fresh name packaging artifact id
Axiom API bundle axiom-api
LLOM bundle axiom-impl
DOOM bundle axiom-dom
Axiom Test Utilities jar testutils
Google Truth extension for XML jar xml-truth
XML Test Suite jar xml-testsuite
Axiom Test Utilities jar axiom-testutils
SOAP Test Suite jar soap-testsuite
Core Aspects bundle core-aspects
Axiom Implementation Test Suite jar axiom-testsuite
OM Aspects bundle om-aspects
Axiom xml axiom
Axiom Jaxen Test Suite jar axiom-jaxen-testsuite
Axiom C14N bundle axiom-c14n
Jaxp-testsuite jar jaxp-testsuite
Shared Aspects bundle shared-aspects
Xml-utils bundle xml-utils
Axiom JAXB Integration bundle axiom-jaxb
SAAJ Test Suite jar saaj-testsuite
Multiton pattern implementation jar multiton
Axiom Compatibility Classes jar axiom-compat
Jaxen Test Suite jar jaxen-testsuite
DOM Test Suite jar dom-testsuite
DOM Aspects bundle dom-aspects
Google Truth extension for Axiom jar axiom-truth
FOM Aspects bundle fom-aspects
FOM Test Suite jar fom-testsuite
Axiom Common Implementation Test Suite jar axiom-common-impl-testsuite
Axiom Common Implementation Classes bundle axiom-common-impl
Axiom DOM Test Suite jar axiom-dom-testsuite
Axiom OSGI Test Suite - Build bundle axiom-osgi-build
Abdera Model (FOM) Implementation bundle fom-impl
Axiom Samples jar axiom-samples
Implementations xml implementations
JAR Resource Bundle jar jar-resource-bundle
Javadoc-postprocessor-plugin maven-plugin javadoc-postprocessor-plugin
Axiom Parser Compatibility Test Suite jar axiom-parser-tests
Axiom Parent POM pom axiom-parent
Axiom OSGi Tests jar axiom-osgi-tests
No-package-cycles-enforcer-rule jar no-package-cycles-enforcer-rule
Axiom OSGI Test Suite - Run jar axiom-osgi-run
Resource Transformer for META-INF/axiom.xml files jar shade-axiom-xml
Resource Transformer for OSGi Manifests jar shade-osgi
Axiom OSGI Test Suite Parent pom axiom-osgi
Axiom Integration Test Suite jar axiom-integration
Spring-WS Test Suite jar spring-ws-testsuite
Testing xml testing
Aspects pom aspects
Components pom components
Axiom Build Utilities jar axiom-buildutils
Build utilities pom buildutils
Axiom Test Suite jar axiom-tests

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