group: org.apache.taverna.engine

fresh name packaging artifact id
Apache Taverna Reference Manager API bundle taverna-reference-api
Apache Taverna Workflow Model API bundle taverna-workflowmodel-api
Apache Taverna Activity test utils jar taverna-activity-test-utils
Apache Taverna Platform Execution Service API bundle taverna-execution-api
Apache Taverna Platform Report Service bundle taverna-report-api
Apache Taverna Credential Manager API bundle taverna-credential-manager-api
Apache Taverna Workflow Model impl bundle taverna-workflowmodel-impl
Apache Taverna Database Configuration API bundle taverna-database-configuration-api
Apache Taverna Observer pattern bundle taverna-observer
Apache Taverna Engine Reference Types bundle taverna-reference-types
Apache Taverna Platform Capability API bundle taverna-capability-api
Apache Taverna Reference Manager impl bundle taverna-reference-impl
Apache Taverna Workflow Model Extension Points bundle taverna-workflowmodel-extensions
Apache Taverna Platform Local Execution Service bundle taverna-execution-local
Apache Taverna Credential Manager impl bundle taverna-credential-manager-impl
Apache Taverna Platform Run Service API bundle taverna-run-api
Apache Taverna Reference Test Helpers bundle taverna-reference-testhelpers
Apache Taverna Platform Services impl bundle taverna-services-impl
Apache Taverna Platform Capability impl bundle taverna-capability-impl
Apache Taverna Database Configuration impl bundle taverna-database-configuration-impl
Apache Taverna Dataflow Activity bundle taverna-dataflow-activity
Apache Taverna Platform Execution Service impl bundle taverna-execution-impl
Apache Taverna Platform Run Service impl bundle taverna-run-impl
Apache Taverna Services API bundle taverna-services-api
Apache Taverna StringConstant Activity bundle taverna-stringconstant-activity
Apache Taverna Platform Remote Execution Service bundle taverna-execution-remote
Apache Taverna Activity archetype maven-archetype taverna-activity-archetype
Apache Taverna Hadoop Workflow Execution Service jar taverna-execution-hadoop
Apache Taverna Engine and Platform jar apache-taverna-engine

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