group: org.apache.uima

fresh name packaging artifact id
Apache UIMA Base: uimaj-core jar uimaj-core
Apache UIMA uimaFIT - Core jar uimafit-core
Apache UIMA Base: uimaj-tools: Tools jar uimaj-tools
UIMA Annotator: WhitespaceTokenizer jar WhitespaceTokenizer
UIMA Annotator: Tagger pear Tagger
Apache UIMA Base: uimaj-examples: SDK Examples jar uimaj-examples
Apache UIMA Base: uimaj-document-annotation jar uimaj-document-annotation
Apache UIMA Base: uimaj-cpe: Collection Processing Engine jar uimaj-cpe
Apache UIMA Base: jVinci: Vinci Transport Library jar jVinci
Apache UIMA Base: uimaj-adapter-soap: SOAP Adapter jar uimaj-adapter-soap
Apache UIMA Base: uimaj-adapter-vinci: Vinci Adapter jar uimaj-adapter-vinci
Apache UIMA Ruta: ruta-core jar ruta-core
UIMA Annotator: AlchemyAPIAnnotator pear AlchemyAPIAnnotator
UIMA Annotator: OpenCalaisAnnotator jar OpenCalaisAnnotator
Apache UIMA Base: uimaj-bootstrap jar uimaj-bootstrap
Apache UIMA Base: uimaj-test-util: JUnit utilities jar uimaj-test-util
Apache UIMA-AS: uimaj-as-core jar uimaj-as-core
Apache UIMA-AS: uimaj-as-jms jar uimaj-as-jms
Apache UIMA DUCC: uima-ducc-common jar uima-ducc-common
Apache UIMA uimaFIT - Collection Processing Engine support jar uimafit-cpe
Apache UIMA-AS: uimaj-as-activemq jar uimaj-as-activemq
Apache UIMA DUCC: uima-ducc-transport jar uima-ducc-transport
Apache UIMA Annotator: ConceptMapper pear ConceptMapper
UIMA Annotator: RegularExpressionAnnotator pear RegularExpressionAnnotator
UIMA Annotator: SnowballAnnotator pear SnowballAnnotator
Apache UIMA Ruta Eclipse: ruta-ep-ide jar ruta-ep-ide
Apache UIMA Eclipse: uimaj-ep-cas-editor jar uimaj-ep-cas-editor
Apache UIMA Ruta Eclipse: ruta-ep-ide-ui jar ruta-ep-ide-ui
Apache UIMA Ruta: ruta-core-ext jar ruta-core-ext
Apache UIMA DUCC: uima-ducc-cli jar uima-ducc-cli
Apache UIMA Base: uimaj-component-test-util: for JUnit jar uimaj-component-test-util
Apache UIMA Eclipse: uimaj-ep-jcasgen jar uimaj-ep-jcasgen
Apache UIMA DUCC: uima-ducc-user jar uima-ducc-user
Apache UIMA Ruta Eclipse: ruta-ep-caseditor jar ruta-ep-caseditor
Apache UIMA Eclipse: uimaj-ep-cas-editor-ide jar uimaj-ep-cas-editor-ide
Apache UIMA Eclipse: uimaj-ep-configurator: Descriptor Editor jar uimaj-ep-configurator
Apache UIMA Eclipse: uimaj-ep-runtime jar uimaj-ep-runtime
Apache UIMA uimaFIT - Legacy uimaFIT support jar uimafit-legacy-support
Apache UIMA DUCC: uima-ducc-orchestrator jar uima-ducc-orchestrator
Apache UIMA-AS Eclipse Plugin: uimaj-ep-runtime-deployeditor jar uimaj-ep-runtime-deployeditor
Apache UIMA Base: uimaj-json: JSON jar uimaj-json
Apache UIMA DUCC: uima-ducc-container jar uima-ducc-container
Apache UIMA DUCC: uima-ducc-database jar uima-ducc-database
Apache UIMA Maven: jcasgen-maven-plugin maven-plugin jcasgen-maven-plugin
Apache UIMA TextMarker: textmarker-core jar textmarker-core
Apache UIMA Ruta: ruta-typesystem jar ruta-typesystem
Apache UIMA Base: uimaj-v3migration-jcas jar uimaj-v3migration-jcas
Apache UIMA Ruta Eclipse: ruta-ep-engine jar ruta-ep-engine
UIMA Annotator: DictionaryAnnotator pear DictionaryAnnotator
Apache UIMA DUCC: uima-ducc-sm jar uima-ducc-sm
Apache UIMA Ruta: ruta-basic-type jar ruta-basic-type
Apache UIMA Eclipse: uimaj-ep-pear-packager jar uimaj-ep-pear-packager
Apache UIMA TextMarker Eclipse: textmarker-ep-ide jar textmarker-ep-ide
Apache UIMA Ruta Eclipse: ruta-ep-addons jar ruta-ep-addons
Apache UIMA Ruta Eclipse: ruta-ep-core-ext jar ruta-ep-core-ext
Apache UIMA uimaFIT - Examples jar uimafit-examples
Apache UIMA Ruta Eclipse: ruta-ep-textruler jar ruta-ep-textruler
Apache UIMA Maven: ruta-maven-plugin maven-plugin ruta-maven-plugin
Apache UIMA Eclipse: uimaj-ep-debug jar uimaj-ep-debug
Apache UIMA DUCC: uima-ducc-examples jar uima-ducc-examples
Apache UIMA uimaFIT - Maven Plugin maven-plugin uimafit-maven-plugin
Apache UIMA DUCC: uima-ducc-pm jar uima-ducc-pm
Apache UIMA DUCC: uima-ducc-agent jar uima-ducc-agent
Apache UIMA Eclipse: uimaj-ep-launcher jar uimaj-ep-launcher
Apache UIMA DUCC: uima-ducc-web jar uima-ducc-web
Apache UIMA TextMarker Eclipse: textmarker-ep-engine jar textmarker-ep-engine
Apache UIMA DUCC: uima-ducc-rm jar uima-ducc-rm
Apache UIMA-AS Eclipse Plugin: uimaj-ep-deployeditor jar uimaj-ep-deployeditor
Apache UIMA AS: uimaj-as-osgi-runtime jar uimaj-as-osgi-runtime
UIMA Annotator: Lucas pear Lucas
Apache UIMA-AS: uimaj-as-camel jar uimaj-as-camel
UIMA Java SDK: uimaj pom uimaj
UIMA Annotator: Solrcas pear Solrcas
Apache UIMA TextMarker Eclipse: textmarker-ep-caseditor jar textmarker-ep-caseditor
Apache UIMA DUCC: uima-ducc-parent pom uima-ducc-parent
Apache UIMA-AS Aggregate: aggregate-uima-as-eclipse-plugins pom aggregate-uima-as-eclipse-plugins
Apache UIMA Aggregate: aggregate-uimaj pom aggregate-uimaj
Apache UIMA Aggregate: aggregate-uimaj-docbooks pom aggregate-uimaj-docbooks
Apache UIMA Aggregate: aggregate-uimaj-eclipse-plugins pom aggregate-uimaj-eclipse-plugins
UIMA Annotator: BSFAnnotator jar BSFAnnotator
UIMA Annotator: ConfigurableFeatureExtractor pear ConfigurableFeatureExtractor
UIMA Addon: FsVariables jar FsVariables
Apache UIMA parent-pom pom parent-pom
UIMA parent-pom-annotator pom parent-pom-annotator
UIMA parent-pom-distr pom parent-pom-distr
UIMA parent-pom-docbook pom parent-pom-docbook
UIMA parent-pom-eclipse-plugins pom parent-pom-eclipse-plugins
UIMA parent-pom-eclipse-plugins-ibm-notice pom parent-pom-eclipse-plugins-ibm-notice
UIMA parent-pom-ibm-notice pom parent-pom-ibm-notice
UIMA parent-pom-single-project pom parent-pom-single-project
UIMA parent-pom-top pom parent-pom-top
UIMA Addon: PearPackagingAntTask jar PearPackagingAntTask
Apache UIMA Maven: PearPackagingMavenPlugin maven-plugin PearPackagingMavenPlugin
Apache UIMA Ruta Documentation pom ruta-docbook
Apache UIMA Ruta Eclipse: ruta-eclipse-feature jar ruta-eclipse-feature
Apache UIMA Ruta: ruta-ep-example-extensions jar ruta-ep-example-extensions
Apache UIMA Ruta: ruta-ep-parent pom ruta-ep-parent
Apache UIMA Maven: ruta-maven-archetype maven-archetype ruta-maven-archetype
Apache UIMA Ruta: ruta-maven-example jar ruta-maven-example
Apache UIMA Ruta: ruta-parent pom ruta-parent
UIMA Addon: SimpleServer jar SimpleServer
Apache UIMA TextMarker Documentation pom textmarker-docbook
Apache UIMA TextMarker Eclipse: textmarker-eclipse-feature jar textmarker-eclipse-feature
Apache UIMA TextMarker Eclipse: textmarker-ep-addons jar textmarker-ep-addons
Apache UIMA TextMarker Eclipse: textmarker-ep-textruler jar textmarker-ep-textruler
Apache UIMA TextMarker: textmarker-parent pom textmarker-parent
UIMA Annotator: TikaAnnotator pear TikaAnnotator
UIMA-AddOns: uima-addons-parent pom uima-addons-parent
Apache UIMA-AS: uima-as-docbooks pom uima-as-docbooks
Apache UIMA-AS: uima-as-parent pom uima-as-parent
UIMA uima-assembly-single-project jar uima-assembly-single-project
Apache UIMA uima-build-helper-maven-plugin maven-plugin uima-build-helper-maven-plugin
Apache UIMA uima-build-resources jar uima-build-resources
Apache UIMA SDK Documentation - overview and setup pom uima-docbook-overview-and-setup
Apache UIMA SDK Documentation - references pom uima-docbook-references
UIMA Docbooks shared resources jar uima-docbook-resource-bundle
Apache UIMA SDK Documentation - tools pom uima-docbook-tools
Apache UIMA SDK Documentation - tutorials and user's guides pom uima-docbook-tutorials-and-users-guides
Apache UIMA SDK Documentation - Version 3 user's guide pom uima-docbook-v3-users-guide
Apache UIMA DUCC: uima-ducc-db jar uima-ducc-db
Apache UIMA DUCC: uima-ducc-duccdocs pom uima-ducc-duccdocs
Apache UIMA DUCC: uima-ducc-jd jar uima-ducc-jd
Apache UIMA-AS Aggregate: aggregate-uima-as pom aggregate-uima-as
Apache UIMA DUCC: uima-ducc-spawn pom uima-ducc-spawn
Apache UIMA uimaFIT - Documentation pom uimafit-docbook
Apache UIMA uimaFIT - Parent pom uimafit-parent
Apache UIMA uimaFIT - Spring integration jar uimafit-spring
UIMA Jar shared resources jar uima-jar-resource-bundle
UIMA Base: uimaj-distr pom uimaj-distr
Apache UIMA Eclipse: uimaj-eclipse-feature-deployeditor jar uimaj-eclipse-feature-deployeditor
Apache UIMA Eclipse: uimaj-eclipse-feature-runtime jar uimaj-eclipse-feature-runtime
Apache UIMA Eclipse: uimaj-eclipse-feature-tools jar uimaj-eclipse-feature-tools
Apache UIMA Java SDK: uimaj-parent pom uimaj-parent

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