencies_2.10
Zeppelin: Spark dependencies jar zeppelin-spark-dependencies_2.11
Zeppelin: JDBC interpreter jar zeppelin-jdbc
Zeppelin: Spark jar zeppelin-spark_2.10
Zeppelin: Scio jar zeppelin-scio_2.10
Zeppelin: Spark jar zeppelin-spark
Zeppelin: Scio jar zeppelin-scio_2.11
Zeppelin: File System Interpreters jar zeppelin-file
Zeppelin: Flink jar zeppelin-flink
Zeppelin: Flink jar zeppelin-flink_2.10
Zeppelin: Flink jar zeppelin-flink_2.11
Zeppelin: HBase interpreter jar zeppelin-hbase
Zeppelin: Apache Ignite interpreter jar zeppelin-ignite
Zeppelin: Apache Ignite interpreter jar zeppelin-ignite_2.10
Zeppelin: Apache Ignite interpreter jar zeppelin-ignite_2.11
Zeppelin: Kylin interpreter jar zeppelin-kylin
Zeppelin: Lens interpreter jar zeppelin-lens
Zeppelin: Livy interpreter jar zeppelin-livy
Zeppelin: Markdown interpreter jar zeppelin-markdown
Zeppelin pom zeppelin
Zeppelin: PostgreSQL interpreter jar zeppelin-postgresql
Zeppelin: Python interpreter jar zeppelin-python
Zeppelin: Shell interpreter jar zeppelin-shell
Zeppelin: R Interpreter jar zeppelin-zrinterpreter
Zeppelin: R Interpreter jar zeppelin-zrinterpreter_2.10
Zeppelin: R Interpreter jar zeppelin-zrinterpreter_2.11
Zeppelin: Apache Pig Interpreter jar zeppelin-pig
Zeppelin: Alluxio interpreter jar zeppelin-alluxio
Zeppelin: Angular interpreter jar zeppelin-angular
Zeppelin: Beam interpreter jar zeppelin-beam
Zeppelin: BigQuery interpreter jar zeppelin-bigquery
Zeppelin: Apache Cassandra interpreter jar zeppelin-cassandra
Zeppelin: Apache Cassandra interpreter jar zeppelin-cassandra_2.10
Zeppelin: Apache Cassandra interpreter jar zeppelin-cassandra_2.11
Zeppelin: Display system apis jar zeppelin-display
Zeppelin: Display system apis jar zeppelin-display_2.10
Zeppelin: Display system apis jar zeppelin-display_2.11
Zeppelin: Packaging distribution pom zeppelin-distribution
Zeppelin: Elasticsearch interpreter jar zeppelin-elasticsearch

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