group: org.apache.wink

fresh name packaging artifact id
Apache Wink Client jar wink-client
Apache Wink Server jar wink-server
Apache Wink Common jar wink-common
Apache Wink Client :: Apache Http Client jar wink-client-apache-httpclient
Apache Wink Component Test Support jar wink-component-test-support
Apache Wink :: JSON4J jar wink-json4j
Apache Wink Providers :: Json Provider jar wink-json-provider
Apache Wink Spring jar wink-spring-support
Apache Wink Providers :: Jackson Provider jar wink-jackson-provider
Apache Wink Providers :: JSON4J Provider jar wink-json4j-provider
Apache Wink WebDav jar wink-webdav
Apache Wink pom wink
Apache Wink :: OSGi bundle wink-osgi
Apache Wink Client :: Async Http Client jar wink-client-asynchttpclient
Apache Wink Guice Server jar wink-guice-server
Apache Wink Providers :: Jettison Provider jar wink-jettison-provider
Apache Wink :: JCDI Extensions and Integration jar wink-jcdi-server
Apache Wink Providers :: Abdera Provider jar wink-abdera-provider
Apache Wink Assembly pom wink-assembly
Apache Wink Assembly :: Aggregate JAR pom wink-assembly-aggregatejar
Apache Wink Assembly :: Aggregate JAR OSGi Enabled bundle wink-assembly-aggregatejar-osgi
Apache Wink Assembly :: Distribution pom apache-wink
Apache Wink Providers :: ProtocolBuffer Provider jar wink-protobuf-provider
Apache Wink Scripts pom wink-scripts
Apache Wink Providers :: Thrift Provider jar wink-thrift-provider
Apache Wink Providers pom wink-providers

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